Cosplay Contacts and Circle Lenses For Beginners – 3 Tips on Circle Lenses for Cosplay

so before you go and buy new cosplay
contacts or circle lenses there’s a few things you need to know and in this
video I’m going to share with you three tips about colored contacts that’ll help
protect your eyes and improve your contact lens experience let’s take a
look and then this is dr. Allen here from the doctor eye health show the
channel help to learn about the eyes vision and finding the best vision
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so if you’re anybody like me you love contact lenses and colored contact
lenses are some of the coolest that are out there and again if you like me you
like also dressing up for different parties whether it’s Halloween maybe a
Renaissance Festival or going to an event like Comic Con but when it comes
to wearing colored contacts there is some information that most people do not
know about them unless you in the eye care business like myself and there’s a
few things I want you to know and they just might save your eyes and prevent
blindness tip number one is to pay attention to how long you are wearing
these types of colored contacts one thing that most people don’t know
about contact lenses is that they actually do have to let oxygen pass
through the plastic on the eye the surface of your eye has to actually
breathe oxygen and if for some reason something is blocking that flow of
oxygen to the cornea it can cause a lot of complications and even lead to damage
of the eye now most of the modern contact lenses that are out today have a
really good oxygen flow through that type of plastic however most of the
cosplay contact lenses and circle lenses that you find on the market no matter
where you’re buying them from they’re usually not new material they’re very
old material actually dating back to the 1960s and actually was until the 1980s
that scientists found that there’s a minimum level of oxygen that needs to
pass through the plastic of a contact lens to get to the surface of the eye to
prevent hypoxia and damage to the eyes surface the most common material for a
cosplay or circle lens to be made out of is a material called polymacan and you
can usually tell what the material is made of those lenses even if they don’t
tell you because it’ll say a water content of 38
percent if you find a site that is selling colored contact lenses like
these and they say that they have a 38% water content and they expire in 12
months I can almost guarantee you they are made of polymacan and polymacan
has a very low breathability for the surface of the eye so low that you’re
almost guaranteed to have some level of corneal hypoxia now oxygen flow to the
cornea can be somewhat adequate if the lenses are fitting correctly that means
that there is actually flow of tears going behind that lens so make sure that
talk with your eye doctor about getting these fit properly but by watching the
amount of hours that you wear these contact lenses and reducing those hours
down you’re gonna reduce the chances of you having any sort of corneal hypoxia
and other complications and certainly please don’t ever fall asleep wearing
these lenses they are not approved for overnight wear tip number two is that
wherever you are buying your contacts whether it’s from an optical or an
online retailer that you buy from a trusted place just recently the BBC
actually reported fake contact lenses being sold through online retailers so
when you buy these contact lenses from really sketchy websites that are often
selling them at a price that’s like too good to be true you really have to start
to question is this something you want to be putting in your eye it’s actually
found a lot of lenses being sold that we’re not sterile
meaning that the lens is straight out of the pack could have actually been
harboring a lot of nasty bacteria that could actually cause just some of the
most awful eye infections possible and infections from contact lenses can lead
to some of the nastiest problems with the eyes and even lead to permanent
vision loss so again wherever you’re buying them
from make sure that it is a trusted source also make sure that your
prescription for these lenses are up-to-date here in the United States
contact lenses are regulated by the FDA as a medical device and any website or
person who sells them to you without a prescription is breaking the law and
it’s not in your best interest to get those lenses anyway because they won’t
be specifically made for your eye and you won’t know if they’re actually
healthy for you tip number three is just hey be smart and be safe whether you’re
going to an event you go into a comic-con you go into a Halloween party
and you learn these cool colored lenses just if you’re having any problems at
all the eyes are getting painful visions getting blurry take out
those contacts right away and give them a break and make sure to bring your
glasses along just in case you do have any sort of problems and if you’re
experiencing problems with your eyes make sure do talk with your eye doctor
you do not want to postpone treatment if you do develop an ulcer or an infection
from wearing colored contacts please contact your doctor right away I don’t
want anything bad to happen to you or your eyes remember that you only get two
eyes so please take care of them so I asked question of the day which type
have colored contact lenses are your favorite go ahead and comment in the
section below let me know what you’re using hey thanks for watching keep an
eye on it we’ll talk soon Zelda wants to get in the picture


  1. I love the lenses from Pinkyparadise. I have everything from red, to galaxy, whiteout, pink, brown, green. So fun. Been wearing them for years.

  2. This video didn't really specify to me where/how to buy colored eye contacts safely. I just know to avoid 38 percent water content.

  3. I was looking at zombie contacts that cover the full eyes not sure of the name of the lenses but what are your takes on the lenses that cover the eye including the white of the eye

  4. Ayyyye! You made a video for my request on IG! You're kick ass! I have never worn contact lenses and I am absolutely terrified of sticking anything into my eyeball, and now hearing how poorly "ventilated" (if you will) these colored contacts are makes me want to use them even less. Regardless, I have always enjoyed the red and black contacts. I love creepy/Halloween looking lenses and the bright blue/white are gorgeous too. They give me husky vibes. : )

  5. I just received some colored contacts from ttdeye. I don't use contacts much but wanted to see my eye's in a different color. Unfortunately the name brand colored contacts don't produce lenses in my base curve. So I'll do with these since ttdeye make some lenses with my base curve and Dia.

  6. I've heard of contacts that are quite thick, 0.07mm for a -3D and have guaranteed high oxygen permeability, they last up to 3 months, I'm not sure if the info is viable but a lot of "reviewers" have mentioned that they're very comfortable if not the most comfortable coloured contacts. They're called Bella contacts.

  7. Dr. Joel seeing red literally so we don’t have to. Back in the day, Elegance, hand-painted by Cooper Vision and looked stunning, were my favorite ones. They were polymacon and, believe me and when Dr. Joel says not to sleep with them in. It is like you waxed your cornea with Scotch Tape 😖 not to mention that halo effect on light bulbs which seem to threaten you like they’ll stay there forever. Don’t go there…

  8. I've worn regular lenses/colored lenses despite having astigmatism in one eye. Is this bad? Haven't had any infections or problems in 9-10 years. (Yes, I do wear them prescribed according to my eye doctor's prescription.) Cool red contacts btw and the blue ones with the black limbal ring make you look great too! Thanks for the informative video 🙂

  9. I bought a pair of purple cosplay lenses but I felt scared to start using them since I didn't know how to properly clean them. Though now, after watching a bunch of your videos I feel much more comfortable about using them and I think I will open them soon. Thank you so much for creating these videos and educating us who aren't aware of most eye-related things. Keep up the great work! 😀

  10. Can you do a video about HonyColor lenses? And can you do a video on how you can tell which website to avoid buying contacts and how can you tell they are safe and not?

  11. So i have +5.25 on both eyes, but since i have plus i can accomodate without needing glasses. Could it be bad for my eyes if i do this constantly?
    Side note: i am 16 now idk if that has anything to do with it

  12. I want to order some cosplay contacts but I have astigmatism and Idk how to order them . If I should just (sphere) prescription or do I add that to the Cyl I need help pls

  13. I've been considering buying and using colored contact lenses for cosplay, but I don't know any safe or "official" websites to order colored contact lenses from. Do you have any suggestions? Please help.

  14. I have questions!
    1. Can I put eyedrops in my eyes with contacts on in order for my eyes to be hydrated?
    2. Do they have to be FDA approved? I'm buying mine from UNIQSO, my birthday is in 4 more days!

  15. what about colored contact lenses. I don't wear lenses at all but am wanting to wear colored lenses to change my eye color at times. I see sites sell them all the time without prescriptions.. It it on to but from them.. Theres a site called Boulonguise.. Are you familiar with them. Are they a safe company. If I got my eyes measured and then bought lenses that match my eye size is that ok. what sites are safe to just buy colored lenses. please help. I know people who buy them at the dollar store for 20.00 a pair. sounds sketchy. but their eyes are ok as of now.

  16. is balafilcon better than polymacon? i would like to cosplay in a bit and i don't really know what material should the contact lenses be

  17. This might be a silly question, but would it be possible to bring in a pair of circle lenses I bought online to my eye doctor? I want to make sure that they won't hurt me, but I'm also a little afraid of getting laughed out of his office or flat out being told that I'm dumb for even considering it.

  18. Hi, not sure if you’ll respond but I have a question.

    I bought a pair of lenses (Sweety Poppy Red) on Uniqso a couple days back. It’s probably made of Polymacon, because of the 38% water content and 12 month replacement period.

    I understand the risk of wearing them for long periods of time, but i was planning to wear them to school on halloween. How long can I go wearing these without risking damaging my eyes?

  19. I've avoided getting cosplay contact lenses for years and still have. My biggest problem is I've heard the plus and bad sides to these contacts and considering how I would need a specific prescription, I'm not sure what to get. I can see up close, but distance tends to be my down fall a bit. I can generally see at a good distance, but depending on how far back I am depends on how well I can see. So I know I'd probably need a prescription for cosplay contacts, but I'm not sure how they sell it and how the prescription is determined. Many conventions I attend regularly have colored contact sellers and sell normal and prescription.

  20. Which colored contacts breath the best? Have you heard of the brands Solotica or Anesthesia? I have brown eyes and I want to try grey or green contacts for simi-daily wear. Any suggestions?

  21. Hello I was looking at colored contacts on & & i was wondering if u heard anything about these websites?

    (I was thinking of buying some geo brand blue colored contacts)

  22. Thoughts on Sclera or Blackout lenses? considering purchasing a black pair of blue sclera lenses, but I'm not sure if I need to be careful with those especially.

  23. Hey man, great video! I'd love if you could cover the do's and don't's of Sclera lenses? I can't really find a video anywhere on them that's as informative and knowledgeable as your videos are.

    Keep up the great work!

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