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Digital eye strain take 34. Hi, I’m Doctor Jacquot. That’s me in my office getting ready to tell
you all about digital eye strain. Think you don’t need this video? Aren’t you staring at your screen as you watch
this? Do you have multiple screens on at once? That’s what I thought. I’m going to take you to meet a typical digital
family. Meet the Screensters. As you can see, they’re all very committed
to their digital devices. While these devices are fun, heavy screen
use is a recipe for digital eye strain. The Screensters know. Just look at their decor. If you have sore, irritated eyes. If your vision seems blurry or if you have
a pesky headache you can’t shake, there’s a good chance digital eye strain is to blame. Of course, the easiest cure is to minimize
digital device use and stop staring at screens. Clearly, that’s not going to happen. So what can we do? How about these easy tips to make you and
your eyes feel a lot better? First up, the 20-20-20 rule: Simply put every
20 minutes take a 20 second break and stare at something 20 feet away. Cue the distraction guy! Uh that wasn’t quite what I was expecting. You can also just look at a wall or out a
window. Anyway, next up, personalize your screen. A quick adjustment to your screen settings
as simple as dimming your background and increasing font size can make viewing a lot easier on
your eyes. It’s also helpful to sit up straight and relax
your back, shoulders, and neck. Slouched posture can make head and neck pain
worse. Anyway, there you have it. Follow a few simple tips and you can say goodbye
to digital eye strain. Your eyes will thank you.


  1. I went into LensCrafters for an eye examination about 8 months ago and it has been the worst decision i have made in my life, I have a slight astigmatism with 25/20 vision in one eye and 30/20 in the other, a very mild prescription, the doctor and the people who made the glasses had no clue what they were doing, i was prescribed straight distance glasses with an Astigmatism and the lenses were not made correctly, they had put to much prescription in the right eye and not enough prescription in the left, in which was giving me constant headaches and migraines, i had gone back about 3 months later and they told me everything was right you need to get used to them, i had the glasses tested and it turns out everything was wrong, at the same time i had an examination for contact lenses and was NOT examined correctly, With an Astigmatism the contacts need TWO prescriptions implemented in the lenses because of the curvature the astigmatism causes, So two examinations need to be done, One for standard vision and another with the contacts on to take care of the astigmatism, thee so called "doctor" at LensCrafter's only ran a standard eye examination gave me contacts that did not fit and sent me packing, i then came back told her something was wrong and she told me that everything is right, only to find out months later that this doctor had no idea what she was doing and it sure seemed like it at the time, bottom line i will never step foot into a LensCrafter's and i will tell everyone i meet to never go to LensCrafters, this place is a corporately ran learning center for inexperienced doctors, PLEASE SEE A PRIVATE DOCTOR IT WILL SAVE YOU TIME MONEY AND MISERY !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Doctor,
    I am a computer Programmer and now I want to your help.
    Yesterday my doctor said I have Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) and she told me that I never treatment it any more my eyes looks like red (bloody eye) please help me how can I treatment than sickness.
    I look forward your answer…

    Thanks a lot!!!

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