Camel Smoky Eyes Look Created With Natasha Denona Camel Eyeshadow Palette | NATASHA DENONA BEAUTY

Hi, I’m Natasha Denona, this video is
about the look I created with my new camel eyeshadow palette. If you like camel shades so this is the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette for you (generously apply SAFARI with a large eyeshadow brush on the crease and lid) (Define the browbone with DUNE as the highlight) (Using a more refined brush, define the crease of the eye with ARROSTO) (Use ZAND for the above crease as well as the lower lash line) (Apply ARROSTO as a blend on the lower lashline) (Add DUNE to the inner corner of the eye) (Using an eye details brush, use ARROSTO for the eyeliner and wing) (Gently press COPPERSTONE into the full lid, and then touch up with a brush) (To finish up, use ZAND as a transition blend for the COPPERSTONE lid and ARROSTO eyeliner) (Apply the finishing touches by filling in the waterline and applying mascara and lashes)


  1. OMG shook and excited ❤️❤️❤️ I love your looks , don't have any of the small palettes but might actually gift myself this one!

  2. Thanks Natasha
    I have 6 of your 5 pan palettes and get lost.on how to use all the colors in a cohesive day time look. I can create great red carpet looks. But struggle for more wearable looks. This tutorial was awesome..more for your other 5 pan palettes would be awesome. Once I've mastered the ones I have i will want a complete collection of your shadows. Keep up the great work. From nz. Corry

  3. Stunningly gorgeous and that is how I looked this weekend…omg such a beautiful palette. Camel love forever.🦒🦒🦒❤❤❤👄

  4. Perfection. I’m convinced I now need everything you’ve ever put out. Every brush, shadow, lip, blush, glow.. you wouldn’t happen to sell the ‘total experience package’ for say.. $25,000❤️😂😂😂

  5. Hi,
    This look is beautiful! It's very versatile. It can be used for a very natural look and a more glamorous look. I love it! I just purchased this palette and can't wait to use it! Thank you!

  6. Love it !!! This is the look I would love to achieve but I would like to have some recommendations for lipstick that go with this look ! Please which did you use it is neutral and I like it ! I will buy the palette and the lipstick if someone let me know !!

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