Co-occurring alcoholism and Bipolar Disorder Facts and treatment

If you’re someone who’s dealing with bipolar
disorder and alcoholism at the same time, you could have what’s known as a dual diagnosis.
Having a co-existing disorder or dual diagnosis can make the recovery process even more challenging.
There are many dual diagnosis rehab programs specifically designed to meet all the needs
of people who are dealing with this kind of complicated psychiatric disorder. Bipolar disorder, once generally referred
to as manic depression, is a severe mental condition characterized by abrupt and intense
mood swings in both energy levels and behavior. People who are dealing with a bipolar disorder
have a greater risk of accidental injuries, relationship issues, suicide, and overall
economic instability than others. They are also considerably more likely to develop a
substance abuse addiction or become an alcoholic as well. Over the years, alcoholism and bipolar disorder
were treated separately at different facilities. Individuals diagnosed with bipolar were typically
referred to psychiatric hospitals or mental health centers for treatment, while people
who were actively using alcohol were eventually sent to rehab. Today addiction experts clearly
recognize the significance of treating bipolar and alcoholism simultaneously through a process
referred to as integrated treatment. Integrated Treatment This kind of treatment includes a number of
various treatment strategies. A treatment plan may consist of one-on-one psychotherapy
sessions with a trained mental health expert, dual diagnosis support meetings, holistic
therapy, addiction specialist counseling sessions, and family counseling. In the end, it’s not enough to just address
bipolar issues without dealing with the alcohol addiction as well. If you need professional
help with both addiction and bipolar disorder, get it treated the right way. Contact The
Addiction Hotline to get more help.

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