Dr Domenico Centofanti introduces the Session “Sexuality and Aesthetic Medicine”

The body image that is formed in our mind has a very strong impact on our self-acceptance and our mental-physical well-being. The feeling of well-being that goes hand in hand with an aesthetic medicine treatment influences self expression and may even condition the sexual sphere. On the other hand, then, sexuality may also condition the demand for aesthetic medicine treatments. We have decided to dedicate a session of our upcoming conference to this dual aspect of the connection between aesthetic medicine and sexuality. We will analyse the psychological and physical factors that condition the demand for aesthetic medicine treatments and how their synergy may affect sexual satisfaction. Different specialists in science, nutrition, gynaecology, andrology, psychology and sexology will exchange views. The aim of the session will be to know and assess the needs, perspectives and opportunities in this delicate field without ever forgetting the synergy among the various specialisations.

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