Dish Soap and Colgate Toothpaste Slime , How to Make Slime Soap Salt and Toothpaste, NO GLUE !!

Dish Soap and Colgate Toothpaste Slime


  1. It's like you're already making the Slime when you just put a little thing but what did you put on it you don't actually understand one from

  2. Super meni je uspjelo napravila sam 100000 puta taj slime ali nisam uspjela i zadnji put mi je uspjelo samo se meni odmah aktivira neznam zakaj ali je super sad ču ga do jutra držati i da vidim kakav je sutra volim te napravi još takvih videa😍😚😚😚😘😘😘

  3. i followed the instructions and kept it in the freezer because they did not say the cooler ad after i took it out it was not liquid, but smelled like toothpaste and was freezing cold! i could not even touch it! And this is not a slime recipe.

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  5. Do you guys not see it the salt is borax! I have tried this before it has never worked I even tried it twice to see if I made a mistake but it just didn't work!!

  6. Buz dolabına koyunca hazirladigin karısimi degistirib yerine başla bir slime koyuncaaaa….bende yaparimmmm😏🤨

  7. Comments: Who’s here in the comments to see if this works?

    Answer: IT DOES WORK! I recommend putting it in the freezer for 5-10 mins then mix it, and repeat process till it’s FULLY slime!!!

  8. Hahaahahahha si plasteline me duket mua me ka ngel ashtu kam provu shum menyra por deshtim😭😒😞🙁🙁

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