Cure EYE PROBLEMS NATURALLY with Coriander seeds eye wash (BEST) | Samaya yoga

Namaste everyone, welcome to Samaya yoga youtube
channel. I am Jyoti Khatri. In this video you will learn how to make natural
eye wash from whole coriander seeds that helps to prevent helps prevents vision disorders,
macular degeneration , reduces , stress,strain, itchiness, redness, and inflammation in the
eyes. Coriander has antibacterial and antimicrobial
properties that can protect the eyes from contagious diseases like pink eye. To make this natural eye wash, add 2 tablespoon
of whole coriander seeds and a cup of warm water. Cover the container and let it steep for at
least 10 minutes. You can soak the coriander seeds in to water
at night and can use the liquid as eye wash in the morning. You can soak cotton or use eye cup to wash
your eyes. Best way is to use eye cups. Coriander seeds are rich in linalool, an essential
oil, rich in antioxidants, vitamin-A, vitamin-C and minerals like phosphorous which makes
coriander seeds a perfect natural eye care remedy for aging eyes. You will feel the difference from first use
itself. your eyes will feel fresh, light, and stress
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