Cozzette Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes


  1. I saw that Wayne Goss video about hooded eyes, and I am so glad you made this video. It filled in further info about this technique for me! Beautiful colors!

  2. I would love a swatch/review video on those cozzette shadows. I have 3 and they are definitely some of the best I have ever used. The crystal shades work best with buffing/swiping in my opinion but have such a pigmented but sheen-y finish

  3. Wow…if you can continue to share any revelations with us regarding the process of dealing with grief, I for one am definitely interested. I wish for a day in the past when life was pre-grief! Thanks! Have fun in Scotland!!!

  4. I LOVE this song you use in your videos. I know it is background music, but it is so chill and relaxing. Your eyes look beautiful! I am also jealous of your braids; I never learned how to braid.

  5. I wasn't familiar with Cozzette. That was weird, an ad interrupted your video in process as well as at the beginning. Love your tutorial and the finished look!

  6. I really love this look on you. I'm afraid of blues and seldom wear them except for eyeliner, so thanks for this tutorial!

  7. This is such a cool, aloof, elegant, gothic look! I love it! Have fun in Scotland. A friend of mine just got back from there and he had a marvelous time there.

  8. Your skin is so pretty!! I like this blue eyeshadow look. I've never worn blue, but I might just give this a try and do something different for a change.

  9. Court/ I'm subscribed with my bell on, but your videos aren't coming on a regular basis? May I ask what you're grieving over? I'm so lost.

  10. Love the smashbox eye primer, Loved this look. Its amazing that you get to do a full time job and go traveling also. Good for you on getting better and leaving your bad habbits behind.πŸ€—

  11. Their pans are so big! I love the look that you were able to create with the shadows, I can't wait to see more looks.

  12. i love your eyes, they look great. your eyes really stand out . not sure i would do this, but it looks great on you.

  13. Love this blue! I’ve always been a little scared to try these colors, but this video makes me want to try it!!!

  14. Could you do a video on some basic but good/effective cruelty-free brushes I could get from the drugstore (not Ulta or Sephora) for a full face? I have an assortment of them, but they are so hit or miss. I'm really missing a good foundation brush, and a good small, crease brush for example. I don't even know what to look for in a foundation brush. I just notice the ones I have dont blend my liquid foundation well or evenly.

  15. WOW you really take a lot of time to get your eyes just right. Sad I have never spend this much time blending. I have learned a lot but think I will need to watch several more times

  16. I love your different hair styles and colors. You look good with blue hair. Thanks for the blending tips. Takes a lot of practice to look as good as you do!

  17. I love this look. The only thing I wouldn't do is put black eyeliner in the top waterline. I feel it only makes my eyes look smaller and more downturned by emphasizing the lashline.

  18. This video really helped me with technique. I have hooded eyes and was having trouble navigating around the outer corner from bottom to top. Thank you!

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