Do I Need Glasses?

So, we’re going to have
the real professionals, check out Julie’s eyes today. [Captions by Mikee M. at Y Translator]
[MUSIC] [MUSIC] We’re gonna leave. And her eyes are gonna be… [MUSIC] 8 PASSENGERS
[Music] [Please give to tooth fairy.
pleases remember to come! Abby’s room – Julie]>>The tooth fairy came. [Julie playing piano] [MUSIC]>>Do you love this song? You just love sitting up here,
listening to the PianoGuys. This is where Russell
has been sleeping. His real bed is right here, but he wants to sleep in Chad’s bed, while Chad is with dad
on a business trip.>>[EVE] I need to be
careful with snakes. Snakes are very, very scared,
and very dangerous.>>We just barely finished
cleaning Bagel’s cage. And I don’t know
if she likes it or not.>>[RUBY] She seems to like it. It’s really clean in there now. [JUNGLE MUSIC] We are… going to take Julie, to get her eyes checked
over at the eye doctor. We have been to this
eye doctor many times and we really appreciate his opinion. And he’s just going to
maybe gauge any fatigue, that you might be feeling in your eyes. It’s like we’ve done tests ourselves, like, we’re pretty good medically at our house. Now, open. No, I’m just kidding. We actually have no idea
what we’re doing. So, we’re going to have
the real professionals check out Julie’s eyes today. Are you excited? Are you ready?>>Yeah.>>[RUBY] Aw. He’s so adorable. [MUSIC] Can I take a cookie? You eat your cookie, while I fill out the paperwork. [MUSIC]>>And is this her first eye exam?>>[RUBY] Yeah. [MUSIC]>>Just tell me what
number you see.>>Fifty-six.>>And if you can look right here. Good. [inaudible] [MUSIC]>>When they put
that air in your eye, did it hurt or did it tickle?>>Um, it was startling and tickled.>>So we played this
little game at the doctor’s office, last week. And we’ll play it again today. How many of you think Julie is
going to leave the doctor’s office needing glasses? And how many of you
think she’s going to leave, and her eyes are just fine? I’ve been right 50/50. So I am going to guess
we’re gonna leave, and her eyes are gonna be fine. I don’t think she’s gonna need glasses. What do you think?
What’s your guess?>>I might. But, I don’t think I will.>>You don’t think you will? Yeah, she made the swim team.>>Oh wow.>>She’s gonna be
swimming for the Seals.>>All right, I’m gonna close
off your left eye. Can you read any of
those letters up there?>>F D B E A.>>Better here?>>Yeah.>>How about between one…>>[inaudible]>>You still seeing right there? How about… Two… Or three? You’re still seeing right here?
Or is that too blurry?>>I can see them.>>You still see them?>>A little farsighted. Nothing really drastic or anything. She also has
a very, very slight astigmatism.>>Okay. So, the results are in. And… He said that Julie
has slight farsightedness. But… She doesn’t need glasses. And… He said the same thing
that the other doctor said, which was,
you know what, it’s a tic. The blinking of the eyes is just a habit. And do not bring it up. Don’t worry about it.
Don’t bring it up. Don’t talk about it.
Don’t draw attention to it.>>[inaudible]
>>And it will go away.>>Not drawing attention to it help?>>Because, it just makes
you self-conscious, which makes you nervous, which makes brings anxiety up, which makes you squint more. So, if you just ignore it,
and just let you do your thing. And not talk about it,
you’ll grow out of it. Right? [inaudible]>>So, you know what,
I’m not even worried about it. I’m not. But, I just wanted to
double-check and make sure your eyes were okay. They are. So. Yay ! Do you want to go to
a friend’s house now?>>Yes. She’s like, “I just wanna go play
at my friend’s, mom. Can I just go play with my friends?” And you got all your work done?>>Yep.>>All your chores — Chores done first. And then they can
go play with friends.>>I was just wondering, how much of our
viewers wear glasses? Let us know if you
wear contacts or glasses.>>Okay, you guys.
Thank you for joining in. Be sure. And subscribe and click the bell
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