Boy Loses Eyesight After Eating Junk Food

The 17-year-old boy from U.K only ate french fries, chips and bread since he was a child. He always hated eating fruits and vegetables. His mother said that he would never eat his lunch in school and ate junk food everyday. When he was 14 he visited the doctor because of severe fatigue. Doctors found that he had severe vitamin deficiency, low haemoglobin, his bones were very brittle and had no minerals. His health was in bad shape. The doctors said that he looked fit but internally he had so many problems. They did not know how it could happen to such a young boy and this is happened for the first time. They gave him vitamin injections and medicines. They also advised him to eat fruits and vegetables so becomes healthy. The 17-year-old boy started developing eye problems and visited the doctor. The doctors couldn’t understand how a young boy could lose his vission. He retained his peripheral vission but he had blind spots in the middle of his eye. He can’t drive, read, watch TV or discern faces. He can walk around on his own because he has peripheral vision. This could have been treatable if it was diagnosed when he was 14-years-old. Now that he has grown older it will be difficult to treat. This shows that eating fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy. Just because you eat a lot of junk food and look fit, does not mean that internally you are fit. You must eat on time. Children must be made to eat fruits and vegetables so that they grow up healthy. If care is not taken, they will develop many problems when they grow up.

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