1. Hiii i just wanted to say that you inspired me to play the ukelele and today i bought a real good one (it was €130 which is a lot for me😅) and i love it so much and it makes me so happy and you make me so happy! Just thank you for making videos!😊❤️ you're the best 🙂

  2. I'm waiting for that drawing from Mila, the one with Casper and the word Locusts at the bottom to become a meme in the cavetown community. When it becomes a meme my life will be complete and I will ascend to the heavens. Who agrees? We can all ascend together. 🙂

  3. I watched this video. Wanted to ask "is it possible to send you a letter from Russia?" And then you said "oh, this letter is from Russia". Lol
    That's strange

  4. I would send some mail as I don't live that far away (so my mum wouldn't get annoyed with stamps and all) but I don't have the courage to.

  5. I hope Risa (dont know if it's correct) sees this message. I am also from San Diego, CA. I love meeting new people and especially someone who knows and likes Cavetown. It'd be cool to meet a new friend I am on snapchat; crazymofoxD
    Instagram; unperfect_flowers
    hope we can connect and stay strong :))

  6. Can someone help meh I'm trying to send a letter to him but I can't figure out what to put as his address and stuff

  7. this is amazing
    he's like softcore idubbbz
    amazing heart-warming special boy
    you will have my sub forever and i mean it from the bottom of my deep dark soul

  8. i can kinda relate to Jack's Song because my brother passed away of pediatric cancer. i listen to it often. it started in his arm and spread to his kidney. i'm a musician and i wanted to know if you'll help me write a song about it or give me some songwriting advice. thanks instagram @juniorpoison

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