Depressed for NINE years: “I’ve removed that label now”

Hi my name is Lauren I’m twenty three
the reason I came to Stevie was because I was suffered from depression from the
age of fourteen had no control over my anxiety and had low self-esteem. I was
fed up fed up feeling so low and I wanted to make changes not only for me
but for my little girl. I was reluctant to go to the GP as I had sought exhaust
of different forms of counseling and medication and none of which had helped
after speaking with a friend who had completed the program and here in the
differences others were singing I knew I had to give The Thrive Programme a chance
from the first consultation Stevie has supported advised and challenged me
during the weeks the book and Stevie educated me and made me realise it
wasn’t about my past; it was simply my own helpful thinking
and negative thoughts realising this felt like a huge weight off my shoulders
I soon learned that since they were my thoughts I can control them. Each week I
learned something new, it was the first time I realized how external i was and
how i given control the different things i was making myself feel powerless
previously my head was constantly on overdrive with negative thoughts. I
sometimes had literally no thoughts in my head. I have to make myself think of
something. I have had some blips along the way that Stevie was there to get me
back on track and help me gain perspective. The Thrive Programme works
100%. I have gained knowledge and understanding that I can use for a
lifetime. The Thrive Programme is not a short-term fix; it completely changes
your mindset. GPs have given me the label of depressed for nine years. I removed
that label. I’m not depressed. I have had negative unhelpful thinking styles but
Stevie has helped me understand needs challenged them and stop them from
happen and I know my self-worth which in turn has increased my self-esteem my
social anxiety doesn’t exist that night I reacted a much more rational way and
we’re grateful for what I have I look forward to the future I know whatever
happens I am in control of my thoughts feelings and reactions I would highly
recommend this program to others before. No one challenged by negative beliefs
and thoughts in fact looking back some times it was a pity party
whereas Stevie supported while I didn’t do on positive beliefs.
I’m grateful for Stevie supporting me through The Thrive Programme.

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