Depression & suicide: Collab with Brittani Louise Taylor | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. I have a very special guest. Brittani is joining me today, ta-da! -Hi! To talk more seriously and in-depth
about signs and symptoms, Of depression and suicidality. And kind of what we’re
going to do about it. If we notice it in ourselves. Or if we notice it in someone that
we love and care about. -Cool. Cool. -Yep. Awesome. So like I said, Today we’re going to
talk a little bit about, Depression, suicidality, and
some of the warning signs. And I know I have talked
about these in the past. But it’s always a good
refresher and reminder. Especially around the holidays. Things can get a little more stressful, And it can be really hard. And a lot of the most common symptoms, Obviously everyone’s
experience is different. But I’m gonna make some notes here,
so if I peek down, that’s what I’m doing. So the first one. -She’s cheating. I can cheat. Is withdraw or isolation. If we find ourselves pulling away
from those we care about. Brittani’s like ‘Hey hang out’,
and I’m like ‘Ehh, I can’t.’ Then that may be a sign that
someone is really struggling. Also sleeping too much or too little. Like I said, everyone’s
experience is different. So some people will find themselves
having trouble getting out of bed. Like in your video, and she’s like ‘Noo.’ -Yeah, but Nancy was like, -You have to watch it, if you haven’t
watched it, Nancy is depressed. -So, yeah. When you, I don’t know.
You don’t want to do anything. Exactly. You have no energy. And some people won’t sleep at all. They will lay in bed at night
and be like, ‘Ehh.’ They can’t go to sleep. And then also eating too much
or eating too little. Again depending on you. Also not enjoying things that
they used to enjoy. And that’s. Honestly as a
therapist in my practice. That’s my number one indicator. If they are like, ‘Well I don’t
really want to play piano.’ But they love playing piano. -Yeah, that’s bad. Yeah. Because that’s just a
sign that something’s off. And we should be enjoying
those things in our life. -Yeah. Then the last three is, Obviously an increase in
drug or alcohol use. A lot of times. -It’s a really good indicator, right. Yes. Because we’re using
it as a way to cope. So things are feeling really crappy. And we’re just feeling really down. And we may use that to help, you
know, go to another place with it. And also, someone obviously
is talking about killing themselves. Or feeling like they are a
burden to other people. That’s a very clear indicator. And the last one is when you give
away prized or valued items, Because, you know, if you’re going
to commit suicide you’re like, ‘Well I won’t be using it.
So I’ll give it to you.’ So if you notice any of these,
please reach out for help. If someone in your life is, you know,
exhibiting any of these symptoms, Please please please get them
the help they need. Let them know that you are
there to support them. -Yeah. And so, with Brittani, I guess we were just going to kind
of have a little chat about it. And first of all, since you have been
on youtube for, forever and ever. I wondered if you get a lot of
mental health questions, or. -I really do. -Because I think like, my videos are
always really positive and like bubbly. -Because I think people like think
that I always have my stuff together. -Or something, so I would have,
you know, the right answers. Or. -I mean I try. -Like, you know, sometimes I feel
like I have really good advice. Yeah. -And sometimes I’m just completely lost. -Like when people do say that they
are suicidal or something on twitter, -It’s really hard for me because I don’t,
I don’t know what to do. -I don’t know how to help them. -I like, almost always I say like, ‘Please
tell your parents. Tell your friends’. Yeah. -And try to get help. Because I can’t, I
don’t know how to fix that. You know. -I don’t know why. -So a lot of times it’s like
pressure on me. -But yeah I do get questions. Yeah, and I think it’s great, It’s a great sign that shows how much people
look up to you and love your channel. Because the fact that they feel open
enough to talk to about it, you know. -Yeah. So, often times for myself. When I’m giving advice or
offering up some options, I feel it’s easier when I’ve had a
personal experience with it. Is that, have you personally had, Some experience with mental health,
either you or a loved one. -Yeah, no I mean, -I think my first kind of I
think instance of it, -I was in seventh grade and I
actually had a friend commit suicide. Oh I’m sorry. -But he’s like. It’s fine. His family
like, there’s a lot of family drama. -And I don’t think he, he didn’t
know the gun was loaded. -He was more threatening to do it. -And then he did it. -And then, yeah. -It was really really really messy. -So I think, I didn’t really
understand that. -I just knew that, I just knew
that it was really sad. -And my play mate was gone. -Does that make sense? Yeah. -Because I was in seventh grade, -And this was someone that I
used to ride horses with, -At the place where we boarded horses. -So it was very weird for
them not to be there. Yeah. -But like, personally, -It was really hard, -My dad passed away from Bladder Cancer, -So that was about three years ago. -So I think I had definitely
like after he passed away, -I had some of these symptoms. -I didn’t want to shower, -It was really hard for
me to get out of bed. -Like I didn’t give away anything. -Or, but I just literally
had this, I just hurt. -And I just wanted to sleep. Yeah. Which are symptoms of depression really. And in DSM speak, If we are talking about depression
when we are grieving. That’s part of the grief. We don’t technically say, you
know, ‘You’re depressed.’ It’s, ‘You’re grieving’ -Yeah. And it’s hard. I mean I had a similar experience
when my dad passed away. Where I struggled to do the things, Enjoy the things I wanted, I didn’t want to see anybody,
I didn’t want to talk to anybody. It was hard to sleep. Like a lot of
the symptoms that we are talking about. Are things that you will experience. -Yeah, I went to a friend’s party and
it was right after my friend passed away. -And just like them, just hear like
even gossiping or things that they were, -I couldn’t handle like
normal life things. Yeah. -I was like, I was thinking
I would scream at them, -‘My dad just died. And you’re
worried about this little petty thing.’ Totally. -And I was like, ‘This is not healthy.’
Like I am going bite people’s heads off. -You know, so, I was like
‘I’m going to go home.’ ‘This is done for me.’ I remember thinking, I don’t know if
this is something that you experienced, But I remember feeling like, ‘Don’t you know my dad died.
Like life shouldn’t be going on.’ Like there’s traffic, and I’m like
‘What the hell is this, don’t you know.’ Like, it should just stop. Because it stopped for me. -And I know like also, I remember
I was being at like a flea market. -And people being mean to their
parent or mean to that person. -And I’m thinking, well you
know, weird thoughts. -Like, ‘You don’t deserve to have
like your father, mother around.’ -Like just really weird angry thoughts. -I’m fine now. But yeah. Yeah. -Definitely had a weird phase. It feels that way. We can get angry a lot
about that kind of stuff. Because of the, it’s a process. We’re trying to figure out what our life
looks like now that things are different. And how, you know, We can be jealous of people who
don’t have that terrible experience. That we’ve had. -But I mean, I think the biggest
thing that helped me though, -Was just talking about it. -Like I talked and talked to my mom
about my dad and everything for years. Yeah. -Like I just talked about it all of the
time to the point where I finally was, -Like it didn’t hurt. -I could talk about it easily. -And it just, it just takes time. -It was just a healing process
I had to go through. -Yeah I think honestly the thing that
helped me the most, -Was just talking about it. -And it was just, you know, -Because like I had some of
my other family members, -That just ran away and didn’t
really talk about it. -And they are still dealing with it. -And like it’s been three years,
I finally can talk about it. -And it doesn’t hurt. -And I think that this is
something that happened. -It gave me empathy. -It didn’t make me bitter. Yeah. -So I think, when something
like that happens, -You have two roads. -You can become like, you know,
bitter and angry at life. -Or you can become empathetic and
so grateful for what you do have. -Knowing how precious it is. -Does that make sense? Yeah. And a lot of times I think instead of
looking at potential ‘traumas’, I guess we’ll call them. Or hard times. Instead of looking at them
as a real shitty situation. And just like, ran us over. We can think of it as like,
a scar story about our life. It makes you a better version of yourself. It makes you who you are. -Yeah. Helps shape us. And talking it out is really important. That’s why I always tell
you guys to reach out. Even if it’s just a friend
or family member. The more we talk about it,
the more we process it. Like Brittani was saying, the less
like power it has over us. The less we hurt over it. And we will all have our bad days. And when we are going through
stuff that can be really stressful, We can still cry about it. But we know that that’s okay. And it’s all, just part of this process. -And a lot of it is just not being, -Like I think for me too the
biggest thing that I learnt in life, -Is just always to be honest. -Because like even sometimes the
things that are most scary, -It’s like you’ve got to
be honest about things, -That are really big
problems in your life. -Because people will
surprise you how supportive, -Or how they get behind you
when you’re just honest. -And just be real and let them
know really what’s going on. Yeah. Because then they know where you’re at. -And then they will try to help you. -At least like, -If they don’t have
all of the information, -Then a lot of times it’s really hard
for people to get behind you. -Like lets say you
have an eating disorder, -Or you have something that
you are going through. -If you don’t tell anyone how are
they supposed to help you. Yeah. Because then they don’t even
know what they are dealing with. They might not even know
that you are hurting. -Yep. Most of my viewers in general are girls
and they are in their teens. And obviously I know there are many
of you who don’t fall into that category. But a majority of them are. And so, you’re a very happy bubbly person. And what advice, looking back, Would you give to, you know,
thirteen year old Brittani? If you could. -I mean I feel like there is one, -Like the main thing for me
is like I am a worrier. -So I feel like if I could
just go back in time, -There is so many things that I worried
about that never came true. -Like I worried, like when I moved to LA, -Like I would have just enough like
you know, money to be able to eat. -Or if I would actually work. -If I was doing the right thing. -Or I worried about
whether guys liked me or not. -Or I worried about my skin and, -I just feel like I worried too much. -When I could have just been
enjoying life and relaxing. Yeah. And it’s funny what you
think, looking back, Even just thinking for myself. If you look back on what you thought
was going to be a big deal, -It’s not. It’s not a big deal. -Or things that I thought were like,
I would never be happy again. -And then, like oh my god, I even
liked a guy but it didn’t work out. -It was like, ‘I’m never
going to be happy.’ -It was just so overwhelming. Yeah like, ‘My world is
over oh my god.’ Totally. But it never, it gets better. Things get better. -And I think it’s also too,
just like being yourself. -And being confident with like, even
if someone doesn’t like you. -All that matters is if you like you. -But no, I think like just being
confident and just I am. -It took me a while. -Like I think I was always trying to be, -Like, I didn’t know like what,
how was supposed to act. -Or you know it took me
a while to realise that, -I could just be quirky and be
myself and people accepted it. Yeah. -And really it’s from making videos. -Is what really brought
me out of my shell I think -And I realised that, Really? -Yeah, when I was just being
myself and quirky, people liked it. And then they liked you, yeah. -And I was like, -‘Okay, so I don’t have to try to be cool’ -‘Or be funny or be sexy.
I just had to be myself.’ Yeah. And I guess my last
question that we had was, If you have any other friends and youtubers
that have talked about mental health, People they could maybe look up or,
you know, stuff like that. -I think, like I think that’s what’s really
hard for me, is like when people don’t, -You know, everyone has like, -I know Shane Dawson
talks about his problems. -He is very open with
them all of the time. Which is great. -And I love it. -So brave. -I mean, Connor Franta just came
out which I thought was just. -That video almost made me cry. -I’m thinking like the fact that he felt
like he had to hide like who he was. -And, you know, -The fact that everyone’s supporting him
so much now that he’s being who he is. -Like that’s the biggest testament. -Like, just be who you are. -Like gay, straight, purple. -That doesn’t matter. Yeah. -If you’re purple. Be purple. Yeah, and people love you for who you are. And just embrace it. -Yeah that’s funny because I think that
he is just one of those people, -Who when you watch their videos that
they make you feel better about yourself. -And they make you feel happy. -And like, those are your role models. -You know the ones that
like you look up to, or. Yeah. -It’s like, for everyone it’s different. -Like, you know, if you’re a baker you might
like some really positive baking videos. -Find what you like. Yeah. And I think that’s a great message. Is finding, on youtube, And on social media. -In life, yeah. And people, yeah, in life in general. Is positive supportive things
that make you feel better. Because I know sometimes we can get
sucked in to like a negative swirl. Where we are like looking
at really bad content, And negative, you know, feel bad
about yourself content. And that’s why I like your channel. -Thank you. -That kind of segways in to like, it’s
really important who your friends are. Yeah. Exactly. So we did a video previously
on Brittani’s channel. If you haven’t checked it out. And you haven’t gone to her channel. Click the link here. Check it out. Her videos are amazing. Hilarious. So uplifting. I love that there’s messages
at the end sometimes. And it’s just, it’s really great. So if you haven’t checked it out, Check it out. And we’ll just keep being
cool and hanging out. And also don’t forget to subscribe. Because I put out videos five days a week. And you could miss them. And that’s really sucky. -[Laughs] -What she said. Not that cool. Sean will like, bloop bloop bloop. -Sweet. -Awesome. -There’s a plane. -Doesn’t the plane know that we’re talking
about some very serious stuff right now? -It’s like totally messing up our shot. Oh the plane. -Zee planes. -Zee planes. -Give me your hard drive girl. What. -Your hard drive girl. Oh hard drive. I thought you said hard drop. -No give me your hard drive girl. Drop. -I know, so sorry. [Laughing] Subtitles by the community


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