Blue Eyes VS Earth Links

hi guy’s Magnum here and today im doing yet another YU-GI-OH video ok not a bad hand but not a good one. yeah i’l just end my turn wtf is that. oh it’s just gallis should i activate solemn… nah il wait Still not activating solemn crystron needle fiber. im gonna activate solemn now. damn. i hate direct attacks missus radient hmm interesting choice im gonna activate trade in and now im activating melody of awakening dragons to search blue eyes white dragon and alternative. now im summoning a alternative. im summoning honest so i can activate sage’s effect to send it and honest to the grave to summon a blue eyes. DIRECT ATTACK!!! and i’l end my turn ooh power giant. whats that going to do? At least he can’t summon borreload yet. crap now he can!!! DAMN Borelload Dragon!!!. Damn It to hell!!! Just checking my grave Let’s hope he falls for it. DAMN im gonna lose. im activating melody to search alternative and chaos max. im now summoning alternative. and now im trading in a blue eyes to draw two cards. now i activate my second melody to search normal blue eyes,alternative im activating chaos form so i can summon chaos max. and he surrendered…… so ima set Quaking mirror force and hope he attacks. Good he attacked so im setting a solemn. for later. im not letting that happpen… ok block dragon… i haven’t seen that card before. oh ok good choice of tuner DAMN YOU BORRELOAD DAMN YOU!!!

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