Dr. Josephson talks about the increase of gender dysphoria cases in youth | ADF Insights

– My name is Allan Mark Josephson. And I’m a child and
adolescence physiatrist. That’s a physician that
practices the treatment and diagnosis of mental
disorders in children and adolescence. Gender dysphoria was not much of an issue when I
first started my career. It was virtually non-existent. (intense music) And it’s only been in recent years that this has become a prominent, in our clinics and in our culture. (intense music) But what’s happened the
last five to 10 years, the astronomical increase in
the numbers being reported, the members coming to
clinics, is just stunning. This phenomenon of the increase in transgender children and youth has to be a phyco-social
culturally mediated phenomenon. It cannot be due to biology. Because biological mechanisms
don’t change that quickly. There’s a lot of misinformation that leads to the discussion of
science of gender identity. And this is a real problem. There are statements being
made by many clinician that we determine male and
female not by genetics, or by physical observations,
or by hormones, but by gender. So we’ve replaced the facts of existence, biological existence, with a feeling. I feel like I’m male or female. The dogma being pushed, not
by science, but by activists, is that this is being driven
because of bias stigma and if children were just treated fairly they would not be suicidal. The real fact is probably
more something like this. That there are a complex
number of things lead, leading to disturbed
feelings that children have. Confused feelings, lack of direction, insecurities of one kind or another. And these feelings give rise
to the transgender phenomenon. And it’s these feelings
that are really related to the suicidal behavior. The major problem with
the science at this point is how patients are selected. The study groups are
often selected from camps for transgender children. In other words a group of
patients that are predisposed to want to become transgender. The raters of various
behavioral scales often are those with biases. This includes those running the
studies, as well as parents. Major violations in protocols
of academic excellence. And that would not occur
in any other form of work. There’s also something that’s
very concerning in that some of the guidelines that
professional organizations have. Two recent guidelines
that the American Academy of Pediatrics proposed have been influenced by activist groups. This would be unheard
of in any other area. These are non-physician
individuals who are on this study. Panels that are writing the guidelines for treatment of these patients. So the inherent bias in many of the people doing this work is more of an activist nature rather
than scientific nature. (intense music)


  1. As someone who has known several transgender's who made change as adult's back in the early 1970's they were extremely difficult to tell they were transgender not at all like Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. I find it odd the push for transgender's especially without not receiving care of a psychologist & never under any circumstance for a child & I find this medical abuse which has made me actually weary & even frightened of all Medical doctors as they are going down the path of future population control using children who will never reproduce offspring. The enormous trend in the gay & transgender's in the last 20-30 yrs including my grandson I'm at a point believing it was in the baby formula, food, water, or some other outside influence for an agenda.

  2. The non-partisan Kelsey Coalition is a nationwide group of parents working to change the systems that failed our kids when they developed rapid onset gender dysphoria. It’s astonishing to see the utter lack of objective tests for invasive and sterilizing medical treatment and the explosive growth of for-profit “identity medicine”. Thank you for your work on this!

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