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  2. I’m 12, and it’s only been a year of my depression and I’m already at a point where I don’t think I can handle it anymore.. I love this video though. Thank you <3

  3. So, yes, i do have depression. but not major. wanna know the story?

    I felt bi for my dear closest frend that made me think she liked me too. the things she did made me feel wanted by her. so, i took a step and told her how i felt. she said everything is fine, so i felt fine. then at school, she told me she feels uncomfortable when i am around. so i left the friendship group that i was in w her, and that felt like my family. i stopped being her frend and only talked very little in real life. then texted her a poem that was sweet. but she doesnt accept me, anymore. so i felt sad and dark. two of my other frends noticed and helped me, but i wanted to be alone. i feel like i fuck things up now. im starting drama and, dont feel wanted anymore. then my mums sickness got worst, (its okay, shes still breathing and alive) eventually, she has something wrong w her blodd pressure, and she couldnt breathe a few times, which worries me and makes me feel, mad. i told my mum about me being bi and she supported me SO MUCH. and i felt loved again… until, she lost her job. which makes HER depressed. theres two in the family depressed. then i found out, my dad starved himself to sleep lots of times. so, i felt even more mad and sad. so i cried. i felt like one day i would loose my parents. then, my dog passed away. i cried my ass of. ofc i did, this dog was like my brother, now im scarred for life. and today, well today, my other frend had lost the girl that i had feelings for, trust. and so my frend started saying she doesnt trust me anymore. so, now i feel,

    D. D
    D. D
    D. D

  4. I have always felt I've been different from my friends. I never felt normal. Never felt worthy. I feel like everything I do or say is wrong. People would ask me if I was ok and I'd always respond with "I'm fine" with hopes they could read me and know I wasn't fine, and ask again or pull it out of me what was wrong. Every day is a different. One day I'll feel super ambitious & have a new perspective on life and the next 2 days I'll be in a downward spiral and I can't pull myself out of it. Mental health is not to be taken lightly. Short films like these make me feel like I'm not alone. Thank you Nathan. This was a beautiful project 💛

  5. right I feel like there's no point of being alive or being here… when I said something about how and what feel… they took me to the hospital… they just don't get what I feel and what I'm going through… ig no one ever will understand… 🙁

  6. just on meds for 2 months. still have the signs but i experienced some good changes too. things still difficult but a little little less difficult. i pray and wish for all better better tomorrows 🙂

  7. Thanks I needed this. Especially the part where the cars keep going like life will. But so will depression. Thanks!

  8. Everything will pass. I live by this. Sometimes I think it's the only reason I'm still here. I have it tattooed on me, 'this too shall pass'. Nothing lasts forever so appreciate the good moment and know that the hard ones WILL pass once again❤

  9. I’m 17 I’ve just graduated from high school 3 months ago. I’ve been struggling with depression for like 5 years. I have a full time job at a warehouse which is pretty much all my life is. 3 months ago me and my girlfriend broke up. We were together for 1 year and 7 months. I’ve never been closer with anyone in my life. She struggled with mental illness as well and started to get help for it. Eventually she had made so much progress and I was stagnating in my depressed state and dragging her down. She left me 3 months ago. I lost my best friend. 2 months after this happened I reached a breaking point and decided I had to get help because I couldn’t stand that I had hurt her, I drove away my best friend. For a month I worked so hard on improving myself and getting better, I honestly made so much progress. I was being driven by love and the hope she would hear me out and be willing to come back to me. When I finally tried to reach out she made it clear that she wants nothing to do with me. And that brings me to where I am now. Back to not being able to leave my bed. Back to feeling horrible about what I did to her. Back to hating myself for what I did. For the first time in a while I have been thinking about ending it. Because I can’t bare the thought of a life without her and because I feel hopeless and like I have no reason to get help anymore. I am so broken, so numb. When he brought up his girlfriend in the video I started to cry very loudly but no tears even came out. I am lost, I am hopeless, there is no light in my life anymore. I keep repeating to myself “I don’t know what to do” over and over.

  10. I just want to say how grateful I am for you sharing this. Many people don't like to talk about it. But we need to talk about it…..

  11. I hate the feeling that I mess everything up it makes me down and irritable and I know what you meant when you said it felt like it would never go away.
    The dear depressed me letter is important. X x x

  12. i struggle a lot to get to work. the only reason im not fired is because i have fmla. i am bad at relationships . they all leave. i lose friends and i have a hard time keeping up with my family in new jersey because i dont want them to worry

  13. Someone not me but someone in mind keep telling me that you are not good enough, no matter how hard you try you will lose in the end , you have no talent just give it up. But no one ever said me that you can do that ,try harder, I got your back… Am I really a bad meaningless script?

  14. I remember being a teen and constantly going in and out of major depressive episodes. I haven't been that low for years now. I always found the best way to get out of depression, no matter how bad I felt, was to focus on my health. Drink a lot of water and get some sun by going on a short walk. That would get me out of small ruts. What got me out of depression completely was creating a vision of what I wanted my life to look like in the future and then slowly work towards it. This gave me hope and a sense of purpose. Then I started fine-tuning my purpose and focusing more and more on my health by going to the gym and eating better foods. After a week of working out and eating healthy, my mood dramatically shifted and I could think super clearly and more positively. To anyone in depression, I hope this helps. Health and purpose. 2 very important things that depressed people lack.

  15. U gonna feel like everything need to stop.. And pain should be end soon.. Everyday like nothing can make you feel better only at night.. U feel u got your own place…cry and believe u will be fine again for the next day even you know.. Its gonna be the same. Fake smile and what I good at the most.. Pretending I'm fine. 😊 You may see someone is alive in front of you but they are dead inside.. Just still wondering what can be the reason to be here.. Still be here. Thanks for the video. At least no one know who I am. Its better stay that way..

  16. There's so many of us suffering from crippling depression out there. Same feelings and struggles. We should brainstorm a way to create a network of support. Some kind of outlet with a community of similar struggles.

  17. Thanks for all the love on this video! It’s been incredible reading all of your stories. I’ll be making a new video soon!

  18. In this urban century we all care about career, relationships, what people think about us, are we going to be great in life, cause everyone expect that isn’t it? Depression is not when you fill sad or disappointed, I know it because I’m ultra emotional person.. depression is totally dark filling and if there is no one for you there in hardest moments, it’s difficult to calm down by your own.. like you are drowning.. it’s because our soul cannot make it further, she is tired.. weather we believe in God or not, he believes in us.. and he is not some Lord who is just sitting out there, that’s why people escape from his blessing, because they don’t want to let Him speak to them, he is nothing that people say.. he speaks when we really want that and need him honestly, only He can truly understand everything, and he loves us, he wants us to find our way.. so don’t give up on your life, fight with your fears.. I’m doing that, it’s hard.. but just aware what you have, and think about giving love.. don’t let that depression take any moment more in your life! I’m pianist from Serbia! Love you all guys! <3

  19. This really helps me because I'm going through so much fucking pain right now first my dad and my uncle died and now my girlfriend broke up with me i even attempted suicide before i wanna save others to be honest I don't ever want anyone to feel this pain because this shit is not a game life is not depression and suicidal thoughts Is nothing to fuck around with I know I might attempt suicide again but I wanna save lives if I die you know what I'm saying I love all of you even though we don't know each other I still love you and I want nothing but the best for all of you but I hope one day someone will save me as well but right now I wanna save lives like a fucking hero 🖤

  20. i understand this sm i feel like i mess everything up. i cant do anything right. i feel stupid when i try to be happy for my friends but when im not i feel like a burden to them :/

  21. Its been like 5 years that im waiting for this pain. This feeling to pass. But it never went away. Even that happy feeling wont make it go away. So stop this bullshit about this feeling going away!

  22. Tell you something…I’m a 17 year old who always felt depressed from time to time but….sometimes there is nothing wrong with you really and it’s something wrong with others and they blame you for it. And in that case you have to consider working alone, and in some other times…it’s us who make the mistake and we have to stop making it or fix it.
    In the End, Depression can turn into a precious moment of Solitude to show you something you wish you saw from the Beginning, it can be Painful and it can be helpful and it can be both.

    Don’t let the Hard times be your stop. Let your stop be your Death, and let your death not be by your hands.

  23. Me telling my friend I have depression

    Me:No one notices my tears

    My friend:…

    Me:no one notices my sadness

    My friend:…

    Me:no one notices my pains

    My friend:…

    Me:Everyone notices my mistakes

    My friend: Deal with it….we all have our life problems


  24. i feel this sense of hopelessness, im tired all the time even when i get sleep, i get insomnia often, my appetite is always rlly big or not there at all, i feel drained of energy and i have a complete lack of motivation, like i sleep in on school days on purpose and stay home binge watching shows all day and ive gotten this mindset/attitude of not caring about anything because i know it wont matter in the end which i hate . i have this really frustrating feeling of craving something more, like my life is missing something but this is best described as a feeling of emptiness. its been like this for several months . im pretty sure i have depression but i dont want to be another self diagnosing dramatic teenager and its too uncomfortable for me to say anything to anyone so im just stuck with no idea what to do .

  25. I went through a hard last for nearly a year i felt alone and lost in myself and i was giving up i didn't feel good enough or had a purpose hope you stay strong bro 💪

  26. My depressions ain’t that bad anymore ever since I got out from hospital, just anxiety that makes my life hard because of chest pain and I get lot of breakdowns

  27. I am 16 my depression really hit me last year.I missed most of my school because I couldn't get out of bed.My grades dropped.I live in a place where people started judging me on the basis of my grades.My teachers were just shaming me for the marks instead of try to help me or understanding.I had no friends or whatsoever.My parents didn't want to face that I am depressed.I was supposed to carry on life without thinking about anything else but study.Last year was horrible.I lost myself.This year it's been a bit better since I found a friend who hears me out and tries to help me.It DOSENT really help me .I still don't want to live .I am desperate to end my life.Waking everyday feels like pain . I know suicide is not the answer or it DOSENT help u but I will definitely not have to face this anymore

  28. What sucks about my depression is that I can’t sleep when I’m going through an episode. But all I want to do is sleep because it hurts so much to be awake so I end up sedating myself so I can get some sleep. Im in a relationship and it hurts to see the helplessness on my boyfriends face. So I end up pulling away and isolating myself because seeing that look on his face just makes me feel so much worse. I’ve been on 5 different antidepressants and eventually they all stop working or they make me feel numb. I’m just so so tired of it all. I don’t even feel like a person anymore

  29. That was good dude.
    How it is for me too.
    Started for me when I was 10, sometimes it gets really hard, so hard I cry when im alone, but since ive been fighting on my own, was no help around when i was growing up, I am pretty self aware of my problem.
    I fight so hard to be here for my wife and kids.

  30. Depression is slowly killing me , i have been depressed for about 4 years and am 23 now and it’s just getting worse , loosing people around you , sleeping 12 hours a day minimum , etc . ( loosing your life )

    Just know that you will get through it one day , one day everything gonna get better , you are loved , and you are important just don’t give up , never do <3

  31. Depression isn’t always a sadness for no reason sometimes it’s anger excessive tiredness and sometimes it’s overreacting to things hints why he lost his job and girlfriend and instead of dealing with it (wouldn’t expect him to) he reacted like such also does anyone ever have days where you’re one day like why would anyone kill themselves that’s so dumb and then the next day you’re sitting there crying your eyes out wanting to die

  32. When you started talking about waking up everyday in the morning have no reason to get up and how it gets harder. I felt that. I thought it was just me , I am half I am not alone . I appreciate this video.

  33. lately i have been feeling like this and just started getting treatment. i went through a week of excruciating side effects until i got my medication switched and was put on a new one. It feels like such a waste to even try to get better. i’m scared that i’m eventually going to give up but i’m trying so hard not to. i just feel empty.

  34. When I am in this place, I listen to The Cure in the stillness of the night. I do this by the Ocean and allow myself to merge into the emotions of song. I'm prolbaby psycho. But…this helps me.

  35. This is some real shit! Every morning it seems to get harder and harder to wake up and it's like what's the point of getting up when all you do is fail and that this is the same thing every morning. It's like so stressful and it is so pointless. Yet I always come to these videos to feel less alone

  36. That's exactly what happened to me and its take to long with me am really bleeding and i feel like my brain numb hope i find inner peace again and back as usual smile helpful creative
    Wish the same who reading my comment right now 💜

  37. That’s how I feel every day …. I do not want to go out see any one , I feel so detached and I just do not want to go see any one and I know people do not care . It’s my own battle and I have to fight it myself . I always had this sadness or hollowness with me and on top of that I lost my sister in this September and now I am alone and depressed .

  38. Lmao I literally have no friends or family. Im trying to get the fuck away from this toxic environment. I wish I was on a beautiful island alone not dealing with people and reality. Id be fucking happy.

  39. Friends:are you sad…are you okay
    Me:sad? Never that 😅

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