Trouble sleeping or just not going to bed
at all Is one of the first and most obvious depression
symptoms. You just lie with your eyes open all night
or take around the house stroll, And from restlessness you quickly start getting
facial pimples. Loss of interest in your favorite activities
Is next on the depression symptoms list. I used to be excited about theater, dancing
and movies, But now to get me to go out you’d literally
my arm have to twist. And then, there’s also such a huge depression
symptom as constant fatigue. Decrease in energy and a long-lasting tiredness
even after 10-hour sleep can easily anyone intrigue. And finally and most importantly, there are
severe thoughts of hopelessness and death. I’m suffering from them the most, trying
to just be here for my next breath. Being so depressed makes me feel helpless
and question why be here at all. But I do know there’s hope, and while waiting
to get better, I can’t run but I can crawl. So I crawl out of bed daily and I do only
a few very simple things. It’s important to understand your depression
and the paralyzing slowness it brings. I’m not trying to hide it or snap out of
it or dismiss it. When you’re trapped in depression, you must
recognize it, admit it, and with patience treat it. I treat my divorce-related depression with
prayer instead of medication. And I give my mind a makeover every day with
Biblical meditation. If you are currently depressed or know someone
who is, Share this video to help them, please.

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