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Omg I missed you so so so much guys I didn’t think I’d miss YouTube that much or be away from YouTube all that time I didn’t expect a lot to happen like it did in a span of a month and a half so let’s start this video because we need to talk first things first Good morning or evening. My name is Marwa Yehia and I’m an Egyptian makeup artist if this is your first time watching me please subscribe to my channel to watch all my videos My channel is all about makeup including application, helping you choose the colors and all that good stuff I’ll admit I’ve been away for a month and a half but during that time, this happened first was that my sister got married I was the sister of the bride and the makeup artist and the wedding planner and everything you can imagine I wasn’t busy, I was so much more than that I was swamped, I swear it was crazy It was hectic, I was doing everything so I’m sorry but my sister was getting married Her name is Amira Yehia, I’ll link her account below if you wanna check her out and because of all that time with her and us going out, crying, fighting and all that and because of this delay, I wanted to get back to you with a strong, bold and beautiful makeup look with a surprise at the end to make it up for you so I’m surprising you with this look today, and to make it up for you, I’ve filmed Amira’s makeup on her wedding day which I’m uploading very soon which will may be my next video, showing you Amira’s makeup and how the entire day went so you get a feel of how it was That’s what had happened, and another thing is I’m a makeup artist in Egypt which means I get very occupied in June, July, August and September These are the busiest 4 months in an MUA’s work schedule, especially August, the peak of wedding season. which can be nuts sometimes by the way, I’m filming this today, September, 1st and I promise August was crazy, despite that I tried filming a couple of times and the video was never really finished which takes us to no. 3 of what happened next I had filmed 2 videos and I had troubleshooting problems with each one the first video was about a purple look and I uploaded pictures of it on Instagram on my IG story, then I found out that during the video, the entire part where I’m working on the eyes didn’t wanna play The videos worked just fine on my computer and there I was pressing play and nothing was working so the video’s toast at this point the second video was for this look I’d filmed a blue makeup look, and after I was done filming, talking to you and being in a good mood I went to play the video, only to find out that there’s no sound. It was only my expressions but no sound. and this was for the entire video not even a part of it. so of course, I couldn’t upload it and questioned whether or not I should upload it on an IG story Everyone recommended just doing a voice over for it but personally, I prefer to give my viewers the best learning experience and to have a strong bond with them to make you feel like you are here with me doing makeup and getting a clear view of everything so in that video, I was talking and giving you a lot of info and I wouldn’t remember what I said during voice over so I didn’t like the idea and decided to sit down and refilm this video since a lot of people were waiting for this blue smokey look and they wanted it by any means and because of all the love and requests, and to make it up to you since I’ve been away I decided to redo it and upload it and I hope the sound is on because if not I swear to God, I’m gonna have a nervous break down so welcome to my channel welcome to my life and everything that happens, anyway for today’s look if you wanna know how to get it, keep on watching and let’s start this video test test test is it working? are you? look at me trying to hear it like it’s gonna reply back ok, starting with the brows I’m grabbing the ABH brow brush #12 and the ABH brow gel in Medium Brown and let’s reshape since I have uneven brows see the difference? this one is straight and this has a higher arch so we want them to be as even as possible I don’t want them to be twins but to look a like at least but not this high arched brow and this let’s start with this one and I’ll be mirroring the same steps on the other brow for more even brows I’m starting off with a very thin line using short strokes with a very light hand not a straight line across your skin because it won’t work and after reaching the arch we drag that line down to do the tail take a look at that the arch of this brow is higher than the other one from the base of the brow going upwards, no matter how high I do this brow there will be a point where I’ll have to stop so I have to go lower with the base of this brow to have a lower arch to be as even as the other brow as much as possible here I won’t go up the same height or direction I’m going lower than that then drag it down to form the tail then I’m doing the top of the tail and carefully draw the arch and I’m still using the stroke technique to do it then I’m gonna frame the top of the brow using the strokes technique for a more natural look, so I’m brushing down my brows and create a hair like effect and I’m lightly going upwards with the remaining product on my brush I didn’t reapply the brow gel I’m just using what’s remaining and brush upwards after the brows are done, we’ll move on to skin prep because the weather is so harsh right now, my skin is acting up with redness in these areas which later turns into dryness and my skin becomes extremely dry in winter and FYI during summer I have combination skin so whenever I find redness in these areas that’s how I know my skin is reacting to the weather so to fix that, I’ll need a strong moisturizer which is the one and only Clinique moisturizing gel which I use in every video but now I’ll heavily apply it on the dry areas as for the dark circles, I noticed some people in the comments section trying to give advice in an odd way, meaning that someone advised me to stop smoking and drinking because of the dark circles. Someone else advised me to take care of my health and eat more greens Let me tell you my story with dark circles I started getting dark circles since 5th or 6th grade I started getting darkness around my eyes as well as my inner corners and upper lids it wasn’t only around the eyes but my upper lids were the same color as my under eyes at first I didn’t really notice, I was just a kid then I started to notice as time passed by which was one of the reasons why I became interested in makeup to camouflage my under eyes and to add brightness to it and all that as I grew older, I started to get a better understanding of dark circles and I found out that if I stayed up or didn’t sleep well my dark circles would intensify but it never got better, till I got to college When I joined college, I used to wear makeup solely because of the dark circles so instead of turning to makeup, I started to look for solutions, asking why are they there in the first place I did my research and found out that there are 4 factors causing dark circles 1. It can be hereditary, passed down to you from your family like if your mom or dad have them so it’s hereditary in this case and I didn’t have that so that wasn’t it 2. Anemia can be a great factor if you’re not eating fruits and veggies I went and got a complete blood count, I wasn’t anemic thank God, everything was fine so this wasn’t it either 3. I was told that because of staying up late and being tired, this can cause dark circles and I actually noticed it, whenever I stay up or don’t sleep well I noticeably find them, but even when I do whether I stay up or sleep well, they’re always there the same way they look right now Before being a makeup artist, I was actually a teacher my schedule was so fixed I used to go to bed at 8 pm and wake up at 6 am the next morning, I did this for a year and a half during that time, there was no change in my dark circles so reason no. 3 is out 4. Smoking or drinking and of course it’s not that at all the minute I smell anything unpleasant, including cigarettes, my nose gets blocked, and I find it hard to breathe, and I’m extremely allergic too Allergies have me not the other way around After I went through every factor and finished my research which was unbeneficial I resorted to doctors but had no luck, it was useless till finally, FINALLY, when recently a dr. asked my sister if she had allergies she was also asking him about the dark circles which she did, and that she’s extremely hypersensitive both of us are extremely allergic so the main cause was Allergies causing inflammation in these areas and swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses, that causes dark circles since there isn’t enough oxygen or blood flow, I’m not completely sure but it affects these areas and here at the inner corners where you place your hand when you have a headache or when you sneeze, where the sphenoid sinuses are the cause of everything I’m not a medical expert but I had a great doctor whose diagnosis was extremely accurate there are a few days in a year when I don’t experience allergies when the weather is nice and clear and I notice a huge difference in my dark circles my upper lids and under eyes and inner corners are so much better, I started to connect what he said with the results I’m seeing so the main reason for my dark circles is sinus allergies and by time, when I graduated from college I started to accept my dark circles I started to go out with no makeup and meet my now husband, then fiance bare faced and I wanted him to understand that you’re not only marrying me, it’s me and my dark circles and he had to see it before we got married and I started getting comfortable in my own skin I didn’t have to wear makeup every day or constantly wear it because my skin needs to breathe and because I don’t like to wear makeup every day you might see my videos and think that I wear makeup at all times Makeup is the least thing I actually use in my daily life honestly whoever knows me, even my clients my followers, anyone who meets me sees me like this I don’t even do my brows or wear contacts they see me as I am for me, makeup is a talent whenever I have free time, I like to do makeup, play with colors and I’m sharing that side of me on YouTube but normally, I don’t usually wear makeup and because of that, I want to treat my dark circles because honestly, they give the eyes a dull, tired look and they make you look older so when you treat them, you’ll look and feel better so when I find a good treatment, I’ll film a video about it and if you’ve tried anything that worked, let me know in the comments below, if you’ve been to a dr. and got medical treatment for them or treated them in any way, leave me a comment below and that’s my short sad story to the people who write stuff like you’re pretty but you should quit smoking or you’re pretty but those dark circles aren’t Allergies hun, okay?! anyway, let’s start I’m using the Nars concealer in Ginger which is Medium #2 and camouflage those babies and taking the mini beauty blender from Diamonds Land I’ll tell you more about Diamonds Land in a minute I’ll take this orange one to reach all the nooks and crevices of my face I got this from Diamonds Land It’s a new makeup brand the owner is an Egyptian lady called Passant Ahmed she has lashes, brushes and beauty blenders so that’s the first thing I’m using in today’s video In the last video that wasn’t working, I used the pink and in this video, I’m using the orange one and both of them blend nicely, as you can see without taking off or absorbing a lot of product so my concealer stays on then I’m using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation #160 which is R410 and I chose this shade to get more of a tan because today’s look needs a bit of a tan then I wanna tell you about this beauty right here this set has 6 brushes, a courtesy of Diamonds Land from Bassant Ahmed, and this is how they look This foundation brush is also from Diamonds Land there’s a trick I wanna show you some of you noticed that I use 2 concealers and I got asked isn’t the concealer supposed to be used after foundation in a lighter shade to brighten okay, listen to this the concealer isn’t only used for one purpose it actually has many purposes first, before I apply anything to my face after I moisturized my face, I use a darker concealer if you notice in all my videos, and that’s to cancel my dark circles, meaning that my dark circles are darker than the rest of my face so I apply a darker shade than the rest of the face to cancel out the dark circles like the first step I did and for that I used the Nards concealer in Ginger or Medium #2 if you don’t have dark circles, you can skip this step you don’t need it at all, if you don’t have dark circles but you do if you have darkness around the eyes then you can continue your usual routine, foundation then comes another purpose for concealer which is the common use for concealer, where we use a lighter concealer shade to add brightness under the eyes and I always use the LA girl concealer either in Creamy Beige or Natural in this look, I’m using Natural for whoever has dark circles but skip the first step if you skipped applying a darker concealer to cancel the dark circles and applied your foundation and the light concealer your dark circles will show through your makeup it will look glue or gray or brown, depending on how dark they are so if you skipped cancelling them out, it will show through no matter what this bright concealer won’t cancel the dark circles this is only to brighten under the eyes but this first step is necessary for dark circles for the loose powder, I’ll use my one and only love the one from Huda Beauty and I’ll use it with the Diamonds Land beauty blender and this is the bigger one and and I wanna try it out with powder I’ll dip it in like so and look upwards and start setting this is the first time using a beauty blender to set with powder and you guys this is extremely smooth and amazing in coverage and pressing the powder this is stunning, Passant seriously stunning with the tip of the sponge, I have some powder to set the bridge of my nose for a natural looking nose contour using powder so I’ve set them using a light powder and left the foundation shade on the sides as is, to give the illusion that I cream contoured even though I didn’t it’s one of my tricks and now it’s time for… to get a strong blue payoff, you need to use a base before your eye shadow a good blue base or a darker one to also hold your shadow in place I’ll use the blue shade from Anastasia lip palette and apply it to my lids and blend, and that will be my shadow base, this brush is from Diamonds Land which I;ll use to deposit the color on my lids this is the second brush I’ll be using to blend the edges of the color into my crease It’s now on and I’m grabbing the second brush to blend the edges and by th wway this is not a blending brush but i liked to use it to blend the edges of this color since it’s small and dense and not fluffy and this helps me in blending precisely where I need to so the eye shadow doesn’t spread out too much and to do that, it’s not that easy and that’s why I loved having this brush in the set then guess what the next palette is.. yup, that’s it the Jaclyn Hill palette I don’t even need to say so at this point see this color? on camera, it looks like a purple toned shade of blue but in reality this is blue, and the one next to it is purple so I’m taking this on a Diamonds Land brush and the brushes don’t have names or numbers that’s why I don;t know how to tell you which is which this is how it looks it only has Diamonds Land written on it and with this shade, I’m setting my base if you notice, I applied the powder but never removed the excess, because we’re using bold colors and if there’s any fall out, it will be a mess so I left the powder on so I can swipe off any fall out for a clean look. Can you see the blue yet?! then, I’ll start to blend darker to lighter shades I already started with the darkest shade in this look then I’ll apply a deep brown in the crease, then a transition shade like beige, light brown, orange or yellow I’m taking these 2 shades called Mocha and Chip on a Diamonds Land blending brush and blend it with the edges of the blue there when applying your shadow, try to be precise with it apply it only to where it should be not all over the lid because your shadow will spread way too much and the colors will be vague not giving you the actual shades you started with then I’ll grab another blending brush it’s clean by the way, it has some color but I dusted it off and when you’re blending, use a clean brush I’ll then take this shade called Pool Party to the center of the eyes for more brightness Look at this I’m very light-handed with it and blend the edges of this color with this brush, then I’ll use the same brush to blend the lipstick on my lower lid I didn’t apply more product, I’ll just run it across my lower lid then I’m taking this blue liner from Character and apply it to my waterline then, I’m taking this Diamonds Land pencil brush and take the same blue shade on it and run it across my lash line with the same brush, I’m taking the same brown shade and blend it below the blue I just applied I’ll take Pool Party again, and place in the center of the blue on my lower lid for the same effect on the top can you see the fallout? I’ll take this enormous brush from Diamonds Land and swipe the excess powder and any shadow fallout I’ll do the other eye and come right back the other eye is done and now it’s time for lashes this pair is from Diamonds Land and it has my name but I’m not using them for that reason, but seriously they will go so well with this look the lashes are on and now I’m giving my eyes a break Moving on to my face I’m using the Hoola bronzer with its applicator to slim the face then with this Diamonds Land brush, which looks like this, and contour my nose with it and I’m starting below my brow, connecting my shadow and dragging it down and then blend it then I’m taking this Milani blush #1 on a Diamonds Land blush brush moving on to the lips now it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you but makeup is about personal preference with a makeup look like this, some people would prefer a nude or brown lipstick, others would prefer maroon to go with it, makeup is different in one’s perspective, in different countries, different events, and different eras and that’s why makeup is art your choice of colors is up to you, if you wanna do this eye look with a different lip color, it’s okay personally, I want to use a darker color to match my eyes a little bit, and I’m taking the ABH lip palette I’ll outline my lips with this brown color the lips are one, moving on to highlighter I’m using the Mary-lou highlighter on a Diamonds Land fan brush which is the last step of this look what do you think of this look? let me know in the comments if you liked this look if you wanna see another look with different colors, let me know, I have another olive look on my channel if you prefer green shades make sure to check it out and if you like this type of videos where I do color themed videos, to give you an entire look with shadows if you prefer bright colors like this let me know in the comments below Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, like this video and click on the notifications bell for all my updates don’t forget to follow me on Instagram I’ll link it in the description box, if you want to follow me and watch my stories and that’s the final look. Bye


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