Depression: What if it’s Your Food (2018 Theory)

Hey, this is Dr Barry. In this short video, I want to talk to you about depression. Millions of people in the US and Canada Australia and the UK suffer from depression, from mild, to debilitating. And my question is: Depression. What if it’s your diet? What if it’s your food? I think that’s a valid question and let me tell you why I think that. But first if you have anyone in your life, who you love, who suffers from depression, please share this video with them on Facebook or on Twitter or on Instagram. Send them an email. Let them have this information so that they can decide for themselves whether it might be their food. So let’s talk about this. Everybody’s probably heard of the chemical imbalance theory of depression. But there’s a problem with that. Did you hear what I called it? The chemical imbalance THEORY. Because although there are billions of dollars made every year on the medications, the antidepressants, that were marketed to us constantly every minute of every day on television, on the internet, in magazines this theory has never been proven. Yeah that’s right, you heard me right. The chemical imbalance that you maybe even said, “I have a chemical imbalance”, how do you know you have that? Because your doctor said that. How does your doctor know you have that? Did he tap your spinal fluid or your brain fluid and send it off to the lab and say, “Yep there it is, there’s the dopamine or a serotonin imbalance, and therefore you need this pill.” That never happens, right? So even at the very upper echelon of adacemic medicine, this is still just a theory. All of the studies that were done to show that antidepressants work and that that the chemical imbalance theory of depression is true, are tenuous studies at best. No randomised controlled trial has ever proven that a single human ever on this planet has a serotonin imbalance or a dopamine imbalance. or an alternate, there’s no research, there’s no proof of that, it’s just a theory. But based on that theory multiple drug companies have been able to convince the FDA that their drug fixes these theoretical, um whimsical, uh probably not even real chemical imbalances. And so you’re stuck taking a pill, or two or three, every day for the rest of your life to control a chemical imbalance that’s only a theory that’s never been proven. Now that doesn’t really sound like a great way to practice medicine to me, it’s always bothered me. And so, also when you look at the research on this antidepressant or that antidepressant they’re often set up as almost just silly sham studies, they don’t really prove anything they may prove that this particular pill is 1/10th of 1% better than placebo or that this pill is better than that pill but the end product is based on some score that you take a questionnaire and you fill it out after you’ve taken the medicine. Nobody taps your spinal fluid, nobody taps your brain and actually checks the chemicals. See what I’m getting at here? This is a theory. That billions of dollars are being made upon each year. That you’re suffering under each year, because you’ve got to take this pill for the rest of your life and also think that something’s wrong with you for the rest of your life: you have an imbalance. In your brain. Nobody can see it or find it or quantify it or prove it, but you’ve got that and you need to take this pill or these two pills or these three pills. And so my question is: if studies repeatedly show that the standard diet causes inflamation in the gut – – it causes inflamation in other places too – – what if that inflamation also extends to your brain? If various parts of your brain are inflamed, they’re not going to work properly and that could lead to depression, right? The SAD diet with all the “vegetable” oils misbuilds, or or uses the wrong kind of fat to make your cell membranes with, to make your neurons and your synapses within your brain. If you’re not eating good healthy fats, your brain which is composed about 60% of fat, it has none of the raw materials it needs to make new fresh brain cells. So therefore, that might lead to some depression, right? If the SAD diet damages your neurons and damages your synapses, that could probably lead to some disordered thinking and some depression don’t you think? Now of course my theory is just that as well, it’s just a theory but I’m honest enough to admit that. Whereas the chemical imbalance theory is reported as fact in all circles of medicine. So Let’s set the stage. Of course if you have terrible things happening in your life, that might depress you. Right? But I don’t think if you were eating a good whole-food ketogenic diet and your brain was not inflamed, if your brain was built of good healthy fats instead of the trans fats that are in the vegetable oils and if your neurons and your synapses weren’t damaged, by the toxins in the standard diet, I think your brain would be able to handle these occasional insults, and these occasional social catastrophes. and these family disasters that can get us down to the point when we’re eating the standard diet that we think we need a pill or two. I’ll bet and actually I’ve seen played out in my clinic multiple times that if you eat a good whole-food ketogenic diet, you won’t need that medication for depression or you may not need as many milligrams a day of that medication for depression. I’ve had multiple patients decrease their dose after eating keto for a few months. I’ve had many many patients stop taking anti depressants after a few months of a ketogenic way of eating because their brain is not as inflamed. It’s not as damaged. And the new neurons that have been made, and that does happen in the brain all the time, the new neurons are made of good healthy fats. The kind of fats that your body actually wants to make your brain tissue from. That’s what I see in my clinic and I’ve had so many people say, I wish I’d known about this way of eating 20 years ago when I was put on this anti depressant. They’d been taking this pill every day of their lives with the side effects being virtually unknown and very poorly studied if you look at the studies. Trying to fix something that’s “wrong with them” even though nothing’s ever been proven to be wrong. Maybe what was wrong all along was your food. Maybe it was your diet. Maybe once you get the cr*p out of your diet and feed your brain what it actually needs, it won’t be as inflamed. It’ll be built of the right things, and there won’t be the neuron damage that we see in autopsy brains all the time. Now if you enjoyed this video, please take one second and click the subscribe button and maybe hit the bell right beside it because then when I get a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first people to know. Also if my videos have helped your health in some way, you can click the Patreon link down below, sign up very quickly and throw a buck or two my way. It gives me more time to make more videos, so I can help more people. This is Dr Barry, I’ll see you next time.


  1. My depression and anxiety ALL MY LIFE was nutritional, I was prescribed benzos like Klonopins and Xanax, medications such as Celexa, battled addiction because of it. Went keto 14 months ago and allllllll gone! As a dietetics major I believe its simple malnourishment coupled with elevated insulin and therefore inflammation, which we now know leads to countless chronic neurological disorders. Keep preaching that good stuff doc!

  2. High fructose corn syrup and whole grains definitely cause depression.  Manufacturers put the high fructose corn syrup in everything because they can sweeten cheaply with it.  Shrinks are playing with people's brains by giving them samples of whatever the sales person gives them.  They are no more than legal pushers.

  3. I‚ve been depressive for years. Went on keto and after few weeks in, my depression has vanished. Three month in and I am off medications.

  4. I was just started reading "The Psychobiotic Revolution" today. The theory here is brain health and state of mind are intimately connected to our microbiome, in line with what you are saying, Dr. Berry

  5. It gets me how they advertise these drugs on TV, and have to list the side effects, and the side effects of an anti depressent is… wait for it… DEPRESSION or suicidal feelings!

  6. Does taking your medicine in the morning break your fast? That is until I can come off some or all of the medicine…. Which is worse for the Keto diet if you have to drink something other than water, Diet Coke or orange juice?

  7. I totally agree! Since i’m doing keto i’ve stopped my medication and I feel even better than when I was taking it.

  8. I think you're on to something doc. I have been on SSRI's for 23 years. My diet has always been bad. Not to mention the 40 pounds I gained in the first four months of taking them. Urg!!!!! My husband and I have started the Keto way of living and I can't tell you how much better I feel not only physically but having more clarity of mind. Thank you so much for your insight into this. It gives me hope that I may not have to take these drugs for the rest of my life! Love your videos. Keep up the good fight.

  9. Your statements are only theories just like the physicians diagnosing depression . I've been depressed most of my life . I'm 65 years old . I have been eating very low carb since the mid 90^s with no effect on my major depression .

  10. I seem to be stable and can handle anything thrown my way when I am fully keto. When I slip or drink beer on weekends, I get mood swings and some dark depressive thoughts. I find it amazing to function so powerfully and strongly when in keto and yet be a basket case and anxious or depressed when not. This is totally true for me. Be it anecdotal evidence or not.

  11. It's been 9 months since I started keto + IF.
    Ketogenic diet + IF definitely played a major role in my emotional health. (I used to be a drama king, btw.)
    I feel less stressful, can sleep like a baby, and have more control over food/hunger.
    People around me think I'm weird for doing intermittent/alternate day fasting. I just don't feel hungry and am totally fine when I occasionally fast.
    Despite all these benefits, though, the only problem is.. I kinda feel bored as I don't eat that often, as foods used to be my pleasure.
    It's just that boredom that I need to work on these days.

  12. My "depression" was sudden … caused by an overwhelming shock … lost my dad after being his primary care giver for years. I withdrew inwardly, had short-term memory loss and paranoia, and I had no idea that anything was wrong with me … but everyone else did. Funny thing is, I didn't feel sad at all. Took me a few years to come out of it without ever taking medication for it. My family relied on faith and prayer. No one even considered that my diet may have been at all involved. I wish we'd known about you back then.

  13. In the field of mathematics we can prove but in applied science we can never prove we can only disprove. Big pharma has a large playing field…

  14. I think the “Chemical Imbalance Theory” came about to try and make Psychiatry look as if it was a very scientific branch of Medicine. Also to increase the profits of the Pharmaceutical Industry by introducing another market for their chemical drugs.

  15. I totally believe this. I have changed my diet and feel 100 times better and my clarity of thought is much better I have been eating this way for almost a year.

  16. Thank you so much for this video! We are what we eat! I´m currently trying to heal my depression and anxiety through keto. 🙂 I literally binge watch all your videos, you´re the best! Much love.

  17. Even an honest Psychiatrist will admit that they are guessing and just cycle through the various drugs and monitor effects. I do believe that the differences in metabolism among people affects SSRI's and even alcohol's impact on people. That is a great topic, but not one you can cover in a short video.

  18. I have been on antidepressants on a number of occasions throughout my life (68 Year’s), but since I’ve been KETO (3 Year’s) I have not been on any antidepressant and my mood is very stable‼️ I am extremely grateful for finding the KETO lifestyle. ❤️

  19. Keto's not for me….its too restrictive…I understand we consume too many carbs but eliminating them entirely is too much

  20. I've been on Lexapro 18 months and gained about 20 lbs. That only has made me MORE depressed. Lately my anxiety and panic have returned as well.Trying the Keto diet is certainly worth a try, not only for losing weight but for mental health as well. Thank you for this video.

  21. I was prescribed antidepressants 6 years ago for Menopause sx. Since I have been on Keto, the symptoms have just about vanished. I have a few hot flashes here and there. I feel awesome! About 4 weeks into the heathy eating, I started having bouts of syncope. I checked my BP and it was low! I went to my doctor and she omitted one of my BP meds and lowered the other. I am close to stopping the last one. I was diagnosed with clinical depression 15 years ago. I truly feel it has all been due to inflammation. My arthritis feels better every day! I feel younger and more energetic. I have lost 22 lbs and need to lose about 30 more. I am thankful to God for Keto! Thank you, Dr. Berry for your guidance and continued videos! Keep'em coming!

  22. Hi Dr Berry, coming at you from NC. Just finished week 1 Keto, after many attempts on Weight Watchers. 8 lbs first go round and I know it’s water. No Keto flu since I follow your videos. Thanks

  23. I said my depression in the 90 s was related to the garbage I was eating. I still struggle with some depression but not to the extent that I did back then so some of it I do believe was hormones and food-related.

  24. Hey dr. Ken, do you know you have a pharmaceutical ad that comes on as soon as you sign off at the end of your video. It actually looks like it's part of your video maybe you ought to talk to you too about tweaking what kind of ads you have

  25. Keto. High healthy fats changed my depression the day I started. 180* flip in depression. Keto for life!

  26. I can definitely feel my mood is different when I've eaten carbs, especially if it's a prolonged binge. I was on a cruise recently and ate a lot of carbs over a week's time (compared to my lchf lifestyle, but not SAD). It took my body two weeks to get back to normal. I could just feel it in my brain – there was a heavy fogginess there and then Sunday morning I woke up as though out of a dream. Everything I encountered stressed me out, I was lethargic and headachy. I couldn't wait until bed time so I could just finish the day out. I hated it! I'm so glad to back on track with a clear head and no fogginess, and my mood is much better again.

  27. all I know that now that I have gotten sugar and most carbs out of my diet (most of the time, but I'm human and goof up sometimes)…I feel happy most of the time….I never really thought I was depressed, but now I know I did have some because now it's gone! As soon as I eat sugar though, the first thing that happens is feel down….not fun!

  28. Great video. Brain chemistry is a big factor in depression, and overall body chemistry is part of that. So, nutrition is important. Sadly, I think many people that are on strong prescriptions could probably be treated with talk therapy/ tools for coping- and nutrition/supplements, maybe mild herbal formulas. Not ALL. I never said all. But I I have met many people that were able to stop taking prescriptions, or lessened their dose- they were able to use nutrition, herbs and talk therapy with good results. It's worth a try, work with your doctor on it- it's best if you do it with your doctor's support.

  29. I have been on almost all antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Nothing has helped. I have social anxiety, situation anxieties, and recently tested by psychiatrist with very low seratonin.

    I am on 3 meds and would love to be off them. One of them alone costs 50 dollars a month. I am just starting my Keto lifestyle. I would love to lose 30-40 pounds and get healthy. I am curious if anyone who has been eating Keto and has gotten off these terrible drugs.

    Thanks for any information

  30. I have to try harder. I've been low carb for 5 years. Keto for one year. I've lost 200 lbs over those years. I am no longer type 2 diabetic (off metformin) . I still have severe insomnia, anxiety and depression. My mom is stage 4 MBC, I deal with a roller coaster life with her since she is my world and best friend. My cholesterol which was in normal range has steadily climbe while doing Keto, (ttl 254) but my hdl and tryg.numbers are amazing. This video has motivated me to try harder…tomorrow will be a better day. I take Ativan and ambien for sleep and sometimes that doesn't help. I find God and prayer help most, Thank you for posting great videos.

  31. After trying medications and therapy, I started a hardcore keto diet (less than 20g of carbs) with almost entirely whole foods. I hoped it would lift my mood and help clear thinking like it did for my family members. Unfortunately, some mental issues are not cured by a diet changes. Don't feel guilty if a good diet didn't cure you— keep fighting for your mental health.

  32. How screwed up can someone be in their thinking on diet?! I hope no one who has ever taken an antidepressant is listening to this horrible advice on diet because they will never be able to recover when these drugs are 98% protein binding!! All that complex protein will clog the lymph system so they can never flush toxins of any kind again. Who would encourage someone to put themselves into ketosis?! Talk about a resurrection of the Dr. Atkins diet! Maybe Millennials are just completely unfamiliar with the Dr. Atkins Diet nightmare.

  33. Dr. Amen has been saying this for over 20 years..
    the only true way to know is through brain scans and spinal fluids

  34. My sister was on antidepressants for 20 years. And while I truly believe they saved her life, she is now off all antidepressants. Her shrink diagnosed her gluten intolerance. Now that she is gluten free, she is no longer depressed. I was also on antidepressants for almost 10 years. I've been gluten free for 14 months and keto for 6. I will be completely off my antidepressants by the end of the month. Based on my family's experience I believe depression is a symptom not a diagnosis. If you need the antidepressants to keep alive, by all means take them but please don't stop there. Good nutrition feeds the brain, not just the body.

  35. Eating LCHF, I'm down 48 lbs. and the depression that was my constant companion since childhood is gone! I do a happy chair dance when I eat my fat and veggies, and my kids have a much more cheerful mom. IF this diet caused me to GAIN weight, I would still stay on it, because I feel so much better – not scattered, my mind's not racing, not hopeless, etc. Much love to Dr. Berry and you'uns from a fellow Tennessean!

  36. I was diagnosed with a "Chemical Imbalance" and put on 450mgs of anti depressants per day. I was a Zombie. I didn't care about anything or anyone. The only person it helped was Big Pharma by lining their pockets with my money. I got off the meds by drinking Chamomile tea. I kept eating horribly and my "depression/anxiety came back. My sleep was about 4 hrs. per night. I put on weight which fed my depression/anxiety". I felt like a "weirdo" or a weak minded person while on my meds, like there was something "wrong" with my brain. I have just started keto (yesterday) and pee'd away 1 lb. I slept for 8 hrs. for the 1st time in years. I am so excited about this new lifestyle. I don't call it a "diet" because people will watch and judge someone more on a diet. I was so happy to have bacon and eggs with sliced avocado for breakfast, and I was full. Potatoes are my weakness, but I am going with cauliflower to satisfy that. I am going to try garlic mashed potatoes using cauliflower. I bet it is going to be yummy.

  37. No research ever proves. It only suggests. That said, there are far too many people who have benefited from drugs such as SSRIs to simply put it down to the placebo effect. Diet may be the principal cause, but you can't deny that drugs can help.

  38. Doc, I too have suffered from severe depression and in large part, I have reason to believe from the inflammation in my brain from cns lupus. Can I safely do the keto lifestyle while receiving a monthly infusion push of solumedrol? Hope to not have to have the steroids at all on keto!

  39. I would have said I wasn't depressed. But since I have been on Keto I sure am a lot happier. I think maybe I was a little depressed and didn't even know it.

  40. My husband talked to a doctor over the phone for 5 min and all his lab work came back great and she said he should go on anti depressants because occasionally his chest hurts from stress…🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄

  41. I literally want to do the research on this one as I strongly agree with you that diet and sleep can be the best remedies or have correration with mental health issue.

  42. I am on Keto and it's working wonders but my sister keeps trying to start keto and every time she does she gets a depression that doesn't let up. Do you have any advice?

  43. FACTS! I'm only 4 weeks into Keto and my mental health and mental clarity were the first thing to begin to heal. I don't freak out at my 4 kids when I get upset. My depression is non-existent. Anxiety GONE. I am able to focus on my cleaning tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Too many things to mention

  44. Diet probably plays a role in some cases, but I think the whole “chemical imbalance” model of depression is basically a fraud. What we should be asking is what is it about the way of life in late capitalism (particularly the most hyper-capitalistic countries like the USA) that makes so many people so miserable. And that requires a sociological and economic analysis.

  45. The serotonin hypothesis isn't really being marketed anymore by the psychiatric community or the big pharma and it hasn't been in several years. There may be some who are taking antidepressants unnecessarily but having worked with severely depressed and anxious people there is no doubt in my mind that they help people. Is it effective in 50% like the studies suggest? Probably less but it definitely isn't zero.

  46. OMG, suffered depression most of my life…have taken most meds available during my lifetime. I finally decided last year to do something drastic… Completely change my diet and cut out a lot of sugar, started taking more vitamins B12 specifically, I work out at the gym at least 5 days a week, and reduced my stress. Wala! No more depression!!! Thank you Dr. Berry… We need more Doctors like you, keeping it real. 😊

  47. I asked my doctor to take me off lamictal for 5 years. I finally weened myself off without telling her. Been drug free for a year and on keto for 8 months. Sugar is the devil!! Life is wonderful!

  48. You cannot fix biochemistry with pills. I've battled depression and anxiety, i was prescribed lots of scripts then started abusing them with alcohol. I quite them cold turkey. It's been 7 years since. I started keto 4 years ago and saw a remarkable change. Now when i spend a week off it damn i am depressed and anxious. That motivates me to stay keto then i feel fantastic. Im 4 months pregnant and have a ton of energy. Whole food diet and keep up with my 3 other children 5 and under

  49. Hi Dr. Berry. Please use the term Hypothesis instead of Theory when referring to scientific data. Love your Vid's

  50. Before keto I was a food and news junkie. I've lost 38lbs. Have more energy now. Brain fog is gone. Every day I go to Instagram and watch dog videos. Sometimes 2x a day. Buzzfeed has dog videos that you can get emails. They are just delightful. Also l
    my 2 dogs died within 7 wks of ea other. Discovered I have to have a dog. So rescued 9 yr old. We go out 2x a day for a walk. My life has changed dramatically. Go keto and news fast. 🐕 diet every day.

  51. Most of my life was filled with depression, from mild to severe.
    Keto cured 85% – carnivore cured it to 99%.
    I supplement with good sleep (comes naturally) and exercise (walking,bicycle – daily – approx 45 mins).
    Walk through the park everyday now my dogs whistling and with a smile as I "smell the roses".
    I have zero doubt that sugar 1 and sugar 2 (carbohydrates) were the root cause of my depression (aka brain inflammation).
    Great vid, as always Dr. Ken. Thanks for helping others see the light.

  52. I experienced my first depression cycle at age 10. Went on the first disastrous anti-d at age 26. I've experienced chronic depression ever since. In Feb 2018, I started Keto all in. Six weeks later, the depression was gone. Although I have an occasional "blah" day, I recognize it as such, do what I need to do (exercise outside usually) and I'm great within approx 30 minutes. As far as I'm concerned, I am no longer a person living with depression. I am depression free thanks to Low Carb (and IF).

  53. I'm not a Dr, but I do hold an MA in Clinical Psych…this video falls short in a few ways. " Millions suffer, and the prescription medications given often don't improve the suffering."- true…also true, and more frequently the case: meds often DO [improve suffering]. I would hate for someone to not consider medication – esp as a means of acutely addressing suicidal ideation. Moreover, yes chemical imbalance is theoretical, but nor irrational: if you synthetically supply additional neurotransmitters – specifically – and the problem relieves itself, its rational to assume their was a prior deficit, not withstanding what factors contributed to said deficit. And, I feel like you're presenting depression as having a unilateral cause, as opposed to it being the result of the conflagration of multi risk-factors…which I know you know is the case, but didnt present that. We are undeniably putting ourselves at risk for illness via eating SAD, but thats one factor of many. Im 100% Keto and also take an antidepressant – experimented extensively between doing keto for months with and without meds, and can tell you I'd be very ill were I not taking a drug. Its always happened, and deep in ketosis. Not everyone is immune to depression (or even passably robust) by living cleanly. It bothers me that you didnt present diet as one *significant risk factor*, as opposed to presenting it, intentionally or not, as sole causation. Most of your viewers likely dont know better…that its a complex disease with many etiological factors – and medication does SAVE lives, literally.

  54. * Also: its professionally irresponsible to not provide a disclaimer on the dangers of acutely stopping psych medication, to those who are already taking it…which are well known (psychosis, insomnia, etc etc)…needed to address that – and THEN segway into your theory of diet as a better long term solution. Just my two cents. Love your other vids.

  55. also many chemichals that end or are absent in the brain comes directly from the gut, so a fukup diet may cause a fukup "chemical imbalance"…

  56. I have been thinking the exact same thing! Ever since I dropped the sugars, bad fat, bad carbs, and switched to keto my depression completely went away! I was also very moody, I would get angry really fast. 90% of my anger has gone away, and 100% of my depression is gone!

  57. I had depression 3 times. Each one lasted a couple of years. I refused to take anti depressants. Twenty one years ago I had my third depression lasting for four years and I saw suicide as my only option. Even though all doctors told me for years to take anti depressant, I refused, but this time I tried it. I took something called Cipralex. After two weeks my depression was gone, and has not returned because I take the pill every day. So even if you think that chemical imbalance is a theory, your advice is also just a theory. So as always when it comes to our health, we need to stop listening to experts who knows what is best for us, and just try out for ourselves. Sad fact but true.

  58. Dr berry pls answer my question, I’m on antidepressants for panic attack and I also been doing keto for a month now. Can I stop my meds ? And I’m not losing weight.. pls help

  59. I have been on antidepressants for the better part of twenty years. After one year of eating Keto I am off my meds!

  60. I know I'm intruding here but do you have a video on lowering trigs on keto? I've looked and couldn't find any. Thank you.

  61. A “theory” in science is the highest form of truth isn’t it? Can’t you use a different term for speculation? Kinda undermines science as lay people dismiss scientific findings as nothing more than opinion

  62. Amen! One of the main improvements to my life since starting keto 15mos ago is No More Depression episodes!!

  63. I have Mastocytosis. I started noticing depression symptoms a few months ago. They did a CT scan for inflammation. I did have infalmmation on the brain. My DR told me to take a liquid multivitamin and increased the mast cell inhibitors. It helped for a while, but Im starting to have problems again.

  64. Uhm sorry I suffered from horrible debilitating OCD and depression. I ate a whole food diet got to a healthy weight and blood pressure and was in the best shape if my life at 37. That OCD was still present and I did in fact end up taking psychiatrist prescribed medication as a last ditch effort to save my life and career. It took the edge off my anxiety and depression so I could develop skills to think linearly. Yes it was a chemical inbalance that was corrected by meds not by diet. If diet was the cure I would have been cured 20 years ago when I was an athlete eating as clean as whistle. I was on meds for a year then I decided to try without. I have been off it for as long. No doc I saw tried to push or peddle more pills on me, but instead gave me the power to be in the driver seat. I beat it the depression and it doesn't rule my life anymore. This video is insulting for someone who's had life long struggles with depression.

  65. if depression is caused,/affected by the "sad" diet, when one starts on the keto diet, how long should one begin to see results? This question is also related to the "brain fog" that is supposed to lift on a keto diet. asking for a

  66. I agree that depression is a lifestyle illness caused by the wrong nutrition from a diet call the global industrial diet that will affect anyone sooner or later and can be cured when an individual has a strong social support network. I had to change my diet or I would of had to live with depression, diabetes a "oh not you" mentality and medical experts that are disease orientated,which has made me understand how quick society is to medicate, institutionalize and isolate people with depression.

  67. If an individual is not cautious with psychiatrists, depression will not get diagnosed and a psyatrist will just ask" What happens if I put you on medication.?" Answer, the psychatrist is not thinking so it is better to stop the consultation. The other mistake, beware that from depression a psychatrist will quickly choose ADD or ADHD. Not appliable for anyone. Will prescibe medications that will develop side-effects. Try combining Dexamphitamine and Valprol also known as Valporate. Lets look after our nutrtion and suitable lifestyle choices.

  68. Please don't use the phrase "just a theory," you are a doctor and know better. A theory is an explanation for an observed phenomenon that has been tested and stands up to scrutiny. The chemical imbalance concept that you are speaking of is, at best, hypothetical.

  69. Depression has plagued me my entire life! Even to the point of really drastic choices to try and relieve my pain…
    Medications NEVER worked for me… I became manic or deeper depressed or just plain NUMB!
    I still struggle and just beginning this journey in the Keto world…
    I need to figure out how to get this diet down in a way that fits our budget!
    2 adults with a monthly budget of $250 a month and we live far away from a town with a decent grocery store… there is ONE grocery store near me and they are higher priced because we live far away from a large population…
    Would love some guidance with all of this…

  70. Really great video… as a matter of fact, “chemical imbalance” as causal for depression is really just an hypothesis…

  71. Dr Berry, I like your videos. But I’m not a big fan of anyone that uses the term “just a theory”. The word theory is often loosely used by people as if they mean “hunch”, whereas in science, a theory is nearly the same as fact. If the ‘Hormone Theory’ you mention isn’t supported by scientific research (which it’s not), then it’s not a theory. No matter how many pharma companies building products hope it is.

    Regardless, keep up the great work!

  72. Oh, My God Dr. Berry I Have Been Taking Antidepressants For 39 Years And It Could Be My Diet All These Years. Thank You So Much For This Video😄😍

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