Chicago Med – Confessions (Episode Highlight)

[warm orchestration] – All right. Ejection fraction looks good. Normal rate and rhythm. I think we did it. – Well done, Dr. Rhodes.
– You as well. Dr. Mehta,
will you please close? – Yes, sir.
– Thank you. ♪ – I must admit,
despite your overall surliness, your determination today in the face of great odds
was admirable. – I will take that
as a compliment. – You should. I’m gonna go take
my flowers home. – Ava… ♪ It’s not that it’s my dad
you’re dating… ♪ I wish that you weren’t
dating anybody at all. ♪ – As long as we’re making
confessions, I was never dating your father. – But you didn’t mind me
thinking so. – No, I didn’t mind. ♪


  1. She s annoying now , l actually love her but wtf he already told her that he likes her and she left 😐 also connor can be very moody and say no anytime

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