Does Soy Cause Cancer?


  1. Ha ha "it's complicated" (good line) Now about "mice are not men"? (could you amplify on that next vid? say "men are not rats"?)

  2. Two separate times at my house, we accidentally bought the wrong brand of soy sauce. It tasted terrible. Once we got some of the good sauce, tasting it again felt like heaven.

    Moral of the story: Asians cannot live without good soy sauce.

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  4. Soy in more than moderate amounts trigger migraines for me, so I avoid it, especially Soy sauce. Soy sauce almost always triggers a migraine for me.

  5. Crap, I had to watch the video a couple of times, cuz could not pay attention over the sheer gorgeous-ness of Lauren.

  6. Forget about cancer… Soy milk tastes HORIIBLE!!! YAK! I bought a small soy milkshake bottle with a taste of "coffee" – I almost vomited, it tasted like turpentine, benzene, carton, and had a texture like spoiled milk! — hence definitely no coffee there >_< … Must have been a bad milkshake lol – although it said it expires all the way until August… :

  7. As a filipino… I could not imagine life without soy sauce.. I practically consume soy sauce everyday…

  8. What about soy that is produced in the USA? considering that the majority of it has some sort of genetic modification are there any known advantages or draw backs to consuming such a product in any of its variations? Or haw about an episode on GMO's in general?

  9. Considering how many Asian countries locations have soy as a regular part of their food supply for centuries and also have the highest average life expectancy, I want to really venture more on the side of no and think that there's probably more health benefits to them than negative side effects with a balanced diet and maybe even soy source.

  10. The conclusion is a very common one: Natural soy products have not been linked to an increase of cancer, and sometimes even to a reduction in cancer risk. Processed soy may be dangerous. People should apply this concept globally and try to reduce their intake of processed foods.

  11. phytoestrogens in modern foods and its effects on men. please! definitely interested in how you guys will put this research to words

  12. I liked this – to add Epigenetics Lunasin, a key soy protein is making major breakthroughs. Want to learn more contact me. Steven Lucks CHC

  13. still less probability to give you breast cancer than meat giveing you cancer all over your intestine.

  14. What a load of over-analyzed bollocks. stop misleading people into thinking that soy products could potentially be harmful when there's so much more on the food market that should be banned for good. Don't get me wrong, I love meat. But if I'd choose to stay healthy, I'd rather go with tofu than a dead gmo cow that was injected with all kinds of crap

  15. Just look at what the older population in Japan and the rest of Asia that eat soy everyday and they are much healthier than western population. As she said the data that found bad consequences about soy consumption were made in MICE with a giant amount of soy. So yes look for a organic tofu and miso and tha's it.

  16. Okay so Monsanto genetically modified it to resist Round Up herbicides, it's called Round Up Ready Soy Bean, it's toxic as a result of the frequent spraying, and probably can cause cancer if eaten often enough, definitely can damage fertility and soya is used in so many things including chocolate. And some people give their children a lot of that!

  17. It’s complicated like this 14 year old girl says but it’s just good to avoid it.
    It like saying eating rat 🐀 poison ☠️ is complicated depends how much you consume.
    Best to stay away from it.

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