Brillet | Quality and thorough eye examination | Rovaniemi – Lapland – Finland

Hi there! Hello! You’re welcome Let’s go check out your vision. Let’s do that You can leave your coat in the rack. Well let’s begin, you can take a seat. Let me adjust it a little first. Try to stay still, just look at the end of the road you see. Great. Here’s another one. Well done! You can lift your head up now. Then we’ll head into the basement. It didn’t hurt a bit. Exactly, it doesn’t hurt at all It’s much nicer here than at the dentist. Let’s head downstairs now. Okay Well then, let’s check your vision. Have you used glasses previously? I’ve used reading glasses. I see Do you face problems with seeing? Yeah I do. Okay, let’s check it out. First you’ll get to wear the ugliest glasses in the whole town. Let’s put these on and You can start by looking at the lower mirror and Can you tell me what letters are on the top row? D,Z,F, E and H. And the lower row? N, O, A, P and Z. Then we’ll check your vision from both eyes and you’ll get these black sunglasses on top of it. They should get rid of any reflections. Then you’ll see halves of boxes that are on top of each other. Yeah Are they aligned or is the other one shifting to the right compared to the other one? It’s shifting to the right. Excellent, then we’ll look up close. Take this to your hands. I see this just fine! We’ll do a reading test now A reading test! Then I’ll ask you a stupid question. Is it nicer to read with glasses… or without? With glasses It was better with glasses, great! These Antistress-lenses would be great for you. So, farsightedness is fixed on the upper part and on the lower part of the lense there is
a stronger.. So we’re talking about presbyopia. No, No, with young people we don’t talk about presbyopia. Well I’m not that young anymore. You have the beginning of a mild presbyopia. But that’s not too bad then. Good, then we’ll go check the health of your eyes. First we’ll check your eye’s pressure. Yeah This won’t hurt either. It’s just a simple convenient thing. You’ll just look at the board behind my shoulder. Just straight in front of you. You have this mild beginning of presbyopia for a young woman. Meaning that I would prescribe you glasses just that it would be easier to see. Of course we’ll think it through if you want normal glasses, or if you’d prefer contact lenses. Both will work and we’ll have a good solution with either one. Excellent! Thank you. Thanks a lot!

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