1. thank you for that i know cannabis can cure many things but this is kinda new for me thanks for sharing 😉

  2. All doctor prescribed glaucoma medicine did for me was to lead  to stronger eye drops and laser surgery. The only time doctor prescribed glaucoma medicine worked for me was when I used marijuana. I believe marijuana also works to fight diabetic retinopathy. 49 years of diabetes and 34 years of glaucoma have proved to me what works. Experience works, opinion does not.

  3. Marijuana can lower eye pressures for 3 to 4 hours. It does nothing to protect against optic nerve damage or reverse nerve damage. Videos like this are misleading. And to the people saying "I want glaucoma" — no, no you don't.

  4. I'm 64. I 1st smoked pot at 18 and have been a regular user since around 23. In late 1979 I was told by an eye Dr who I went to get a spark removed (welding Insp) that I had Pigmentary Dispersion, a form of glaucoma. since that time I have seen several other Eye Dr's for one reason or another but none of them saw anything till about 4 years ago when a VA Dr looked specifically for it. She was surprised that the Dr 32 YEARS earlier had seen it. Shortly after that I was given drops to take and 2 years ago had to wear glasses for driving.If I was not a pot smoker for all those years, how long ago would I have had to wear glasses and would I even be able to see today? One thing for sure if I have no plans to stop smoking. :]

  5. Cannaboid eye drops were most certainly properly studied. They were debunked as a medication because of short duration an only a small effect on intraoccular pressure. Scientific review has showed that cannabis should not be considered for the treatment of glaucoma. There are 5 medications and several surgical interventions that can help manage glaucoma, all well studies and vastly superior in outcome to cannabis use.

  6. Sadly I have Glaucoma at the age of 34.
    I smoke weed regularly and have to take medicinal eye drops for the rest of my life.

  7. Intra-occular pressure is relieved by cannabis strains high in CBG…I said 'relieved'…I don't know about "cured"…so in effect this would be a 'treatment' and probably not a 'cure'…daily consumption, multiple times daily (probably 4X daily)…

  8. I got pot oil I'm my eye once and it sucked. just as bad as bud in the eye. If they can make an eye drop that would be cool though. I have a ten year old cat that seems to have some sort of degenerative eye disease and would love to treat it without 4 grand out of my pocket at once, like if its 4 grand over the course of years from buying a monthly bottle of eye drops would be better.

  9. My nose is crooked to the left and thus my right pupil gets dialated more than my left and I fear this will lead to glaucoma bc my eye gets irritated. The only solution to me is correcting my crooked nose so then my eyes have the same focus.

  10. Marijuana has not kept any glaucoma patients from going blind. Marijuana may reduce pressure for short periods but studies show it does nothing to change the progression or outcome of the disease. Sorry marijuana worshipers!

  11. my pressures we're like 24 and hurting the optic nerve. with a procedure done to my eyes the pressure went to 15. then about 6 mo later the press went up again and i have been on drops twice a day, press is now back to 15. pot may help to lower pressure but once the optic nerve is damaged its too late for THC. I believe that hight blood press and diabetes lead to more eye damage. ToXMoMo you can fix cataracts and get drops to lower the press, what is your problem?

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