David Letterman Calls Trump “Psychotic,” Reflects on His Late-Night Interviews | THR News

David Letterman is making it very clear that he is not a fan of Donald Trump. The President was a frequent guest on Letterman’s various talk shows including NBC’s ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ and CBS’ ‘The Late Show With David Letterman,’ which he collectively hosted for 33 years. The former late night host and now current host of Netflix’s ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ had some choice words for the New York mogul turned 45th president on ‘The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Awards Chatter’ podcast. First, Letterman was shocked when he learned that Trump had appeared on his show more than 30 times joking, “Wow! You’re welcome, America.” He added that he wasn’t aware at the time what Trump was really like saying, The host also notes that he would still like to have a conversation with the President but on a real personal level, Letterman noted that he didn’t even care that he was saying this on the record because he would just like to have a genuine conversation with Trump and as he put it “he knows me, I know him — what the hell went wrong?!” For more from Letterman head over to THR.com and be sure to subscribe to THR’s ‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast to access hundreds of great interviews. For The Hollywood Reporter News I’m Neha Joy.


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