Can 2 Strangers Fall in Love with 36 Questions? Russell + Kera


  1. We sense a power couple in the making! Interested in THE TEA on Russell and Kera? (we know we do) Be sure to follow our Instagram for when we get an update on their relationship!

  2. Somehow this video keeps popping up once in a while and somehow I keep watching it every single time it pops up😂. That's how obsessed I am with the cuteness in this video and the beautiful chemistry between these two. I'm really curious about what happened to both of them. Pls can you guys update us? It's been a yr😭

  3. This is amazing, good match too. Sometimes it's good to become someone out your comfort zone. Brave move

    Kera for coming this far.

  4. She's had a tough life.Not necessarily poverty related but she's broken.And she's at a point where it's either you take her naked or leave her alone.

  5. I now need a guy and 36questions…😭😭😭🤦‍♀️this has made me fall in love….
    Someone should come to my rescue

  6. That thing called dey ja vu Ive experienced too much of it it's just like visions I sometimes see what's gonna happen and you realise that thing happened in my dreams

  7. I find it very interesting that there are more female comments in the section than male, i wonder if it is indicative of our interests as far as content is concerned…that said, this was so beautiful to watch!

  8. Ladies and gentlemen: people don’t look young only bc of their genes. My man prolly don’t smoke, drink that much and takes care of himself. You‘re SUPPOSED to look that way 🤦‍♂️ Y‘all got it wrong

  9. I think, they are cute together and were honest with each other
    But also they will have to go on a second date to plan better for themselves

  10. Attractive yes but to fall in love that would mean you would be willing to die for that person now ask them to ask each other! Would you die for me ?

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