Don’t drink another drop of water until you see this!!

We all know that drinking water is an
essential part of life and extremely important for good health. After all we are made up of 65% water. Drinking more water can help you lose
weight and stay younger. So which water is better for you. Do you trust the water
that comes straight out of your tap? Or do you spend your hard-earned money and
buy the bottle kind. Now you’re really confused aren’t you? Well let’s clear that confusion right up. So what is the difference between bottled water tap water and alkaline water? We took the liberty of testing the pH levels of some of the most popular bottled water on the market today. What we found was quite surprising. Here’s something you might not know. Our blood has a pH level of 7.35. According to the pH scale this is slightly more
alkaline. In order to achieve optimal health you must constantly flood your
body with alkalinity. To encourage disease and sickness just adopt an acid
lifestyle. Now for the purpose of saving you time
and testing your patience the following videos have been doubled in speed to
prevent you from switching off prematurely Our first contestant was actually one of my favorites before conducting this test.
With its convenient drinking nozzle it has been the choice of many water
connoisseurs. We simply pour three drops of iodine
give the test tube a little shake and as you can see we are greeted with a lovely
shade of yellow representing fairly acidic water. Did you know that too much acidity in
the body is one of the leading causes of arthritis and joint pain? Now there’s
something to think about next time you guzzle down a bottle of pump. Our next contender is without a doubt the most popular bottled water on the market
today. A trademark of coca-cola it dominates the $544 million dollar per year industry. Mount Franklin’s website states that
they only fill their bottles with natural spring water. But according to
our research spring water is meant to have a pH level of 7 and above. Mount
Franklin however is far from that. But we will give them 10 points for clever
marketing. The next on our list is a generic brand created by the Coles supermarket chain. At around ninety five cents for a 600ml bottle it’s
an absolute bargain for the conservative spender. They claim the water comes from
a natural spring in Albury New South Wales. But as you’ll soon see our iodine test
tells us a very different story. This so-called spring water registered
about a 5 on the pH scale which falls in the acidic range. Here’s something you might not know. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Neutralize the acid and you take away their only source of food. Give them the last three bottles of water and you give them reason to live. Our next competitor is Fiji water. The
company’s website claims that their water is drawn from an artesian aquifer
located at the very edge of a primitive rain-forest hundreds of miles away from
the nearest continent. Now unlike the last three bottles of water that we
tested, this particular brand might just be telling us the truth. Our test shows that this bottled water
is at a pH level of 7.5 which is slightly alkaline and beneficial for consumption. Our last bottle of water comes all the way from the French Alps. Deriving from the summit of an aquifers zone water from rain and melting snow
slowly infiltrate down through layers of glacial sand at a rate of one to two
centimeters per day. A journey of 15 years during which this
water will become purified and laden with minerals. Now I’ve always found that
Evian is by far the best tasting bottled water on the market. With a pH level of
around 7.8, it’s definitely the clear winner of our bottled water test. And now for the truth about tap water. Although it’s free and cost effective the
chemicals used to treat it could be very harmful to your health and the health of
your family. In order to make this water safe enough to drink, it is treated with
chemicals like chlorine which is used to kill pathogens and bacteria. But what you
might not know is that chlorine does not kill algae. When chlorine and algae are
combined trihalomethane gasses are released. Now according to the Harvard
Public School of Health these gases have been linked to miscarriages in women,
prostate, rectal, colon and bladder cancers. This is just one of the many
harmful chemicals used to treat tap water and it’s not surprising for pH
level indicates an acidic state. So the next time you give your child a glass of
tap, water consider the harm you could be doing to their health. For our final test we would like to
introduce you to the Alphion water alkalizer and ionizer. So how does this machine turn chemically contaminated tap water
into crystal-clear alkaline ionized water. About 40 years ago Russian
scientists ran ordinary water through magnetically charged plates and devised
the simple method of separating water into two streams. One alkaline and one
acidic. A process called ionization. This amazing water is like no other.
Containing millions of age fighting antioxidants in every glass. It super
hydrates the body. Supplies important calcium and oxygen and most importantly
helps eliminate toxins and waste. The filter simply attaches to your tap and
by pushing a small lever on the side, it only allows the alkaline water to pass
through. As you can see from this test the Alphion
filter produces alkaline water with a pH level of 10. If you would like more information on how you can purchase machine and change your health for good, Please visit our site at (This website no longer exists) We wish you and your family good health and thank you for watching.


  1. Not very scientific test procedures, some beakers filled 1/4, others to 1/2, in some 3 drops of who knows what, in the others varying amounts of also who kows what, results read from a color chart don't match the colors in the beakers, and then at the end the plug for the machine. LOL

  2. Research shows that there's zero water ionizer which can be directly adapted to a basic water line into a home or a well pump for people who want a full body of ionized water. This tells me more about these gimmick machines which have been sold for years. They have not saved anyone from getting cancer or solved 1 single issue for humans on planet earth.

  3. hi, ya know i thought hey this will be interesting and the main thing i watched for was the number of drops put into each tube of water. i noticed they were Not All Treated Equally, where yal start off with 3 drops per tube to the squeezing a hard 1/8th of the tube may be well that may not be perfect measure but you can tell that the last few tests had way more than the previous test. if your going to market Your product and YOUR product didn't turn out as good as it was or is advertised than don't market it fix the problem but misleading the public will NEVER turn out good and could very well be a Costly fib, lie or whatever you want to call it. oh btw, you should show the actual Iodine even tho it may be hard to tell it's real Iodine and Not Food Coloring. ~ Just Sayin ~

  4. Maybe check the conductivity instead of the ph. distilled water has a ph of 7 so does most reverse osmosis filtered waters but the conductivity is very low which means all the bad stuff is filtered out .Probably caustic is added to the higher ph water to make it more alkaline I wouldnt drink it.

  5. You shouldn’t drink large amounts of the alkaline water though. Your body needs a pretty precise ratio of ph. Too much alkalinity is just as bad as to much acidity

  6. First, how can you not realize this is an ad. Second, are there that many people who can not spell, use commas, periods or put an ed on the end of words that are supposed to have them. I'm not a grammar cop, nor am I perfect. Sometimes it is so hard to understand a comment, supposedly written by people who speak English, that I just give up. What the fuck were you doing in school when they were teaching you how to construct a sentence? You know who you are. Man I've been wanting to get that off my chest for a loooooong time. Peace.

    THEY ARE NOT SCIENTIFICALLY VALID no matter how they advertise it or speak fuzzy science on cancer or alkalinity claims

  8. your stomach is very acidic. Thats why apply cider vinegar helps cure so may issues …. ACV has an acidity level of 5 i.e. acidic.

  9. Thank you for the final video I'll ever need to watch about the importance of alkaline water. Cut the food source off to kill cancer.


  10. How is in charge of water.
    When it rains like yesterday in Beaumont.
    The water the Gulf raises the water has no where to go.
    The rain water over takes a sewer plant.
    Water over takes a city or town.
    I see Pepole on the TV. Walking. In filth
    Who is in charge?
    The Littel ones . the old. And the sick.

  11. Your test is not a marker of quality.
    Your body is not a dishwasher.
    Your cells allow watermolecules to pass the cellmebrane only by certein conditions, certainly not by marketing poisonous products.
    Try again.

  12. Your alkaline argument has been debunked for a very long time. Stomach acid is 1. Thats right. 1. So you propose to shove restructured water down the guts of people like it is real food. You need to wake up. Your path of knowledge is deceitful. 20,000,000 views. You made your money. Now go learn something. Sorry chap.

  13. I challenge you to test Nanofilter water as well! It is already making me (Askwar Hilonga) a MILLIONAIRE in Tanzania:

  14. Change your diet. Eat from the natural world not from factory made fake and harmful foods. The Figians no longer have their own water for themselves because it has been stolen by the water companies.

  15. "Spring water is meant to have a ph of 7 and above" What rubbish ! I get diarrhoea from alkaline water, so do some others, like Dave Asprey. Different Springs produce different Ph. This video is misleading.

  16. you idiot ph 10, is very alkaline and very dangerous to human internals and er, infant you can melt the cornea of the eye with only 2 drops of this fabulous ph 10 tap water…. hahahahah,, what crocks

  17. The propaganda based, money extraction, no more work on media.
    Recent published data, by welthhungerlife, do not give any donations.The begged ,creates defame India.Aware Global Indian community

  18. I'm not so sure about this. You gotta tell me where you got those drops from. You gotta use sealed water bottles, and that test tube…nah. I got real trust issues.
    Anyway I love Fiji

  19. This is very dodgy science. You should be testing with a pH meter – and not contaminating the water with your thumb…

  20. Rubbish science. pH is not the only thing you need to look at when choosing your drinking water. Antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, different harmful bacteria ect. If you test your tap I'm sure it would have many if not all of those. Fiji bottled water is rich in silica that binds with aluminium and helps to pull it out from your body incl your brain. I always choose good brand bottled water vs tap water.

  21. Different parts of the body have differing PH levels. This video is junk science designed to sell you something. Your body needs water. It doesn't care if the PH is slightly acidic or alkaline. Once it hits the Hydrochloric acid in your stomach it will be acidic no matter what the PH was at the start. You are just being fools with this bunkum.

  22. My goodness! Unless you eat nothing but acidic foods, drinking water with a pH of 10 is NOT good for you. Drink pH balanced water

  23. I completely stopped drinking water! I have not had a drop in two weeks. And that includes anything that has water in it.
    My doctor wants to put an IV in and says I will die if I dont have any fluids. But I dont believe him because I saw this
    on youtube and I believe you. Please advise.

  24. Hiya 😊 could u please tell me the best spring water safest to drink? . Thank u for posting the information and research you have taken time in doing 😊👍

  25. Good info. Thankyou. Is the process you mean for water, called 'reverse osmosis'?…I was going t oo look int I tgat. Sou n ds as you're saying here. T h x maggs

  26. Please consult and share:
    YouTube channel of Askwar Hilonga
    Sorry for m'y bad English: I am french


  28. Never mind that our bodies modify the contents of our stomach to the Ph that our system is running at.
    Your cancer argument is fucking evil.
    Your argument has been debunked over and over again.
    Don’t believe me?
    Take your ph test, with saliva-then hyperventilate for a few minutes retest, you’ll see your ph drop.
    You fools.

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