Customizing Your Color Palette in Adobe Draw or Sketch on an iPad

In this video I’m going to show you how
to customize your color palette in Adobe Draw. This also works in Adobe sketch on
a mobile device. So I am going to tap on any of my brushes. It doesn’t matter what
brush I have but I’m going to tap on color. And automatically it’ll give you
themes and gives you a bunch of colors. But I like to customize my color palette
and I like to do it with lots of skin colors and some bright colors that you
don’t necessarily have in themes over here. So my tips for finding skin colors
is to do an image search for skin color. And then I will tap images and you can
find an image that you like. I think I will just take this one. And if you tap
and hold and then drag it into the program, I know this works on on an iPad,
I’m not sure about other devices, if it works just like this. So I can
resize it and say done. And now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to tap color and
go to picker, oh actually if I tap and hold color then I can drag this little
icon over to the color I want to choose. And then I go to picker and then I can
tap the plus in the upper left hand corner. And now it’s saved to my library.
I have that color and I can go through and I can tap and hold color, get the
next color, add it to my library. There’s my second color. And you can go through
and add all of the different skin colors to your library and then you’ll have a
variety of colors that you can go back to and use
when you’re doing your sketchnotes and then I can always delete this layer, tap
that image layer, and tap delete and then it’s gone. Tanks for watching!


  1. Amazing thanks so much for this video I was having a lot of problems choosing colors because I’m colorblind . Now I can create my own library where I know which one is which base on the position . Perfect!!

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