Dr. Kim on the prevalence of referrals at Griffin & Reed Eye Care | Sacramento Ophthalologists

One person referring friends and family,
that says volumes. I have patients where I do refractive surgery, then it’s their
sister, their uncle, their… yeah it’s friends and family that they send and
refer to our office. You can sit there and listen to all the commercials in the
world, but if you know somebody personally that has a personal
experience with the practice, that carries a lot more weight. And we do, we
get a lot of referrals from patients. Patients have a good outcome, and they’re referring patients because they’re like, “oh no, I told them you don’t need to go
anywhere else. You just go to Griffin and Reed.” And I hear that often from the
patients that get referred. It’s less like, “how’d you hear about us?” You know I’ve
done husband and wives, brothers, you know, sisters, moms, and dads. And so, moms and dads referring their kids here. And it’s the way we’ve structured our whole
practice is to have that type of atmosphere.

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