Demonstrating Colour Vision screening – Pass

-Righto, buddy, I’m going to do
a colour vision check with you right now. I just need to know how well
you can see colours, OK honey? All you have to do, see there
how there is a big coloured circle here with a number
in the middle of it? All I want you to do is
tell me what the number is inside these circles,
but just remember there are some pages
where you won’t be able to read the number,
and all I want you to do is say, no number. OK? What’s this one, bud? -12. -Good job. -8. 20. Oh, wait. -It’s all right. Do you want to see it again? -29. -Well done. -5. 3. 15. 74. 6. 45. 5. 7. -Good job. -16. 73. No number. No number. -You are fabulous. -26. 42 -All done. I think you’re just Mr. Perfect. OK. Isaiah’s colour vision
test result is pass. Isaiah correctly identified
the required number of plates to pass this check. Remember, self correction
is perfectly acceptable, and is not counted
as a failed plate. This resource was designed
to demonstrate best practice and to introduce changes to
the national vision and hearing screening protocols. All children’s test
results will be recorded in either the Ministry
of Health B4 School Check Database or the Ministry of
Education ENROL database.

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