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Picking out the perfect shadow for a blonde
with blue eyes seems like an easy thing but a lot of people always comes, you know, like
I don’t know what color complement this and as you’ve heard me say before, maybe you haven’t.
If you watch these videos, you have. I’m a huge fan of checking out color wheel, using
Google images, if you really wanna find one online, check out or if you have one ’cause
you’re really into art but the color wheel will never leave you astray. So, if you find
the color of your eyes in the color wheel, blue, you go opposite, those are the colors
that are gonna complement your eyes which in this case would be coral, peaches, and
things in that nature. So, (??) corporate coral into your eyeshadow without looking,
you know, crazy. Still look natural but it’s really gonna play up your eyes and make it
much brighter. So, what we’re gonna do is start by prepping. Prep those eyelids with
a little bit of eye base. Eye base is fantastic. It holds the product in place, makes your
eyeshadow crease resistance and also makes your shadow go on a little bit brighter so
you have to put less of it on and we go from lash line all the way up to the brow. Now,
we’re gonna come in… I’m a fan of starting in the lid and then going into the contour.
Some people like to start with the contour and then go into the lid, that’s your own
preference but just know that you have to blend it. So, this is a really bright blue
shadow. Gonna pick some up, pack… Instead of brush, I’ve packed it on to and I always
feel like this, hold the brush away and shake off all that excess ’cause that’s the stuff
that would end up on your shirts, your cheek, maybe all over the counter so shake it off
and then you can go in and dust it, pack it, however you want on to the lid. This is a
really pretty shadow. It’s got some iridescence to it so it’s gonna reflect a lot of light
and that as well will make Piper’s eyes, look a little bit bigger and it’s very pretty in
the Summer. Other colors that go great with blue… I mean, I think purple actually just
goes great with everybody but purple is really pretty and brown. Browns are gorgeous. Actually,
a great trick too to make your eyes look a little bluer is do brown mascara which a lot
of girls are always like I want black, I want the darkest lash that I can have but brown
looks black to the average person, you know, I mean that’s another difference and really
does make your eyes look bluer. When you have that fall off from the cheek, you just wanna
take a loose brush, something that’s not too tightly packed and just go in there and
hopefully shake it away. You have a problem in mistake like this, I’ll show you after
all finish how to get rid of it without ruining your foundation. Next, we’re gonna go with
some eyeliner. It got really a pretty brown, something that’s kind of medium, dark, a little
bit of shimmer. Look up, start in the bottom lash line and putting this right on the waterline
and into the lashes and take a little bit underneath. I’m gonna take my finger, one
of my favorite tools to use and just kind of smudge it underneath the lash. Now, that
we’ve done the other eye, we’re gonna start on the top and add a little bit liner right
in the corner. Look down. Kind of keeping it thinner at center of the eye, letting it
get a little bit thicker and use your finger again to just smudge this upwards into the
crease. We’re done. So beautiful brown and coral together. Oh my God. So gorgeous with
them. Look at me and we look down. Look at me. Perfect. Looking at Piper’s eyes right
now, what I wanna do is get a little bit more of this darkness focus in the corner of our
eye, really sexy look to kind of focus the darkness on the outside, gonna make your eye
look more almond and also pulls them apart. So, for girls at home, close that eyes. This
is a great way to make your eyes look a little bit whiter so that people aren’t focusing
on that inner corner. Taking a little bit more time to blend the darkness in the outer
corner of the eye. Okay. Now, I can show you how to clean this up. There’s a few ways in
clean up at home. You can use a wipe which is great, just take the wipe. I mean like
so and you can wipe away anything you don’t like just like this. Let’s say you’re out
of wipe, so another great trick is take some lotion or you can use great eyecream if you
have one, something with maybe a little bit of a sleek silicon feel to it. Take it on
a fluffy brush, you can come in like so and it’s just gonna pick up all that unwanted
product while doubling as a moisturizer friend to the eye. If you want, you can come back
in a little concealer and touch up. So, as you can see this is a really easy look to
do at home. All you need to do is prep your eyelid with a little bit of eye base, take
your shadow in coral or you can do pressed or loose, it’s your preference, pack that
on to your lid and then grab a liner. I prefer coal ’cause I like to put it right on the
waterline in medium rounds, just go in there and line the eyes, top and bottom, focusing
a lot on the color right here at the outside of the eye and then use your best tool, your
finger, smudge it all together and you’re ready in 5 minutes.

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