Dr Rohit Shetty and his experience with the SCHWIND femtosecond laser (pre-series model)

It’s a real honor for me to represent
the data of the fastest lenticular extraction surgeries which we started
doing the late April. We presented the data today which signifies a major
change in the refractive surgery, that we have a
new tool, a new machine which is going to do the same smile extraction what we’ve
been speaking about, what we’ve been hearing for the last few years. My
experience of this has been extremely good.
The reason being we had a very uneventful 30-plus eyes, these eyes did
not have any major problems during the procedure, we did not have to abort
anybody. We were able to take out the lenticular of all of the patients. What’s
important for me in here is to say the ease of dissection was always important
because ease of the suction brings you the better quality. The quality is what we
were able to achieve in this procedure. It’s an ongoing process. I know that many
changes are going to happen. We’re going to bring in many more advanced software
versions to this procedure. We’re very happy to share my data, maybe next year,
where we probably have many, many more new things to offer. www.eye-tech-solutions.com #SchwindLaser

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