Cara Menggunakan Obat Tetes Mata dan Mengganti Perban

How to change bandages and drip eye medication use boiled water drip into bandages and cotton bud use cotton bud to clean the dirt around the eyes last wipe the whole with a tissue that has been moistened with boiled water There are 4 types of eye drops, use one drop only Polydex and Timol are used only for three days, the rest are discarded Cravit and Azopt can be used for 1 month Close the eyes with dry bandages Cover the bandage with plastic Use masking tape as a bandage adhesive, to the forehead and cheek Plastic can be used repeatedly and cleaned Replace bandages every morning or if the eyes feel wet three minutes later try to stay asleep or sit with your head down


  1. Setahuku kalau meneteskan obat mata lebih dari satu jenis, masing2 obat harus dijeda minimal 5 menit untuk ke obat berikutnya.
    Ini kok terusan gitu ya….???

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