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(soft music) – Counter-Strike has given me many beautiful things over the years. I’m very glad to still
be able to be involved, go to these amazing places,
talk about Counter-Strike, so I’m gonna do that for as long as I can. (epic music) Even when I was a player, the tactical aspect of Counter-Strike was always very interesting to me and I wish by that time that
I had someone, you know, who could teach me the game,
maybe show me some principles. This is how I became a better player and now I wish to do that with you and share with you my experience, my many, many years of playing. This is not about giving a magic formula, this is about helping you improve, but obviously the work is
gonna have to come from you. I’m merely gonna be a guide. – [Commentator] Look out, flamie
runs straight into Maniac. – A professional has automatic thoughts, whereas the casual needs to think about everything he’s doing. Think faster, think more efficient, think like a professional. So far in this game,
you have two patterns. You have the M41, where you smoke and
then you go aggressive. And you have the AWP. What you would like to do is
have a bit more diversity. What is your role as a lurker? I would argue that the first
one is to gather information, and it is very important,
as a lurker, that you report to your in-game leader and that
you tell them what you see. He knows, okay then, I know my opponents are always smoking in the beginning of the round. They use everything in
the first 20 seconds. Then we can create a
tactic based on that. A one versus x in this situation where you have no chance of winning the round at the beginning. You have to create opportunities. Faking the bomb plan is one example that you can force the
enemy to make a mistake. You need to isolate 1 vs. 1. – [Commentator] And that is going to open everything up on this A-site. (talking drowned out by electric music) – My name is Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquirez and this is my GamerzClass.

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  1. Ля, я то думал маньяк уже в киберспорт ушёл, ее и переехал

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