Colored Contact Lenses : Colored Contact Lenses For Light Eyes

Now we’re going to talk about colored lenses
for those of you who have very light eyes. This is for those of you who have green, maybe
even a very light brown and, of course, blue eyes. When you buy contact lenses, these are
just enhancements to your color already, you won’t see a brown in here. What you will see
is the very bright blue of Caribbean Aqua, a little bit of a deeper blue in Pacific Blue,
Sea Green, if you have green eyes this will really make the eye pop again, Autumn is just
kind of a darker green not quite as bright as the Sea Green. The eden, for light eyes,
again, kind of a luminescent blue, as is the Moonlight, just slightly different textures.
Honestly, I’m not sure much about the difference between these two but they are luminescent.
Down below we have Aqua, which, again, is going to really make somebody that has light
eyes, pop. We have Evergreen, which is an extremely light green and then finally you
finish up with Royal Blue. As I said, previously, what you’re going to notice is that all of
these are enhancements to those of you who have light eyes. They’re just trying to make
things show up, pop a little bit better when people look at you and it just kind of gives
a little bit of a different coloration than your existing eye color.


  1. i dont have these ones but i have gemstone green, gray, and violet and i have dark blue eyes they look pretty natural on me. there like 33 dollars

  2. no they dont hurt lol. do u wear regular lenses? cuz they feel the same. i actually bought a red halloween one and its more comfortable.

  3. @karolina4life ik im going to the eye doctor soon to get them…my eyes are sorta medium so i hope i can wear these ones! they are so much prettier!

  4. @whatsupme401 im pretty sure they look good even tho you have dark eyes. They are meant to change any color eye anyways! I'm actually starting to like my lame browny maroon eyes now. might as well be thankful i have eyes! haha

  5. @cristofoco
    Why would you want brown eyes?
    Every brown eyed person wants blue.
    I have blue, but i would want a lighter blue. But why in the world would you want brown?

  6. i really always wanted brown eyes tbh they give the eye kind of a deep look…mysterious kind stuck with hazel..and they sometimes change orange O_O

  7. @Bobthemagicalelite i find a dark or purple ish blue is gorgeous, but im stuck with green ish hazel, go to a hakim close to where you live, they have all sorts of colors, even hotpink 😀 which looks cool!

  8. @TheChocolateCrunchy I want the brown circle lenses! theyre the ones that make your eyes look bigger, right? i was mad about the fact that i have brown eyes last year, but now im okay with them. better have brown eyes than No eyes at all right?!
    omg i love blue eyes! how blue are they??

  9. how do i kow what color mine are? beauce i have brown eyes, but they change color only by getting lighter, they go really light like jb or lighter :p but if someone where to ask me what color wher my eyes what would i say? cuz my mom was stairing at my eyes and she said wow they look yellowish brown , its kidna wierdO.o

  10. My eyes are like autumn, but on the edges, it's like a dark green, and it slowly transitions to green-yellow in the center, to smooth dark green on the outside.

  11. Arrgghh! I keep getting different answers! Sometimes my eyes r blue, sometimes they're gray, sometimes the green, sometimes they have a little bit of brown, and sometimes they're a mix.

  12. You can always go to your eye doctors office and they have new testers that you can try out for color then decide from there

  13. A few years ago I ordered contacts and was CRUSHED to find the color "Moonlight" or "Eden(would be next choice) were no longer available. Had been wearing cuz they matched my eye color sooo well. Clear contacts disappear if dropped never to be found again. These have just enough tint & black ring I love ,so are easy to find.

  14. where can i buy these?! im pretty sure you cant buy them anymore! its so hard to find contact lenses when you have light eyes

  15. Please can everyone get onto the manufacturer to start making Radiance lenses again? I used to LIVE in 'Autumn' and 'Moonlight' lenses. They made my eyes much more striking with the pale silvery inside (in the case of moonlight), and the darker ring. Autumn was much the same but gave my eyes a golden hue with the darker ring. Both these colours looked so natural that I didn't look weird or fake I just looked better, and no-one realised I was even wearing lenses! They were discontinued around 2010 and in all that time I have never found anything like them to use instead. Still very p***ed off about this eight years on (!)

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