Bulk Billed Eye Tests – Why Not?

Hi. It’s Optomtom from Eyecare Eyewear Providing you with an evidence based perspective of behavioural vision care. Today the question I would like to answer is While the majority of optometrists still directly bill to medicare there has definitely been a shift away to private billing particular from independent optometrists This trend has been has the full support of Optometry Australia whose vision is to drive excellence in eye and vision care and to realise better eyecare for everyone Now while this is not directly comparable there are some similarities between bulk biling optometry services and public health services Now as you may have experienced with a public health facility while they may provide a fantastic service they are generally not able to provide the same scope of service as those in the private sector Additionally, public services often are constrained by time which means that their clinicians are not able to spend as much time per patient At Eyecare Eyewear, we strive to provide In addition to Both of these components are equally important for our business and we feel both require fair remuneration Bulk Billing is not consistent with this strategy Got a question for Optomtom? Please don’t hesitate to get in contact Thanks

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