Chest binder invention potentially life-changing for transgender community

My product is called Breathe and it is a
smarter, safer chest binder for transgender people. Chest binding is done
by transgender men and non-binary people to make themselves look more masculine
and that involves wearing a tight garment called a chest binder that they
wear over their chest and it compresses their chest to make them seem more
masculine and that can have good mental benefits because they can look in the
mirror and it can curb their gender dysphoria because they look in the
mirror and they see what they want to see. On the other hand, it can have lots
of physical negative health outcomes because by compressing their chest that
can cause back pain, chest pain even rib fractures so about 97% of people who use
chest binding experienced some kind of negative health outcome. I love this
design for many reasons mainly because like it feels like a safer way to bind
because you have that option of loosening it if it gets uncomfortable or
if it gets painful. So my binder makes it easier for people to take breaks while
wearing the chest binder. It has a smart material woven into the fabric and when
that’s electrified the garment loosens. It can be worn underneath someone’s
clothing and then remotely activated using a controller. When they press that
button it electrifies and it decompresses making it easier for them to breathe.
They can take a break without a need to take any clothes off. I think it could
definitely help because it reduces discomfort and it means that people can use their
binder for like more situations so they don’t need to like take it off to do
sports for example and it means that people are more comfortable to bind
whenever. A lot of transgender people will go for treatment through the NHS
and ultimately ending in getting top surgery which is the removal of your
breasts so that you have a permanently flat chest, but a lot of people feel
pressured into getting top surgery because chest binding is just so painful
that they need to get top surgery as soon as possible and so Breathe could be
an alternate option for these transgender people so that they can bind
experiencing less pain so they have more time to consider that decision

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