Do You Need the $1300 Otto Wilde Steak Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Welcome back to your favorite show in the world, Kitchen Gadgets. Today I’m very excited, we’re
testing the Otto Wilde grill, which is supposed to
heat up to 1,500 degrees and that’s some serious
heat for the whopping price of $1,300, they say that you can get steakhouse-quality
steak at your own home. We’ll see if that’s true. So for the test, we are
doing a few different things. We’re gonna char off some peppers. We’re doing three different cuts of steak, different fat content,
different thickness. We’ve got a rib-eye, our
filet, and our T-bone. Okay, the two dials on this
machine, one for each side. To light it, you obviously
turn on your gas, you turn the dial on, press, and ignite. (grill clanks) Felt that. Wooh. So it’s a pretty simple machine, you have your heat dials that are where you control the temperature. You have your grate, where
you can bring it up or down. And then you have your drip tray. And that’s pretty much
it, it’s very simple. So the whole point of this gadget is that it gets extreme
heat, so with this test, I’m testing out a few things. We want to see even heating. How hot does it actually get? It’s crazy, you can see
it instantly roasting in front of your eyes. But you can definitely
tell there’s a little bit of unevenness, in the
front it’s definitely less hot than the back. So I think we’re done here and my peppers are completely dark on one side. Even if you had to roast your peppers at home on an open flame, it wouldn’t be as fast as this guy. These turned out awesome, I’m
so excited to do these steaks. We’re gonna start with the least amount of fat, with the filets. We’re seasoning with salt and pepper. We took the tray out while this preheats because we want the steak to
just be cooking from the top. With the filet, I’m just
gonna place it on the back, just because that’s where
the heat is the highest. Obviously guys, there’s
a learning curve to this and we’re not testing to
get the perfect steak. We are just testing to
see how well this heats up and what the different
heating elements are. And from there, you learn and you strive for your perfect steak. All right, guys, my machine is preheated. Adding the steaks. Oh wow, you can definitely
see the flame popping out and going directly on the steak. I mean, I can literally
see the sear happening in front of my eyes, it’s kind of awesome. All right guys, it’s been a minute. I’m gonna take a look at it,
still not where I want it to be, so lets go a little bit more. And obviously this filet
doesn’t have much fat, so you’re not seeing any dripping action but hopefully we’ll see
that with our other steaks. All right, we’re flipping the steaks at one minute, cooking the other side. Something very satisfying, just staring at these steaks slowly turning brown. I mean I expected this
thing to be blasting and getting all crazy but
I think, maybe it’s just because there’s no fat in the filet, there’s no action happening. We’ll see, we’ll test that
theory with the rib-eyes. We expect it to be a lot
hotter at 1,500 degrees. It’s been way past two
minutes, I have no sear. I’m a little bit worried
now, very skeptical about this machine now. I don’t think I would
ever cook a filet in here. Just because with filet, you
want really nice even sear and this one, it’s not even. Obviously not doing what I want it to do and I think that this
isn’t the right gadget for a filet but it could be different with a different cut
of meat, so we’re gonna do our next test, rib-eye. Generously seasoning
this, salt and pepper. Preheat this again. I laid the steak like
this, but I am skeptical because the middle doesn’t
have any heating element so we’re gonna test it
on one side like this and we’re gonna see if it sears it evenly. Get this lever all the way up. This is directly almost touching the top, so this is where we wanna be. We have a minute and a half,
we’re not gonna touch it at all, don’t mess with your steak. You can see also, the
flame is now starting to spit out a little bit more and I really think it’s
because of the fat content. So it’s been just over a minute and a half and I’m gonna check it now. Ta-da! Okay, I feel like it’s
doing a little better job than the filet but it
definitely needs more time than a minute and a half. Okay, let’s take a look at this guy. That looks a lot better. This side is a lot darker. Obviously, the middle is gray, like I was talking
about, because there’s no direct heating element in the middle. And then this side is starting
to slightly get brown. So, because the middle is
gray and it’s not cooking, this side is obviously too
crusty, this is perfect. So what I’m gonna do is move
the steak over like that. We want this to get a little crustier. We’ll see what happens. So obviously, we could do this because this steak kind of fits on whatever side and we
can kind of play around with it, but when you’re doing a bigger, thicker cut of steak,
which is our next one, I am a little bit nervous about that because it’s gonna be uneven. All right. So I think we’re looking
okay here to flip. All right guys, so the front
and the back looks awesome, it’s perfectly seared but
obviously the middle is gray. But I do not want to overcook it, so I’m gonna flip it at this point. On this side, I think one minute
to one and a half minutes. While we do that, I’m gonna
just go get this beverage because this has a dual functionality. Maybe that alone is worth
the $1,300 price point. All right, let’s see
how we feel about this. The instructions in the
manual isn’t really working. It says to sear on both sides and then to cook it on the lowest lever but in this case, it just didn’t even sear the way I want it to. So you just kinda have
to play around with it. Okay, that looks beautifully charred. I’m gonna show you guys. It does look beautiful right now. It’s seared nicely. I mean, there are some dark parts but just generally speaking,
it looks pretty beautiful. But at this point, I’m
gonna check the temperature. All right, I mean, it’s still rare. It’s at 117, but it’s beautifully seared. I’m gonna cook it at the lowest height so that I can cook it to medium rare. See, now it’s a little darker. Ooh, see that bubbling happening? Gorgeous. So that’s kinda cool. The other side however
worries me a little bit but I kinda wanna flip it and
do one more sear on this side. Okay, wow, that’s much better. This is perfect right now
because after it rests, carryover cooking, obviously,
it’s at 132 right now. I’m gonna take it off the grate and let it sit and by the time this rests, I think it will be perfect. Okay guys, the king of all
steaks, it’s the T-bone. The porterhouse is dry-aged. I’m really excited to do this one. So I have to think about this here because obviously had this issue with the middle part not heating up. I do want to avoid putting
anything in this middle section. I feel like that works. But I think that we would need to play around with it a little bit, just like how we did with the
rib-eye to get it perfectly. I’m still gonna put it
directly as high as I can. So now, we just wait. So we’re gonna do the same cooking method as the rib-eye and the filet, which the manual recommends,
sear both sides first and then you cook it
through on the lowest lever. I’m guessing around ten minutes, just because of the thickness of this. If I were to do this on a cast iron or a grill, the traditional method, probably 15, 20 minutes for this steak. It’s been two minutes and it looks gorg but I think I wanna get
it a tiny bit more seared. Looks like this guy is
searing a lot more even and beautiful and it’s
because it’s dry aged. There’s less water content, so the Maillard reaction
is happening a lot faster. All right, so now that burned in the back. I burned the bone of my T-bone. Okay, so at this point, I
think I’m gonna flip it. It’s weird, I love the idea of this machine but it’s a little finicky and there’s too much playing
around to do with the steak. And I don’t like to do that. You just kinda wanna let it cook and let it do its thing but because of all these elements of
uneven heating element and it touching the thing and you have to keep on constantly babysitting it, it’s a little bit annoying. As a cook or a chef, you
just like the simplicity of certain things but
if you’re a steak nerd or a grill nerd, I get it. I get why this is appealing. So, at this point, I’m gonna cook it on the lowest lever until I
get the right temperature. So let’s pull it and test the temp and see where we’re at. And obviously, I kinda
wanna test both sides. Actually, it’s not that rare, it’s 118, which will carryover to 120-something. Let me just test the other side and make sure it’s the same. It’s exactly at 135,
which I think is okay, so actually I’m not gonna cook it longer. I’m just gonna have it rest. It’s the moment of truth,
slicing into the steaks. Obviously, this is my favorite part because I get to taste it. Starting with the filet,
the sear is not that great but let’s check the inside. I mean, I think it cooked pretty well in terms of doneness,
it’s definitely very rare in the middle actually but
more mid-rare towards the end. But I think that all in all, this is a really okay cooked steak just because this is seared and it happened. Conclusion with the filet, I would not cook the filet in here. Moving on to the rib-eye,
it is beautifully seared and crusty and according
to my thermometer, it is perfectly cooked but. Okay, the middle is definitely mid rare but the ends are a little bit medium. It’s crusty, it’s fine, I don’t know about being
steakhouse quality. All right, and now for the star, ta-da! And now, when I temped this, the filet was very rare and then
this side was perfect, so we’ll see how it
actually looks after it sat. Dry-aged, smells so good. So this is cooked really nicely, it looks beautiful except for the sear was not very even or perfect
but it’s cooked really well. Okay, I’m happy with that. In terms of difficulty, I think that the T-bone was the most difficult, just because it was so thick. I’m happy with that, the rib-eye
turned out great as well. It’s pretty nicely cooked and the sear was really beautiful and I
think that that really matters because I’m all about the crust. Filet obviously was our first test. Not too fond of that. This gadget obviously cooks certain steaks a lot better than others. All right guys, Otto Wilde
griller, is it worth it? At $1,300, it’s way
overpriced for what it does. For me, I will stick to my cast-iron or my regular charcoal grill. But what about you? Leave a comment, let me know. Today’s video was brought to you by our sponsor, American Express, with the Pay It Plan It
feature, giving you choices for how to make payments, big or small.


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    She's the Ocasio Cortez of the cooking world.

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  8. This machine really needs to preheat for a good 25 minutes, it’s needs to get to 1500 degrees and that’s not going to happen in less15 mins. Hey nice it’s ripping hot it did very well and you can see in the results. It’s just like a standard over it will preheat for a really low amount of time and they don’t actually get to the temp you want till at least 20 minutes and I’ve tested it with a really good thermometer my oven is always below temp when the preset preheat time is up

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  12. It is overpriced by about double and not properly designed for larger foods. Check out the Northfire Inferno which is less than half the price and a superior design. And yes the lifter bar includes a bottle opener.

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  16. well, it's made in germany, so the build quality is much higher than the products you get from tv commercials in the u.s.
    cheap price, cheap quality xD…

    this grill is supposed to grill a steak as easy as possible at home.
    but yes, 1,300$ is pretty overpriced.
    i think up to 800$ is a reasonable price for this product…

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