Diabetic Eye Disease – It’s Not Just For Diabetics

You know you hear about blindness and
retinopathy (damage to the retina, the back part of the eye) and folks that have
type 2 diabetes. And you think, “You know, I’m never gonna… I don’t think I’m gonna
get that problem. I don’t need to listen to it.” Think again. As we’ve talked many many times a lot,
more of us have insulin resistance. Then we then know over 90% of folks who have
insulin resistance, prediabetes, don’t know it. And very conservative estimates
would be that a third of adults haven’t. Actually, UCLA was showing over half
why am I talking about insulin resistance. This is blindness or
diabetic retinopathy. You say, “It’s a type 2 diabetes problem, right?”
No. Think about it, understand it. By the time someone has gotten diagnosed with
type 2 diabetes, 30%… 1 in 3 already have damage to
their eyes. This has been shown multiple times in multiple surveys. So this is a
problem that’s happening when you have insulin resistance. Think about it. Thank
you for your interest. If plaque is the number 1 cause of heart attack, stroke,
dementia, blindness, kidney disease, you’d think we’d know how to evaluate it,
screen for it. Unfortunately, the state of the art right now is a guess,
and a bad one at that – Framingham. The most common thing that
you do is you say, “Well, hey Doc, why don’t we do a stress test.” They don’t work
either. Then you go into the cath lab and get a definitive test, but that revolves
getting a needle in the groin. It just goes downhill from there. Now
there are better ways. Take a look at our plaque evaluation course. Click the link


  1. Love the new splashy intro!
    Sometimes I take Leutein & Zeaxanthin but I don't want to be crazy cat lady with the supps.
    Grateful for the heads-up Dr Brewer.

  2. I'm 70 and healthy?, just had my eyes examined and started to ask the Doctor about what he can tell when looking at the back of our eyes, so he went into great detail and showed me what he sees, blood vessels, etc. He said many times he has had to refer patients because of high blood pressure and other diseases. I came armed with questions because of listening to you Doc, have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the great work.

  3. A life living on orange glaze Duncan Donuts, I got real healthy in my eating habits after a quintuple bypass. But here I am 10 years later getting healthier with keto with the beginning of cataracts. CATARACTS.I have second sight, 20/30 used to be 20/400-600. 2nd sight is a nineteenth century evaluation of folks nearsighted most of their lives over a year or so suddenly regaining near perfect sight because their eyes are forced to focus through a, so far, infinitesimally light gray haze and the beginning of cataracts. Boy would I like to freeze the deterioration at current levels — so I apply n-acetyl-carnosine potassium drops twice daily which is the latest eyeball enhancing cataract dissolving "mythology". The cataract operation is a big nothing, 30 minutes each eye one at a time, a relative did it successfully at 94– but on top of keto/IF/fasting/supplements, wouldn't it be cool to avoid that as a kid of 73?! See you in a year with my results. Gotta run. Literally.

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