Contact lens care linked with Acanthamoeba eye infection

(energetic music) – Acanthamoeba is a parasite
which is actually ubiquitous. It’s present in water,
soil, so it’s all around us, and it can affect the eye by leading to a eye
infection in the cornea, which is the front part of the eye. Eye infections are not common overall, but patients who wear
contact lenses are certainly at increased risk for getting
any type of eye infection, and acanthamoeba is not
a common overall cause of eye infections even
associated with contact lenses. When it does occur, it’s
a very serious infection and it’s very difficult to treat, so the best thing to do
is try to prevent it. The most important way to
prevent getting infections associated with acanthamoeba are to really have good contact lens hygiene since that’s the number one risk factor for getting this infection. If you are careful in terms of how you clean your contact lenses, store them, and wear them, and avoid situations like taking a shower with contact lens in your eyes or going swimming in a lake with a contact lens in your eyes, then you can really avoid
getting this type of infection. (energetic music)

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  1. I'm curious if there are less risky ways to shower with contacts? I know so many people do. If you avoid getting any of the water in your eyes, rinse them with some saline solution after showering and disinfecting them with peroxide solution rather than just regular multipurpose solution or discarding them after a days usage (one-day CL), would it possibly be OK to shower with them? Because I think if you take them out while showering and put them in right afterward you still might actually get some of these acanthameoba on your eye surface and trap them if you re-insert the CL? I'm curious what best practice is for people that wish to use contacts all day.

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