Dr. Katie Brown, Optometrist – UAMS Jones Eye Institute

Hi, my name is Dr. Katie Brown and I am
an optometrist at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute. I think the eye is very interesting because it is a very small organ that is
extremely complicated. I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning about the eye,
again it’s connection with systemic disease that’s very interesting. You
really get to put together a complete picture and put together pieces of
the puzzle to come up with a diagnosis sometimes it’s very challenging. You
get to work with other specialists for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus you
know you get to work with Rheumatology get to work with internal medicine when
you have those diabetic patients. It’s very rewarding and a lifetime of
learning is is offered just studying the eye alone. I really enjoy working at UAMS
because I have all the information that I need at my fingertips. I can check the
labs that a one sees for those diabetics that I have just seen maybe the patient
doesn’t quite remember what their numbers were I can go into the system I
have it right here I can communicate directly with their doctors and just
really complete that circle and that circuit of care and not have to you know
write to someone off campus or send letters electronically I can communicate
directly with any doctor on campus which makes it a very unique setting the way
that my patients inspire me in my practice is that I feel like I’m really
addressing their problems and when they come back and they say oh my gosh that
was the best exam I’ve ever had or I’ve never seen that done what are you
looking at there that inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing and in also
solving their vision problems you know putting them in contact lenses they’ve
never heard of or a brand they’ve never heard of keeping them updated on the
newest technology so that they can perform their jobs and and go out there
and play sports and do all the things that they want to
in their life you

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