Creative Tensions: Conversations That Move

I’m looking at this? And smile… Creative tensions is an “On Your Feet” conversation, that cracks open dialogue
on challenging and fascinating topics creative tensions grew out of a very
simple exercise that all drama students do to learn how to become better actors. IDEO was looking at how to disrupt the panel conversation at conferences and
how to engage people and Sundance Theater program was looking to find new
ways to express their creativity. When you come to a creative tensions event,
you’re coming to an empty space and in the center of the room there’s a line
and a moderator will get up in front of you and leads the audience through a
series of prompts. Is pornography, “Constructive” or “Destructive”? I mostly want my leaders to show grace,
resolve, this is interesting. There’s a prompt and then there are two responses. the audience sort themselves in the room from one side to the other. it’s a format
that enables people to show where they stand on an issue by physically voting
with their body. Just moving, it’s such a simple act something that we do all the
time. But something you put it in our dialogue and it has intentionality
around it. These are hard conversations if these were all easy conversations, I
wouldn’t say nobody should come. Often, we fall very firmly in one side or the
other, but through meaningful dialogue, we can actually listen and hear and be
changed. Nowadays, according to the narrative that’s being established, to be
graceful is to be radical, to care for the other is radical and that is an
action. We’re in tension often because we misunderstand the things that are put
out in front of us, so what happens when you hear somebody speak about what they
mean you might’ve been interpreting it differently so you find yourself moving
towards them. We shouldn’t all believe in the same thing, but hopefully by the end
of the day, we walk away realizing some other opinions are worth listening to.

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