1. This is great! Thanks for posting. I love the writings and contributions DBH. I'm looking forward to his new book that is set to come out this fall.

  2. David Bentley-Hart: erudition; sophistication; intelligence. Also, a helluva vocabulary and a breadth of learning that is absolutely intimidating.  I'm not a declared Thomist myself, but I'll be damned before I let such a man talk me out of something I've never even properly considered. I'm glad he's basically "on our side," but he strikes me as a bit too smart for his own good.

  3. Everytime this guy gives a presentation, he always prefaces it by saying that he is "sick" or "recovering from the flu" or something like that. Is it just to lower expectations, or his immune system that weak? But yes, I do enjoy listening to Dr. Hart, but his books are much better than his talks. 

  4. does this theologian/philosopher believe in heretical universal reconciliation?
    or does he just have sympathy for the heresy like some annihilationalist.

  5. This guy speaks and writes as if he is only speaking to other PHDs, he comes to theology from an eastern perspective, and his adjectives are obscure, to say the least.

  6. Why do people keep commenting with “Can someone tell DBH to read… such and such”? The guy is a distinguished professor in theology and philosophy at the Advanced Studies center of Notre Dame. He has probably read anything you think of twice.

  7. As an atheist, both Hart’s approach and take on God are without a doubt the most convincing for me.

  8. Do you ever wish God would just TELL you what’s going on here instead of having to drudge through a lifetime of obscurities and dead-ends all while suffering through life in order to make a living and create a family? It seems rather contrived that He would conceal himself so thoroughly.

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