Dr. James Handa | Retina Ophthalmology

>>Hi, my name is Jim Handa. I’m the Robert Bond Welch
Professor of Ophthalmology. I’m the current Chief
of the Retina Division the Wilmer Eye Institute,
Johns Hopkins Medicine. I’m a retina specialist. I specialize in the surgical management of problems in the retina,
such as retinal detachments, diabetic retinopathy, complex
retinal detachment repairs, some children with retinal
detachments, as well. I got into ophthalmology
because during medical school I was impressed by the fact that blindness was one of the top three
maladies that patients were most concerned about. As I’ve gone into ophthalmology,
I’ve been very rewarded by the ability to improve people’s vision. My philosophy of patient
care is to try to provide the most top-notch but
compassionate care possible. I view every patient as an
opportunity to not only learn something from them, but
to help them and treat them in a manner as if they were
a friend or a family member. I’m passionate about
the research that I do. It’s a very nice complement
to the clinical work that I do and it translates into
how we can help patients. I have two focused areas. The first is in surgical innovation. We are trying to develop
new surgical instruments and robotic surgery to help
improve the performance that we are all capable of doing. My second focus of research
is involved in the study of age related macular degeneration. We’re studying the molecular
mechanisms which cause normal aging to convert to
early age related disease. Our particular interest
is in cigarette smoking, which is the most common
environmental cause of this disease, and we’re
trying to figure out how the tissue degenerates
because of cigarette smoking. With this knowledge, we’ve identified a few potential targets in which we can try to develop new medicine that can treat this blinding disease. One thing that people don’t know about me is that I am one of
the implanting surgeons for the Argus II vision chip implant. This was a device that
is utilized in people who are completely blind
from retinitis pigmentosa and we’re able to implant a
vision chip into their eye which can restore some level of vision to help them go from
not seeing light at all to seeing objects to be able
to navigate in the world. I’m proud to be a part of
the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine. If you know of anyone
with a retina problem, I’d be honored to take care of them. Thank you. (bright music)


  1. what do you expect to see after Cataract surgery / Oil Removal. i am seeing a kinda bubble , black but transparent and it shakes when i move alot. it covers the bottom part of me eye and im worried its a tear in the retina

  2. I was diagnosed with FEVR in my right eye at the University of Washington . This is not there specialty. Is this a common disease you see ?

  3. What causes distorted vision ( smaller and wavy lines) after retinal detachment crypto and laser surgery? Macula not involved? Please let me know

  4. Hi, I would like to know the signs for the retina damaged in premature. Please. It’s very important for me to know. Would do you please help me ?

  5. Hi its me Preet priyo from India
    After retinal detachment I am turning towards a complete blind right now
    I can't discuss or describe my case summary so if it's possible then please give your email id or contact number so that I can join you anyway

  6. Please I am suicidal I had unprotected oral 3 months ago and I have contacted HIV n herpes and it has made me light sensitivite and dull pain in my eye spots I am highly suicidal because of this I have lost my family and job please contact me I beg of u sir please I am 34 in one mistake caused all this it has been 3 months since it happened I am scared to death everyday contact me please 901 5120001 Kevin

  7. I was involved in a explosion that led to a high rise building Collapsed. The dust mixed debris hit me. Could this contribute to a retinal detachment. I dont have Diabetes.

  8. I'm a 26 year old I've beat the odds being born at 1 lb. I have ROP (Was stage 4.) with corrective lenses I can do daytime driving only, restricted license. Lately I've noticed my vision declining. Headlights sting my eyes. Bright lights sting them too. I deal with excruciating eye pains. So painful they are worse than headaches. I see floaters a lot in my vision and sometimes it looks like objects are moving toward me. Like the wall. I see a ophthalmologist and retinal specialist. I requested my records
    On my records it writes diagnoses: ROP, optic disc atrophy both eyes, myopic degeneration progressive, virteous Detatchment. Dur to my insurance changes, they won't take me because insurance and i hope i can get in soon my vision is worse since they saw me in September

  9. Hello sir I am Sumit from India. My problem is eyes nerves weakness. And I think I have pregmantuve dosa which is called as RP problem. There is any treatment for my eye problem

  10. Hi! I got so interested on how to contact you through social media. I had a retinal eye problem due to congenital eye cataract. I can't see clearly. I'm using the talkback apps of my phone to browse and explore the internet. Hope you can help me doc.

  11. On July 17, 2016, I had retinal surgery, but after surgery
    The light of my right eye has not come yet, what is the solution. If you are happy then friends.My age is 26 years .

  12. Maybe the reason why is because of the cough due to the smoke. I used to smoke a lot of cannabis and I would intensely cough for a while. While I coughed I probably strain my eyes and did damage to my retinas. I see blurred vision and wavy lines. Whenever I cough or clear my throat my vision would rapidly shake for a split second. The numbers on the clock would look like if it’s malfunctioning and the numbers would be out of form. Some objects would disappear when I’m looking at a certain directing.

  13. I have had retina reattachment. It has been two years now. My problem is that vision in that eye is blurry although I see better in that wye. What can I do to clear up the visuon

  14. Plz hele me befor 5 years when i was 15 i get problem in my eye and i dnt get any idea waht happen to my roght wye and after chechup doctor said my retion is gone half 6/36 by doctir dint give 100 percent succe in operation so i dont get surgury becoz i afraid .bt now i am 20 and i get some problems are going high plz plz sir help me what can i do for my eye plz

  15. My right eye is opret 5 time and now i m not able to watch jusr some light view sidely plz help me dr said its retina problam

  16. I have severe scarring on my retina which I am told cannot be repaired. I also have very minimal scarring on my cornea. I was told nothing can be done.

  17. good day sir i have a congenital cataract in my right eye and it can only see a faded light im 29 years of age ..i would like to ask if there is still a hope in gaining my rightvision ..it caused me alot of damage in work and life i did not perform well in school and still causes me problems in terms in engaging with other people ,i cant find a better job, in my country there is no advanced treatment and facilities ..hoping for your reply.GOD be with us

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