Difference Between Alertness & Awareness | Sadhguru

(Questioner): Attention. How does attention come into…? (Sadhguru): Attention is just mental alertness. Mental alertness and awareness are two different things. Awareness is purely life. What level of intensity your life is functioning, that is the level of awareness you are. But mental attention, you can put it on and put it off. Your aliveness you cannot you cannot put it on and put it off; it’s on. What is the level of intensity is all there is, but mental attention you can close it, isn’t it? You can turn it on; you can turn it off. Isn’t it so? You can pay attention to something; you can withdraw your attention from something. Is it so? So that’s a different dimension. That is the act of the mind; that is again not reality. It is just attention of the mind; it is the act of the mind. Mind can do many things but it’s of a different dimension. It is psychological; it is not existential. We’ll leave it there; we’ll… Oh, more questions! Oh! (Questioner): Using my senses am I being aware or am I perceiving something? Can I say fourth fourth dimension is awareness (Sadhguru): That’s exactly what we went through just now. What’s your name, I am sorry? (Questioner): Kavitha. (Sadhguru): Hum? (Questioner): Kavitha (Sadhguru): Kavitha? We just went through that. You didn’t pay attention. (Questioner): I did. I didn’t understand. (Sadhguru): Hum? (Questioner): I didn’t understand, little confused. (Sadhguru): Okay, see right now are you awake? (Questioner): I am awake. (Sadhguru): First are you alive? (Questioner): Yes I am. (Sadhguru): Yes. Next are you awake? (Questioner): I am awake. (Sadhguru): How awake? (Questioner): Quite awake. (Sadhguru): Awake enough. Awake enough to hear what I say; awake enough to see where I was sitting; awake enough to know that this many people are around you. Yes? (Questioner): Right. (Sadhguru): Now that you are this awake, you are perceiving all these facts which are around you. You know this many people are around you. You know I am speaking. You know I am sitting here. All these things you’re perceiving. How, through what? (Questioner): Through my eyes. (Sadhguru): Through your sense organs. Not only through your eyes, through your ears and certain amount of other senses also working. So through your five sense organs you are perceiving right now. Because you are at a certain level of wakefulness, you are perceiving what is around you. At least the physical around you, yes? (Questioner): Yes. (Sadhguru): You don’t know what is happening in the person who is sitting next to you, isn’t it? You do not know what’s happening in this man’s mind; you do not know what’s happening in that man’s heart; you do not know what’s happening in his energy. You don’t know all these things but at least the physical reality you have perceived, you are wakeful to that point. Suppose you feel little drowsy, then you find you don’t know what I am talking about. Did it happen? (Questioner): It happens sometimes. (Sadhguru): Suppose you feel little drowsy, what’s happened? – Your wakefulness has come to a lower grade. Because your wakefulness has come to a lower grade, do you see I am talking but you are not perceiving? Yes or no? Ears are still open, isn’t it? Nobody plugged it. Sound is definitely going and hitting the eardrums. Isn’t it so? What I speak is anyway going and hitting the eardrums or no? It is, but still you are not perceiving because your wakefulness has gone one level lower than it is right now. So if it can get lower, you can also get it higher, isn’t it, logically? So if your wakefulness move into higher and higher dimensions, if it has to get there, you have to crank up your energy. If your energy, life energy moves into higher levels of intensity your wakefulness moves into higher dimensions of wakefulness. As your wakefulness moves into higher levels of dimensions, higher dimensions, your perception becomes clearer and clearer and the penetration of your perception deepens. Once the penetration of your perception deepens, it changes the very quality of your experience. Right now you sit here, there is just a man sitting next to you. Suppose your wakefulness becomes such, everything that’s happening within him you know right now, now your experience of sitting here is very different, isn’t it? Yes or no? Does it make it clear? Now if you try to raise your wakefulness, it’ll not happen; if you try to increase your perception it’ll not happen; if you try to widen your experience it’ll not happen. The only thing that is in your hands is you can crank up the intensity of your life energies. You can only work on raising the voltage; you cannot work on increasing the light, can you? Even physically, can you try to increase the penetration of light? But you can work on raising the voltage, isn’t it? If you raise the voltage all these other things will naturally happen.


  1. Who experiences the raising of the voltage? Who sees everything that is happening in your own life? Discover that , that is more powerful then trying to raise your life energy. That is more intense and more transformative. Find this out , let that be your yoga.

  2. +paras tandon  :

    This isnt mathematics for you to follow with clear steps and straight laid-out answers. We dont have a one-size-fits-all option over here. You have to discover yourself which path works best for you. And its different for each one of us. A good teacher would guide you into discovering spirituality from the inside. 
    If you think, doing a few dumb breathing exercises mindlessly is gonna change your life the other way around….You're mistaken.
    There's more to spirituality than that. 

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  5. Am really grateful to Sadhguru ji for this explanation …

    Life energies has a great role to play. It has an impact on levels of perception (awareness) one is likely to have. Higher the life energies higher the intensity of perception (awareness) and vice versa. More the intensity of perception (awareness), better the life experience and vice versa.

  6. This video must be for people who don't have English as their first language. Of course alertness and awareness aren't the same.

  7. the attention is the bane of society. we are not meant to focus our bodies and its energies to a point forming a attention. attempts to decipher the understanding of awareness are null. as this is still using the attention basis mode of existence. nor are we meant to heighten or lower our energies. just be them. not heighten and lower as in consciousness anyway. awareness automatically percieves. ascension is not good. awareness of the physical spirit is the true answer. being a physical spirit because your natural energy and it are one. non direction of energy is the norm. like a bumblebee or flower is our existence. where our life energy and physical nature constitute our existence.

  8. to manipulate our life energy is null. be it. it is aware in and of itself. without attempt to be aware. our energy within has its own awareness because it exists as our energy. if you bring it to placid calmness of non focused awareness you will see the truth I speak. you ARE it.

  9. Sadhguru with due respect, you have mastered the art of peaceful talk, but that does not mean you know something that people don't know. So much talk and still so much misery! I am sorry to say but I have now started to feel you are like a great magician, everybody gets entertained but nobody gets truly enlightened. Enlightenment is a journey one has to take , no matter how much you talk, people will remain ignorant

  10. If you really know something which can help people come out of their sleep, we would have been able to see the results by now without your seeking so much publicity via social media and otherwise.

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