Canaloplasty Surgery on Both Eyes Patient Testimonial San Marino Eye

I’m a husband. I have children. I have grandchildren
and I have a great grand daughter. For fun, I love to play with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
I’ve had glaucoma for about five to six years. And he’s suffered so many losses that the
idea that he could lose his vision was so frightening. That he has a family history
with glaucoma. He watched an uncle go blind. And it broke my heart that he could lose anything
else. And at one time he went through probably five or six different drops and I know one
point he was using like three at the same time. None of the drops were terribly effective.
And when there were more drops added, it became a compliance issue because the more drops
there were, the more number of times a day they had to be used. It was pretty uncomfortable.
He had some side effects. One of them interacted very badly with his diabetes and I think all
of them created really dry itchy eyes and the drops weren’t giving the best resolution
to it. That’s when surgery came up as a discussion. I found out about Canaloplasty through Doctor
Richardson. He took a lot of time in explaining to me the new procedure. We had discuss glaucoma
surgery- just the old traditional glaucoma surgery with another Doctor, and in discussing
Canaloplasty with Doctor Richardson, we realized that there were far fewer risks there was
a much better chance of success. Think at that point it really was a no-brainer. It
wasn’t even a choice. It was just an absolute blessing to have a Doctor who could perform
Canaloplasty. And in comparing the surgical options the only really good option was Canaloplasty.
Ron had Canaloplasty in 2010 in one eye. And the second eye was done in 2011. The results
of both of those procedures was phenomenal. Since that time, Ron is using only one drop
in one eye, daily and that eye has had absolutely no disease progression. The other eye not
only has had no disease progression, he’s drop free but is actually improved since the
time of surgery to the point where it’s not apparent that he ever had glaucoma in that
eye. Doctor Richardson and his staff are amazing. Warm, reassuring, competent… amazing communication,
leading up to surgery, following surgery, long-term follow-up. It’s the type of environment
that when you walk in the door you know, that you’re in the right place that you’re in
good hands. I would absolutely recommend Doctor Richardson for other patients who have glaucoma.
I have a great glaucoma Doctor who performs surgery and has done wonders for my eyes.
…a very warm and knowledgeable and considerate. I have never met a Doctor who is as compassionate,
as caring and as dedicated to excellent care as Doctor Richardson. It is just such a blessing
to us to have been referred to Doctor Richardson. And to have been able to have such a life
altering, vision-saving procedure performed that I would tell anyone that if they were
considering Canaloplasty, absolutely. Absolutely to do it. And if they want the best Doctor
that they will ever find to perform this, it’s Doctor Richardson. There are not words
to express the amount of gratitude that we have for what he’s done for us.

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