Depression: A Student’s Perspective

This is Todd. Todd wakes up at 7:00 a.m.
to go to the gym it’s his favorite part of the day. Todd then goes to class. He
never skips classes and is an excellent student.
Todd catches up with some friends after class before going home to eat dinner
with his housemates. Todd loves to eat. Lately Todd hasn’t been feeling like himself. He has trouble sleeping at night. He
doesn’t feel motivated to workout in the gym in the morning like he used to.
He’s been having trouble concentrating in class and is losing his appetite.
Todd’s friends are worried about him and encourage him to go see a doctor. The
doctor asks Todd to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. The doctor analyzes Todd’s symptoms and diagnoses him with major depressive disorder. Todd does not want
to tell anybody about his depression worried about what his friends might
think if they found out. Don’t worry Todd, I will explain all
there is to know about depression and clear up any misconceptions. To start off
what exactly is depression? Major depressive disorder is a mental health
disorder characterized by persistently low mood. The average length of a
depressive episode is seen to be six to eight months. According to a study done
by Raw and colleagues nearly 20% of people will experience a major
depressive episode at some point in their lives. Some of the major emotional
symptoms include deep feelings of sadness, reduced interest in previously
enjoyed activities, low sexual desire, restlessness, feelings of worthlessness,
constant irritability, social withdrawal, and recurrent thoughts of suicide. There
are also many physiological symptoms associated with depression. Some of the
most prevalent include unintentional weight loss, insomnia, loss of energy and
even slowed movement or speech. Depression can really affect you in the
long run. Behavior caused by depression can cause a downfall in a student’s
academic abilities, disrupt meaningful relationships with loved ones and lead
to malnutrition. Therefore it is very important to seek treatment.
Major depressive disorder can result from a number of things especially for a
student. It is likely due to a complex
combination of factors including genetics: people who have first-degree
relatives who also undergo depression are at a higher risk themselves. Personal
life events: tragic events such as the death of a family member,
loss of a job, divorce, or any other type of stressful occurrence, can increase
chances of depression. Traumatic childhood, sexual or psychological abuse,
neglect, poverty, and an unhealthy lifestyle or a predisposition to
developing depression later on in life. Drugs and medication: prescribed
medication such as corticosteroids can cause side effects resulting in
depression. The abuse of recreational drugs including amphetamines can
increase chances of depression too. There are different ways to treat depression depending on the severity of the disorder and other circumstances. First
off, there are several antidepressant medications that act upon different
neurotransmitters in the body. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI is
an example of a drug that increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which
is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Although there are many drugs
that can be obtained to eliminate depressive symptoms it is not a
long-term solution. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal
psychotherapy are the two main types of therapies used
to treat depression. They help individuals focus on the present and
encourage the regaining of control over mood and functioning. However, the best
solution is to have support from loved ones to help alleviate feelings of
depression. For example, having a sit-down talk with family members to discuss
practical solutions to ongoing problems can reduce symptoms of depression. There
are many facilities here at the McMaster campus to help students deal with
depression. One of them includes the McMaster Wellness Center where students
are able to talk to counselors, receive advice, and join therapeutic groups with
individuals experiencing similar problems.
Additionally, the peer support line at McMaster allows any student to call and talk to volunteers about what they are feeling.
Unfortunately, in this time and age, there is still stigmatization associated with
depression. However, both education and spreading awareness are key to ending
the stigma that occurs in society. This negative stereotype of disgrace or
discredit towards individuals experiencing mental illness sets them
apart from others. Not only does it hurt the feelings of individuals experiencing
depression, but it also causes them to feel like they are not good enough. This
must stop. The results of a study done by Stangler,
Wensky, and colleagues displays that 45% of people surveyed reported concrete
instances of stigmatization after receiving treatment for depression.
However, through treatment education and understanding we can suppress the
effects of major depressive disorder. Our goal is to put an end to stigmatization
and to create a comfortable environment for everyone by coming together and
understanding depression is common and perfectly acceptable in our society. For
more information, please visit


  1. I’m just slowly getting sadder and sadder I never used to get upset and didn’t give a shit but now I’m always upset over nothing, tired and losing my passion for skating

  2. Not true, major depression disorders can not be suppressed. Dont confuse depression with deep sadness..!!!! Real depression has not cure..!!!! Psychologic is so behind with real depression treatment..!!!!

  3. i think the worst thing about depression is when you want to be happy, you try to be happy, but then you fail and your more sad than before

  4. I have nice parents, I’m good at school, I have many good friends who are always there for me. So why am I so fucking depressed?

  5. I want to do everything to relieve depression, but it ends in an even worse state then i was in before. I failed the exams twice and that made me such a moody person. Also i got social anxiety to make things worse:(

  6. School made me a bad person, I got bullied all the time. And I got sick of it and got really angry and got so angry people thought I was mean.

  7. When they talked about students I felt this feeling of anger in me becz everyone tells me that I have to study and that I am a bad girl

  8. I just wanna share with you all

    In my Country Malaysia, The data show that, Chinese (39.7%) have a higher prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress followed by Malays (18.3%) and Indians (9.6%)

    I don't you how are they handle with this types of mental health disorders.

    If we able to get away with this disease even a minute is going to be so precious

    For me, i always listen to this audio.

    Its help me a lot. Maybe you can give it a try. Who knows, you will get even better. Remedy is everywhere. By Picking anything randomly as a healing tool which suit with you and cure you from the disease for the rest of our life, so going to be so grateful.

    Never stop searching for the remedy. Because you deserve for better life.

  9. I would like to link this video to a Subject Guide for an assessment. I will acknowledge the source and the autors according to APA. Would you grant me permission to do it?

  10. I’m depressed rn, and I have been pushing my friends away and isolating myself. It gets worse every day I got to school

  11. It's hard to open up to someone when after you open up about your depression, they'll then talk about their depression as well, like their life is more depressing than mine

    (Me who's starting to have anxiety)

  12. My friend's having a depression and it's just so sad to see her constantly blaming herself for nothing, feeling worthless, and trying to suicide. I really wanna help her but I got no idea how, it seems that every attempt I try (like talking with her, going out somewhere, playing games, etc) is useless, she feels happy for just a while, then it's gone 🙁

  13. I think I have depression but I’m afraid to tell my parents because I don’t know if they’ll believe me. I’m tired all day in school practically falling asleep in only 3rd and 4th period, but then at night I find it incredibly hard to fall asleep. I’m happy, but every time I’m happy, I always feel sad afterwards. I laugh with my friends but sometimes don’t even want to talk to them or be near them. I think about dying sometimes and start to panic. I freak out over school work and forgetting moves to a dance (silly thing) and then cry over them or stay up late trying to find something to fix it. I loved dance last year, never wanting to skip a class, but this year I feel unmotivated to do any dancing or go to class at all. Whenever I walk threw the hallways i try to hide my best in fear of people looking at me. When I see people laughing, I think they are laughing at me. I have 0 zero self confidence and feel comfortable and cute in something, but the more I stare at myself the more I start to hate the way I look. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning for school. None of my friends would ever understand because they think depression is a joke and a meme. They would think I was just messing around and not being serious, but I am. I want to talk to someone but I’m not comfortable enough to talk to adults. Help 🙁

  14. My mom thinks that I have toxic friends😢 but for me I think that they r the best thing that have happened to me in this life 😁
    They support me help me and also help me keep up my motivation
    I think for me the most depressing thing that makes me depressed is that I am unable to keep in touch with my friends as we have changed schools and my mom doesnt let me use phn..😢😢😣.

  15. Subha utane se lekar rat ke sone tak bas ak hi baat chalti rahti hai ab mere sath kal kay bura hone vala hai i want to die 😢😣☹️😩😩😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 no one knows what i fell no one wants to know the sadness in my

  16. My parents think I'm worthless because i dont do good in studies my father had scolded me from the start and i dont even remember a happy memory with him,i have no friends who i can share my feelings with there are just people i know ,my only friend and the girl i love left me with a friend of mine who i once knew for 9 years,My life is a mess there is pressure and disappointment from my family my siblings dont talk to me i still miss my friend with all this and not able to do anything in life Im close to losing all hope

  17. Another fukin bullshit video describing symptoms… for fuks sake there are 6000000p videos beneth this one that also describe the fkn symptoms… fukin useless garbage …next

  18. Depression don’t really feel like sadness to me… it feels like exhaustion, irritability, no motivation, no desire to do the shit I love doing & more. Being depressed is worse than just being “sad”

  19. The longer I continue to live a miserable life, the more I wish I wasn't alive. No friends, no girlfriend, shit job, and being envious of those who have what I desire. I feel like I'm just living for the sake of breathing and not much else. Doesn't sound like any kind of life worth living imo.

  20. I am 10 years ol d me and my friends have depression and social anxiety but we help each other every day to ease the feeling to cut

  21. I remember when I was a kid I was so happy everyday never ever sad not even one scratch on my body.
    I was so happy back then 😔
    I just want my old self back😭

  22. Support from loved ones, huh! My parents view depression as a choice and being ungrateful . Some of my friends do know about my depression….. but they just avoid it…. I don't except or hope that they'll take me to the psychologist… but atleast they can talk to me about how I'm feeling……. May be they also view me as a ungrateful brat.

  23. our school system is so fucked up. Nobody gives a shit about half the stuff they teach and it's a fake ass environment.

  24. Reasons im depressed (I already know that people that have way worse depression will call me out hey i get it mine isnt as bad as yours talk to someone because you matter:)
    I have so much stuff to keep up with (school) i get treated unfairly for no reason
    My parents treat me like im a failure
    School ruins everything i ever dreamed of and i feel like everytime my friends feel sad or upset its all my fault and i don’t deserve to live anymore and i have thoughts about suicide quite a bit and i feel like its only getting worse and i try to hide it and people believe it except my best friend me and him are both depressed and we look out for each other please if anyone else feels like this feel free to comment as well

  25. How i get depression disorder:

    Wake up very late
    Playing phone
    My parents using wifi
    Me: i lag
    Parents: stop playing that stupid games
    Watch this video
    Can't sleep

  26. i have depression and i am bad at school and i get insults because of that. im 12 and it feels like its getting worse

  27. Causes of depression and disorders which turn people from happy to dead inside School, Family, Friends, Social Media,

  28. I remember joking to my friends about killing myself and now I am actively looking for ways to kill myself without realizing

  29. If i was homeschooled or did online school pretty sure i wouldn’t be anorexic, depressed, and have anxiety or social anxiety but🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. I went through depression in high school and almost tried to kill myself. I hated myself even if I hade guys telling me I’m pretty but I didn’t have any friends and my family never really cared of me, or that’s what I used to think. I lived dancing and music and I stop doing it, I stop being happy. Now I am an adult with few real friends and thinking about the past makes me laugh of how stupid I was thinking about small problems as the end of the world.

  31. im trying to make everyone happy i make sure nobody feels like i do its hard man,but when i need help i feel like nobody cares.

  32. but in my school my teacher told that things like depression, anxiety R just fake things which people create just to avoid their real life problems and to get attention for which I got really angry on her but I couldn't do anything If I said anything she would have insulted me in front of whole class becuz she is a senior teacher ☹️😞

  33. I have had depression sinse i was 10 it went away for a bit when i turned 12 im currently 12 years old im now in year 8 im almost 13 and its came back

  34. I have more than half of the symptoms but I always try to be so happy I don’t know what to do I have been doing bad in class and have been very sad have not wanted to be with people while also being lonely and I had loss a family member plus more things which I don’t want to speak about

  35. My friend has very bad depression from what I can see and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what I can do to help her as much as I can? Please

  36. This is glorious, I've been looking for "can i beat depression" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

  37. Help i want to cure my depression its a poison to me, it makes my body unhealty, and i keeps forgotting about what i learn at school

  38. The worst depression is the kind where there’s nothing in specific you’re depressed about, more so a collection of little things that build up, at least if you knew the problem it can be fixed. Maybe that’s just me though.

  39. To all the people sad or depressed, I'm going to tell you a story.
    There was a guy. He thought nobody loved him. He lost both of his parents at the age of 5. He has no friends,no money,food,water,shelter. He believed that there was no reason for him to stay alive. He decided to commit Suicide.
    He thought he would have a few sleeping pills and lay on the train tracks. So, he went to the railway track to die. However, when he got there, he remembered the look on his mom's face before she died, and it was painful, not because she was dying.
    But because she was leaving him alone.
    He thought about this, and realised,
    Suicide doesnt stop the pain, it just passes it on to someone else…
    He decided to maybe try, a few more times, and it worked.
    He got a job,a wife,a house,water,food,shelter.
    He didnt get Eternal Luxury, but he had the best time of his life.
    Sometimes its not the sadness in your life that matters.
    MAYBE just MAYBE if you try looking hard enough, i guarantee that there will be a light in the darkness.
    You might think
    Noone Cares
    Noone Loves You
    But there always is.
    You Just Have To Find Them.
    There is always something to be happy about.

  40. Everyone thinks I’m this happy girl who is always smiling while in reality I’m hiding my pain. At night I cry myself to sleep and just don’t feel like myself. I have felt sad and a little depressed but never as bad as this. No one seems to notice and I have just told my one friend how I feel. I haven’t told anyone else because I don’t want to seem as the sad friend since they see me as the funny friend. I feel like if I talk about my feelings I’m just a burden

  41. I think the main source of depression is


    ▪self doubt for example I like this girl at school and I am not confident to ask her out and get really depressed that she is going to reject me because I am ugly or who I am


    ▪︎ And most of all being insecure about yourself.

  42. This was great, thanks, been searching for "ways to conquer depression" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  43. I hab depression for years in my past…. that was a very hard time :/ Today I overcame it. I have still many sad days and thoughts, but its different and not so deep anymore.

  44. I have all of the major signs. I’m always angry at home, I don’t do anything I found interesting as much like writing, I feel sad a lot even with my friends although I keep it hidden, I’m only sociable when nervous around strangers or with friends, I feel worthless all the time, I never had interest in the sexual concept (or romance in that matter), I’m always wanting to move around, but never having the energy to do it, and I’m always thinking about suicide. I still don’t think I’m depressed. Like I don’t have the right. I have a loving family and great friends. The only problem is that I’m lonely when I’m home. I’m stuck with my alcoholic step father (who has never hurt me) and my home is falling apart and messy. I’m choosing to skip meals not being forced to. I’m also stressed because of school. If I don’t get anything lower than a B my mom will take away my only outlet (my phone). Should I even call it an outlet, or is that wrong? People have it a lot worse than me. For the suicide I’m too much of a coward to act on it. Besides my mom has needed me ever since my dad died. My friends and family says that I grew up too early (since the age of 5), but they’re wrong. I can’t help but think of what my actions will do to others around me. Just because I show these symptoms doesn’t mean I’m depressed. Only difference. Others have it worse than me. I don’t have the right to be even write this. I’m disgusting, pathetic, and weak. I’m fine.

    Thank you for reading. Sorry for wasting your time. I’m not trying to get attention. I just needed to get it out. Have a good day and god bless!

  45. Yesterday I was really having mood swings and I was so irritable. So my friend asked what's wrong. She asked me so many times. I literally came out to her about my sexuality because that was easier than talking about my depression

  46. I realized That i have depression and I’m only 10, I get abused by teachers at school every day but I don’t tell my parents because I feel ungrateful and picky, I can’t sleep unless I cry into my pillow every night and wake up sick but go to school to get yelled at, and I’m the only student in my class that actually listens and follows directions

  47. I've been trying so hard and I feel like nothing will ever change and it just keeps getting harder and harder and nothing is changing no matter how hard I try

  48. I’m scared my parents will say “you’re too young to have depression” or “you look so happy all the time,you can’t be!” Just like others do

  49. I once wrote a poem called "Lottery." I have it on my notes so I'll C+P it here:

    There is a lottery in people's minds. You need a coin to scratch off a ticket, but you can also spend your coins on more tickets. If you have energy, you can get out of bed and start the day. If you win your lottery, you feel like nothing can get you down, but money won from the lottery does not last forever. If you lose your lottery, you feel sad and you want to buy more tickets, but lose too much and you won't want to buy more tickets. Keep buying anyway and you run out of money. Run out of money and you run out of energy. Run out of energy and you won't want to spend any more because you have to find ways to get more energy, but your energy is earned by playing the lottery, and without any energy, you're left without a coin to scratch your ticket.

    The idea is that energy is your money, and you spend energy getting out of bed and you also spend energy buying your ticket, and you spend energy scratching it. Win and you get more, lose, and you, lose.

  50. when they said corticosteroids i looked up what that is and i’ve been taking prednisone because i’ve been sick. now i know why i’ve been depressed so thank you to whoever made this video

  51. 1) Family Violence ( Corporal ,Verbal).
    2) Arguments involving Relatives.
    3) Interpersonal Violence ( Corporal , Verbal) / Rejection / Inexistence.
    4) Faulty love relationship.
    5) Inappropriate wife.
    6) Retarded children.

    = Mental/Corporal Instability.

  52. I'm offering health coaching if anyone is interested! I know what it's like to be depressed. Trust me. But, I can help you.

  53. I've been fucking suffering from disorders for 6 years. I don't want to live anymore, this problem isn't temporary, it's permanent

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