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  1. #KatiFAQ hi kati, I have watched your videos on how to stop binge/purge cycles and the addiction to our eating disorders but I'm wondering about people who are addicted to manic highs in bipolar. For much of my life I was uuntreated and feel that my "true self" is that person that is constantly on the go, creative and on top of the world. When I do take medications, I don't take them for long as I feel unmotivated and uninspired. The problem is I usually spiral and become very sick. How do I learn to accept this person on medication and end the addiction to my mania and yo yo-ing of my moods?

  2. Hey Katie
    Regarding the last question. What about when you have been like that your whole life? If as far as you can remember you have never felt "the joy of life"? Or you haven't had that much interest in living like it's all the same if you're alive or not specially when you don't really believe you are here for a reason other than biology. Because most drepessed people can track their depression to a certain time or episode but what if you were born that way how do you work on that? Or how can you explain that?

  3. When I was in my first relationship I tried to tell the guy that we need to take things really slow because getting physical just made me think of my past, he didn't slow down so I thought that I would tell him that I was sexually abused and then maybe he would slow down. He did for a little bit, coddled me, but then it went back to kissing and getting too physical too fast and it just became this uncomfortable mess and I ended up having to break things off with him. Looking back I realize that there are some things I could have done differently. However, it's in the past so I'm just going to prepare myself for future relationships instead. What I would do differently is to actually make sure I take things slowly. Instead of letting him kiss me when I'm not ready for it, I'll speak my mind that we need to slow down and that I'm not ready. I don't think I would tell the next guy right off the bat about my past because I think it just put me in an uncomfortable position especially since things ended so fast with these guy and now he knew my deepest secret. I'm going to make sure that I have control within my own comfort level and as things get serious and we progress from the small stuff to whatever bigger stuff we've laid out for our relationship then I would consider telling him more about my past. Thanks again Kati for all your videos, you are such an inspiration and so helpful!! 

  4. i got diagnosed with ptsd after a suicide attempt.  it was crazy and i realized that cause and affect means more than i have realized

  5. #katiFAQ Dear Kati, Can you have delayed onset PTSD, even several yrs post trauma?  In Jan 2009, I was involved in an accident that resulted in a broken neck that left me partially paralyzed from a C 5/6 incomplete spinal cord injury. Initially, not only did I have my SCI, but also several other major internal and external injuries that required several years of follow up surgeries, including facial reconstruction. Although physicians did diagnosis with me PTSD and Depression shortly after my accident no medications or therapy were started because I was flew to a new facility to start nearly a year of physical rehab. From then on I was so busy trying to physically get better, I never felt depressed,….that was until the last year and half.  Along with the depression has come a great deal of sadness, over the 20+ year nursing career I lost to my permanent injuries.  I'm also having major panic attacks to the point that I literally think I'm going to die. I'm wondering if the medications I take to help with nerve pain and spasicity could be over taxing my serotonin receptors and causing a serotonin deficiency,or is this just a delayed reaction to all my body has been through?

  6. #KatiFAQ  I've felt for a while that I might have something of an eating disorder. I've been reluctant to really call it that, because I've always been overweight for the most part, but there have been periods of time where I have dropped a lot of weight. Mostly times where I'm really stressed, or depressed. I find myself going through periods where I won't eat, and if I do it's very little. I like the feel of being hungry, and I like it when people comment on how much weight I've lost. Does this sound like an eating disorder at all?

  7. Hey Kati I just wanted to say thank you for your videos if it wasn't for you I would have already killed myself or cut to deep your the reason I am here right now as I can't see a therapist because there is not one in the area .and for that I can not thank you enough

  8. Hi Kati,
    I just got discharged from CAMHS as I am 18, I was wondering is it ok to go to the doctor if I feel like I need to be referred again? And also because it's through adult services and not child and adolescent what are the differences between the 2? Thanks ! Love your videos #askkati

  9. Regarding the first question I made the mistake to tell a person I was "dating" about my past since we we're getting hot and heavy and I needed it to stop. This person never really cared just wanted sex so my advice is just don't feel pressured to do anything and if you are in doubt just stop.

  10. Hey kati, please make a video about despersonalization disorder theres so little info in youtube.Ive struggled with this like 5 years and it feels so weird.Why did this happen, how can I make this go away.I hope you read this, i really like your videos btw.Does this have something to do with the sexual abuse i suffered 10 years ago?

  11. In relation to the telling your partner about your past sexual abuse:
    I've had one committed relationship (CR) since being in my abusive relationship (AR). I had told my CR partner that I had been abused in every way by my AR but never actually slapped, hit specifically. So I didn't have to say the "R" word. But he got the idea. I had shared this before dating as we were really good friends. After dating for a few months I had shared I was forced to do things sexually so having his trust in bed was a big thing for me. I just felt the time was right and it was hard to share… But definitely worth it. I still feel telling him this way, kind of broken up and without specific details or words helped make it easier for me to physically share it. It's never an easy thing to talk about it, share in a way that's comfortable for you. Hope this makes sense!
    Stay strong in recovery xx

  12. Thank you for anwering my question Kati!That really meant a lot and it will be of great help. I wish you a wonderful, relaxing and also in a good way exciting weekend. lots of love from Germany

  13. Kati would a case worker or therapist tell you that you don't have a mental illness or would they beat around the bush and say that they think your successful on and off meds just to take your insurance money?

  14. I have suicidal thoughts a lot, some are bad and some I can brush off.
    I getting really sad or Ill start have weird pains like wrist pain and that would cause my thoughts.
    My thoughts come from stress and being overwhelmed witch happens a lot in school and at home.
    I have things to do to substitute hurting myself but sometimes I don't have access to those things.
    I have been struggling with depression for 3 years now and my family just thinks is fake is they ignore me and won't let me get help.
    I wish I had people to talk to but I don't and I don't have a phone so I cant call a helpline.
    I tend to keep my thoughts to myself when I'm feeling really bad but I wish it was easer for me to talk to someone.
    Last week I went all five days with none stop sadness and suicidal thoughts.
    I'm still trying to find ways to feel better in those moments.
    I'm not sure what will work but if you guys could give any advice or suggestions it would help me figure it out.

  15. Depression in itself is a mental disorder, therefore you can't be suicidally depressed yet not have a mental disorder.

  16. Helloes didn’t realize that was my demon photo . Been goin to the Doctor and they want to rule me out for Schizophrenia autism and learning disabilities just got fired and my family dad brother and sister

  17. Hi , i have a question.. is it normal that I don’t have depression or my life is okay but i really wanting to die? I don’t understand

  18. Hey Katie it’s Kessieann I want to know how to delete my strong suit so I had thought I have been rough nights and it’s not fun to have

  19. #katifaq how can we feel valid in our feelings? lately i've been really sucidal and having lots of self harm urges, but because i havent actually acted on them it doesnt actually matter. thanks kati!

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