Dr. Amanda Bourgeois—Nemours Optometrist, Jacksonville, Fla.

Children are so
great to work with. They’re so resilient
and they are often very happy and excited. And so it just makes you kind
of feel great to be around them and to be able to help them
with their vision, which is so important for
them as they grow up and go to school
depending on their age, we do different tests trying
to assess how well they see, their visual acuity. And then we look to see if their
eyes are lining up correctly. We look for any kind of
ocular health problems. You know, you become
connected to them and I like hearing what
they have been doing. I want my parents to know
that I’m open to any questions and that I really want to
hear what they have to say and I want to work through their
child’s problems with them.

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