Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment | Impact & Coping With Depression| Guide to Good Treatment

Dear viewers,
greetings of the day. I am Khushi, welcoming you all
on our Mera Doctor show. In the last episode, we learnt
what depression is its symptoms and its three
different categories. And today, we’re going to learn
its impacts, the causes and the therapy. Now, let’s know what the
impacts of depression are on your daily life. People will depression often find
it very difficult to concentrate and also to make decisions. They also turn away from previously
enjoyable activities, including sex. Without treatment, the physical
and emotion turmoil brought on my depression on one can derail
their career, hobbies and relationships. Depression can be sometimes
even be life threatening. People who are depressed
are more like to commit suicide. The warning signs include,
talking about death talking about suicide,
threatening to hurt themselves or threatening to hurt others. People who are depressed usually get
engaged in aggressive behaviour or risky behaviour. Anyone who seems suicidal
have to be taken very seriously and immediate help should be taken
from an experienced councillor. Who’s at risk?
Anyone can be depressed. But experts believe that genetics
play an important role. Having a parent or
sibling with depression can increase your risk of having
or developing depression disorders well. Women are twice as likely as men
to develop the disorder. What are the causes of depression? Doctors aren’t sure
what causes depression. But a prominent theory is altered brain structure
and chemical function. Brain circutes that regulate mood
may work less efficiently during depression. Drugs that treat depression
are believed to improve the communication between the nerve
cells and making them run more normally. Experts also think that
while stress, such as losing a lot one can trigger depression one must first be biologically prone
to develop the disorder. Other triggers could include
alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse hormonal change or even changes
in the season. How do we diagnose depression? As of yet, there is no lab test
for depression. Doctors completely rely on the patient’s
description of the symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis. Patients may be asked
about their medical history and medication use, since these may
contribute to the symptoms of depression. Discussing about a patient’s mood,
their behaviour and their daily activities can help
reveal the severity of depression level. And this is one of the most critical step
to diagnose and to give the best treatment. So friends, in today’s episode,
we have learnt about the impact of depression
on one’s daily life suicide warning signs who is at risk, what are
the causes of depression and how to diagnose depression. In our next episode,
we shall talk about the different medication and therapies
used to overcome this disorder. Until then, thank you.

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