1. My wife has been in deep depression ever since she was 8 years old and her parents always thought she was just like that doctors thought she had multiple personalities everyone called her evil and said she was supposed to been born on 666 she stopped caring for herself she never brushes her hair she hardly eats I'm worried one of these days she may take her own life. We have 2 sons and 1 daughter my youngest son Elijah has ADHD and I've caught him more then once hurting himself. My family is in a dark place right now some of these videos help me understand my family a bit more. Thanks.

  2. I am a kid 10 yrs old and I feel like my parents just don't love me I mostly cry a lot and I always get yelled at and I always get the blame I don't know what to do I feel hopeless and sad everyday

  3. That happens to me. My parents are like 'Its so ironic, the biggest teenage on the house isn't even a teenager' or 'You know, it's not smart or funny or cool to act like a teenager you know' or 'Just because your sisters are teenagers and act grumpy, doesn't mean you should too

  4. It started when I was ten.

    But what triggered my depression?

    Verbal abuse, a betrayal of my Best Friend and many, many dark thoughts.

    I almost committed suicide just last night. I almost drank a random chemical in my bathroom. I stopped myself just in time.

  5. My parents think I’m just acting weird and they keep saying they want the old me back n all I’m just like that part of me is lost and they think of me as weird ._.

  6. For some reason the most fond memory I have of myself is when I was loudly sobbing in my bed telling myself over and over that I should've never been born while my parents I heard my parents shouting at each other having an argument in their room when I was six, I don't remember where my brother was tho.😛

    me: mind: then why does this happen alot
    me: okay
    me: why does this happen it never happens with my sister

  8. I am 10 and I am trying to recover form depression, I told my mum she helped me a bit then said your just like this because your close to being a teenager. .
    I had depression for over 5 years now

  9. I used to play basketball now I don't like sports, and I cry a lot and I went 2 therapy for a bit and I just feel rejected a lot

  10. All if these are me… Me and my friend are both suicidal
    If I tell my parents it's like this
    Why would you think that


    Hahahah funny joke

  11. There's a reason why kids don't tell adults about this stuff. Most adults, such as a school counselor which is the example I'll be using, will just send you to the looney bin and carry on with their lives. I've had three friends in the past two years that have had this happen. If you tell anyone, make it someone you truly trust

  12. I got depression since I was 6, because apparently, My mother keeps telling me "No!, If you went with us you would just delay our time!" And things like "Bwisit ka!, Magigising siya (He will wake up!)" She loves my baby brother, It causes me to think 'Did she only love me for my looks?' But I guess I'm "Recovering" now.

  13. I'm am feeling all this and when I try to talk to somebody about they say "you're not sick stop thinking like that" but it still haunts me to be like this ,I also have hard times eating 😟

  14. I am always genuinely sick and tired and I mean always, negative towards myself, and I am getting worse grades from all the stress and anxiety I am getting from School which leads to me not doing homework because I just need my rest and relaxation from every painstakingly day from school and I can't express myself to anyone because I am too self conscious about myself.

  15. I don’t know why I’m watching this I’m 12 and have been diagnosed with MDD and GAD and something else I forget what it’s called. I’ve had anxiety since I was 6 and started having depression at 7

  16. Im scared people look at me..
    Im scared being judge…
    Im very sensitive

    Am i having problem 🙁
    (I have all of these on video) bad english sorry

  17. I have depression, it's genetic for all of the women in my family. I'd tell mom,and she'd just brush it off even though she knew I was hurting, they always just brush it off…

  18. If I show this to my parents they will just say something like "it's just your attitude" even though they know I cry because my life feels pointless and I've had all the symptoms for months

  19. I'm moody my family knows it and I'm always tired getting up and I can't sleep without someone in our room some things I enjoyed became worthless now I become very shy and loose my appetite to eat its around for 1week or more but in not sure

  20. I'm moody my family knows it and I loose my appetite to eat I'm always tired getting up and I became very shy and the things I love became worthless now I cry for no reasons its around for 1 week or more but im not sure

  21. im on antidepressants
    and im only 12
    and i dont experience these
    i experience lack of eating
    need for isolation
    suicidal thoughts & actions
    a ton of passive aggressiveness
    and a need to stay away from people

    i take breaks from humanity and go numb almost everyday.

  22. Everyone says im fine. Why cant people understand me! Im so tired of this, im so sick of this. Stop saying im fine because im not! Yes im only 11 years old but people made me like this!

  23. No. it's just a teen phase. Everyone in the comment section, you are just going through a phase in your life, it'll be over soon.

  24. My parents have been fighting over custody for me and my siblings. it has caused me, as the oldest out of 3, to stress and have been caused depression by my mother. She's lied to me when I knew the truth already. I cry for no reason, starve myself, I can't sleep. I've seen therapists and councillors, but nothing seems to work. I used to be a bundle of joy, before my parents split. I've been missing weeks of school of illnesses caused by depression. I want my father because he's always made me happy when I've had a breakdown, or couldn't handle life.

  25. I’m not going to sit here and say “i have depression” or “no one understands me”. But I will get the point across that I have, and still am, struggling with depression. I think that there is a difference between ‘being depressed’ and ‘having depression’. I have a friend who always says she’s depressed because no one understands her. I’m not a doctor, but she and many others, don’t understand the concept. You can feel depressed and not have depression, whereas you can have depression and not always feel depressed.
    I feel like that doesn’t make sense but oh well.

  26. I can’t fall asleep, I can’t focus in class, my grades have dropped recently, but I don’t cry myself to sleep. I never think about killing myself or anyone else. I love life but hate school. I have a very very mild case of depression. Altogether I have Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and Insomnia. I’m 12. What is happening to me and why this young? Nobody knows about it besides my best friend because she’s going through the exact same stuff as me. I pray to God but prayers haven’t done much yet. I’m really tired and sad but I just can’t sleep. I’m too tired to sleep. If I tried to tell my parents they’d be like “pssh” and roll their eyes. Ugh life is rough for a seventh grader.

  27. Im just an average person. Who lives in a happy life and have friends. Im 12 years old and I got severe depression. I don't seem to see that my Mom really understands me. She only cares about my success, but she didn't care about who I am. She already knows I have depression but she didn't believed me. She thought I was just giving a phase and just making her worried about me but No. I have 2 brothers and I always notice that she only gives affection on them. She always talk down at me. As if I'm not even important. She pushes me down and she bring bad things all over me. I kept telling myself that I'm fine and everything is gonna be alright but it doesn't. I already hate my home. Because its full of dark spells of depression. My mood was fine a while ago but then something just attacked me that is making me depressed. I've been going through depression for almost 8 months already. I wanted to seek help from a doctor but my senses won't make me do it. I have good grades, good academics, have many friends, and in a paper, everything is fine. But i just dont understand.. I don't understand why my Mom treats me as if im not even important.. I dont know who I am, what am i doing here. I dont understand everything.. Depression is like a hell to me. But no one seems to see it. So, I put a wall. I have 2 lives living with. 1 for the public and 1 for me late at night. I put on a mask and keep smiling and tell everyone "Hey, I'm fine!" but no one seems to know that ik just telling white lies. No one. Not a single thing. Everytime I woke up, I have to do the cycle all over again. Eat, sleep, depressed. I just dont understand myself anymore.

  28. I'm a 9 year old child who just discovered that I have depression, though I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure though. I said no at the contact part and cryed no because I like being alone.

  29. for me, depression doesn’t make me cry, it makes me still. numb. blank. i hate it. it hurts so much i feel nothing. anyone else feel similar?

  30. I am 13 and i have deep depression and my parents dont undetstand me and tell me that 13 year olds dont have depression

  31. My mom is cause of depression! She pissed me off with her yelling and her lies! Im a psychopath! Who has bipola depression! 2 stage of autism! Also ADHD! She is why i never give her a mothers day card. I dont trust her! She takes me showes and brushes my teeth! Im 13! I dont need your help! she cant understand that! She thinks im a kid who cant take a shower and brush my teeth! I feel like beating her or i need pills to calm me down! I wanna run away from her for reasons! I hate her! She does weed! Thats why she has stressful mind and a crazy mind!

  32. I really don’t know.. I perform bad in school, I can’t concentrate, I don’t eat, I can’t sleep, I don’t ljke being around people not even my family expect my dad, or mom, I cry randomly, I feel sad allot.

  33. Since I was in kindergarten so 5 -6 my family was extremely toxic parents abused each other mostly father, toxic environment at school mental physical abuse gangs, violence, drugs…obesity,learning disability dyslexia, speech impediment, bad vision, major dep n anxiety is going to end me soon I just turned 24

  34. I'm depress?
    over thinking
    want to be alone
    over eating
    crying before I sleep for no reason
    tired everyday

  35. I am NOT diagnosed with depression, but I have seen a lot of things on depression and the symptoms, and I usually match up to a lot of them. But I don't want to think I'm depressed. I WANT to think that I'm just over-reactive, and I just feel…..sad, not depressed. But I'm not that sure it's just sadness anymore. I always feel like I don't belong in life, and all I do is sit on my phone. I don't like to talk to people, not even small groups. I'm too scared to tell my parents how I feel, because I feel like they'll start spitting out things like those comments on these videos that are all, "your skin isn't paper, don't cut it, your life isn't a movie, don't end it, blah, blah, blah." But if I do get enough courage, I'll probably have to plan an entire freaking speech. Even when my mother saw the bruises on my legs, (I don't cut, I'm low-key only 10) I just told her, "I think I'm not good enough for you because I'm mean!!!" And that is partly true, my dad scolds me a lot about how I never talk to anyone and I act so mean. But right now, I just hope I'm over reacting.

  36. My parents keep saying that "Arg,its all you fault,now yours graunded"
    I cant Even cry more ,cuz if i cry ill be grounded

  37. Hi. I have a real struggle with my 4 children and I have to do everything my self while their fathers doesent is around. I thought that just came to me when I woke up is ,, I KNOW WHY children is like they are. I have read and seen documentares about this but not connected it with the problems children have today. Many have developt narcissisism and other problems and I as a parent have always thought that it is my fault that they seams to not have enough love fore me and theirfor do what they do. Ofcause there can be other facts too but I am convinced that this is a big big source. It is because we force to leave them at cindergarden when they gets 1 year old. The first 6-7 years of a childs life is when it bonds and develops lojality to their parents. And the first 3 years a child doesent have a need for anyone beside of their parents and siblings. When they turn about 3-4 they will have a need to play with other children. But not a whole day at one time. Now i know why almost all children is how they are. I am so so sorry for not knowing this when my children was babies. If I knew, I would had stayed at home with them and figured out a way to make money anyway. It the SYSTEM who is responsible for all this tragic. Very importent that you tell obout this and next generation might try to fix this and not does the same mistaces we did, in this matter . Otherwise I think everything is doomed to fail catastrophical. Thank you . / Sabina

  38. People say im too young to have depression since im only 11 in year 6 and im too scared to tell my mum how i feel but i will try so is it true that 11 is way too young of an age to have depression?

  39. I'm a parent and I understand this so much, I am understanding my child, I also recognize that major life event's that are heart breaking can make this much worse.
    Unfortunately my child has seen family come and go..I'll never leave even in the moods swings the point is we as parents must understand our children,listen,give the time and space and also embrace them..It's hard to see my child hurt but I'm going to support her in every way possible..

  40. i have had and still have depression since 4…… but I'm glad my mother dose'nt believe me at all,also I have anxiety…im 10 now….;~;

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